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However, on second thought…

Since he was so important, why would Water Ghost dare to lure a Demi-Saint to make a move He definitely should have a backup plan.

Besides, the Void Gate was also the last line of defense that Water Ghost had mentioned.

After luring a Demi-Saint into defeat, what was there to fear

“Lets go take a look.”

Unable to resist the urge to court death, Xu Xiaoshou felt that since his last line of defense was still there, perhaps, he could go and take a look at the danger below and see what the situation was like.

If the situation wasnt so bad, he might be able to include the mess happening in the Deep Sea together with his mission and make it even more chaotic.

“Vanishing Technique!”

His body disappeared into the Deep Sea.

In a short while, Xu Xiaoshou returned to the place where the Void Gate had been.

This time, as expected, he didnt see Xiao Kongtong at the door.

On the contrary, even after such a long time, according to the speed of his descent, he saw a few familiar figures here.


“Void Gate!”

Rao Yaoyao carried the mysterious Cang Godhood Sword on her back, and she seemed a little weak.

Obviously, she had just arrived here not long ago.

She stared at the Ancient Gate at the bottom of the Deep Sea for a while, and finally recognized something.

Her expression was filled with shock, “The connection here is really a Void… Sky City!”

On the side, Ye Xiao and Teng Shanhai were surrounded by the Power of Fate.

The water flow around them was also separated with the help of Rao Yaoyao, so they didnt have to endure the water pressure.

However, the two of them had obviously gone against the Spiritual Source of the Water Ball, so they werent in a good condition.

“The Void Gate…”

Even though Teng Shanhai wasnt as bright as Rao Yaoyao, he was better informed after having lived for a long time and having a high status.

“Its said that to open the Void Gate, a large amount of energy is needed, and it also requires the cooperation of the Sacrificial Ceremony.”

If nothing went wrong, in the Deep Sea, with the Spell Forbidden Barrier here, those who failed to transcend the tribulation but contributed the power of the Thunder Calamitys Cutting Path, will have the ability to drain the power of the Spiritual Draw of the Water Ball…

“All of this just for the opening the Void Gate”

“This, is this the so-called Sacrificial Ceremony”

As he said this, Teng Shanhai felt his mind going a little blank.

“Wasnt this ceremony a little overboard!”

“To pull so many Higher Void level, Cutting Path Stage and Sovereign Stage Dao Realm into this Deep Sea, all for the sake of opening the Void Gate”

The key point was, how could the initiator behind the scenes have predicted that everyone would gather on the Lone Cliff

When everyone heard this, they couldnt help but think of the Water-type Upanishad master who wore half a Golden Beast mask and held the Sea Gods Trident.

He was able to control the waves in Yunlun and fight against Ai Cangsheng.

“Coincidence” Teng Shanhai couldnt think of a reason and said this in a dazed manner.

“It cant be a coincidence!”

Behind him, Mu Ling suddenly spoke up while carrying the limp Bai Lian.

He had also coincidentally met Rao Yaoyao who had been looking for people in the depths of the sea.

After that, he gave up trying to save himself and was rescued.

They then proceeded to move ahead together.

As for Bai Lian…

He was the one who had found him.

If it wasnt for the fact that Bai Lian, who was at the Cutting Path stage , had a large number of treasures on him and was able to resist the suction force of the Water Ball, he wouldnt have been able to hold on until now.

Fortunately, with the protection of the Power of Fate from the Cang Godhood Sword and the elixirs from the Infernal Lineage, Bai Lian was basically fine.

When everyone heard this, they turned to look at the Holy Palace master and disciple.

This included the lucky Granny Tianling — she was the only one whose status wasnt high enough, but Rao Yaoyao saved her and she followed her to the Void Gate.

As for why…

Other than her ardent pleas, Granny Tianling was well aware of the other reasons.

In this Deep Sea, Cutting Path Stage was nothing.

It could only be used as a sacrifice in the Sacrificial Ceremony, and saving them would be useless.

The few people around them were all of high status.

It was unrealistic to ask them to be cannon fodder and charge into the battle.


She could survive for now.

However, if they really encountered any danger, they would need someone to take the lead.

Without a doubt, there was only one person in this place!

When Mu Ling saw that everyone was looking over, he did not say anything.

He only turned his eyes to Bai Lian who was in his arms.

Bai Lian swallowed the elixirs in his mouth.

He felt that his body had recovered some of its strength.

He immediately helped his Supreme Master by saying, “Supreme Master, the Void Gate must have been set up here.”

“Its impossible for the Void Gate to be set up so casually.

Moreover, theres a Sacrificial Ceremony Therefore, the preparations here can only be made in advance.”

“The reason why everyone has gathered here instead of anywhere else is definitely not a coincidence.

Its all due to the guidance of the Holy Emperor.”

“From the moment the treasure was spat out from the Abyss Island Rift, the arrangement at the Lone Cliff should have started as well.”

“Sword Deity Rao, why did you come here Why did the person you chased after come here, including this heavenly spirit… why did Madam chase after the Abyss Island Rift, as well as my Supreme Masters and my arrival…

“Perhaps, it has all been arranged.”

“And all thearrangements in this place ultimately came down to theVoid Gate.

It was related to the center of the recent storm in the Eastern Region, which was also Sky City.”

“Without a doubt, this could only be the work of the Saint Servant.”

Bai Lian stated this calmly and clearly.

His words that hit the nail on the head struck fear into peoples hearts.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was listening in while in hisDisappearing State”, was stunned.

The five great authorities of the Holy Palace…

“Was this Master Hua Yings brain that good She only saw the Void Gate, yet she could come up with so much information”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, “Youd better stop talking.

If you continue talking, things will only get worse!”

However, the situation was still unclear, so he could only continue to stay hidden and silently watch how the situation would develop.

“Saint Servant”

“In other words, the controller of Water-type Upanishad is the Saint Servants man”

Teng Shanhai, who was still in deep thought, was unable to decipher Bai Lians words from any aspect.

However, he remembered what he had heard underwater just now and said,

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