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“I… damn you!! …”

Granny Tianling cursed Rao Yaoyao and all eighteen generations of her family in her heart.

However, when she turned her head, so many gazes were fixed on her.

It was as if the mission itself was hers, and she was predestined to push the door open at this moment.

“Can I refuse” Granny Tianling struggled with her feelings and asked in a soft voice.

“Didnt you come here for the sake of Sky City” Teng Shanhai smiled, “Now that such a great opportunity is placed in front of you, your dream will come true with just a stretch of your hand.

So why not just do it”

“Then, why dont you go ahead and do it!”

Granny Tianling glared at him.

However, at this moment, all her powers were sealed by the Spell Forbidden Barrier, and Rao Yaoyao didnt need to make a move.

Teng Shanhai, who was wearing the Cang God Armor, could send her to the depths of hell with just one wave of his hand.

Rao Yaoyao was still humane, so she said, “There is a certain risk in pushing the door open.

If you accept this mission, no matter what happens in the future, you will be credited with great merit.

After that, you can come to the Holy Divine Palace to look for me and select the treasures you want.”

“What if I dont want to” Granny Tianling thought to herself.

“I have already mastered so many skills.

This time, I was really distracted by the various tricks of the Holy Divine Palace.

I shouldnt have come to this damn place.”

“What if you dont do it…” Rao Yaoyaos expression didnt change at all.

She said, “If you dont do it, you dont have any value left in this place.”

“Wasnt that her death knell”

Granny Tianling had long expected such an answer, but when she heard Rao Yaoyao actually say it out loud, she couldnt help but feel a chill in her heart.

“Ill do it.”

She had no choice but to agree.

Then, without further hesitation, she went to the Void Gate.

Since there was only one way to go about it, she prayed that when she pushed open the door, she would not be sacrificed, but would really be able to enter the legendary sacred Abyss Island.

“Step back.”

Bai Lian looked at Granny Tianling and her outstretched hand.

At the same time, he and his Supreme Master, Mu Ling, flew to the back, afraid that something unexpected would happen.

Rao Yaoyao, Teng Shanhai, and Ye Xiao had the same reaction.

Since someones life was at risk, they had to stay away.

Then, they could use their first-hand experience to determine if there were any more traps.

“Looking forward to 1.”

In his Disappearing State, Xu Xiaoshous eyes burned with fervor as he stared at the Void Gate.

This was his last safeguard.

He might have to use this gate to avoid being pursued by the Demi-Saint of the Jiang clan.

Now that someone was testing the danger in front of him, of course, he had to keep a close watch.

Under their watchful eyes, Granny Tianling gulped visibly and then pressed her hand on the Ancient Gate.


The space vibrated and the Ancient Gate made a strange sound.

After swallowing enough energy, this ancient and heavy Void Gate was not as hard to move as everyone had imagined.

Granny Tianling only used a little of her physical strength.

She could not even use her Spiritual Source.

It was really just a little push…



The Ancient Gate cracked opened slightly, and light surged out like a tide, completely engulfing Granny Tianling, who was the only existence in front of the gate.


Granny Tianling cried out in fear.

She did not feel any pain, but the fear of the unknown was even more terrifying.

And she did not stand any chance against the engulfing power of the Void Gate.

It pulled her inside in the blink of an eye.

With a bang, in just a span of a breath, Granny Tianling, who was in the Higher Void State, completely disappeared from everyones sight.

The Void Gate was also closed.

“Its gone”

Everything returned to normal.

Teng Shanhais eyes were filled with shock.

He still wanted to derive something from this experiment.

But the Void Gates act of swallowing up a person was too straightforward.

It was so simple that it made people suspect if the process was really that easy…

“Is she dead, or has she been teleported into Sky City” Teng Shanhai looked at Rao Yaoyao and asked.

Rao Yaoyao pondered.

She also wanted to know the answer to this question…

Logically speaking, Yama Water Ghost wouldnt be so kind as to place the sacred main gate of Abyss Island here.

As long as anyone saw it, they would be able to enter.

According to Rao Yaoyaos thoughts, she felt that if she casually set up a trap, there would be a large number of people who would flock to it.

But now, the door-pushing experiment…

Turned out to be so simple!

The person was gone just like that.

Whether she was alive or dead, if she did not experience it personally, there was no way to find out!

“What should she do”


In his Disappearing State, Xu Xiaoshou was speechless for a long time.

He was also bewildered by what he just saw – the incident of someone being swallowed up.

But on second thought, Water Ghost had said that this place would be where he would have a narrow escape from death.

Logically speaking, there should not be a need to set up a trap to harm his own people, right

Therefore, from his own perspective, the Void Gate that Water Ghost had set up might really be used to simply swallow people up.

“Granny Tianling isnt dead either, but had only been sent to Abyss Island”

“She shouldnt be dead.

If she had been sacrificed, the scene would definitely be even more bloody, right” Rao Yaoyao pondered for a moment, then turned to look at Mu Ling.

She knew what Teng Shanhai and Ye Xiaos backgrounds were.

The two of them had never seen the Void Gate, so it was pointless to ask them.

As for Mu Ling, one of the Five Great Authorities of the Holy Palace, perhaps he knew more about the special treasures of this world, such as the Void Gate.

However, when Mu Ling saw everyone looking at him, he only paused for a moment, then said calmly,

“Even I dont know the full picture, so I have no comments.”

Rao Yaoyao: “…”

Teng Shanhai: “…”

Ye Xiao: “…”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the Disappearing State, felt puzzled too.

He thought that the experiment had already been completed, even if Rao Yaoyao and the others did not know whether Granny Tianling was alive or dead, even if the Void Gate seemed a little dangerous…

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