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“Good! Good! Good!”

Feng Yujin was so excited that he said “good” three times in a row.

Then, he carefully asked for instructions, “Then you come in and rest.

Leave the rest to me”

“Yes.” Mo Mo let go of control of her body.

Feng Yujins heart bloomed like fireworks on the spot.

The confidence in his heart swelled to the limit like a balloon.

In the end, it exploded.

He almost patted his chest and swore:

“Little girl, watch carefully! Today, if I dont cut off the heads of these two guys and let you kick them like balls, my surname will not be Feng, but Mo!”


“Oh, okay, then I wont kill them.

Ill subdue them, and you can decide what to do with them after that.”



In the Space-Time Alternate World, the three of them clearly did not make any movements, but the wind and sand around them suddenly swirled slightly, as if a tornado was starting to rise.


The face of Five Decays of Heaven and Man under the mask was shocked.

He was a higher void, and he had been through hundreds of battles.

He could clearly feel that the woman in front of him seemed to have changed into a different person, and her temperament had changed.

Before this, she was like a soft little lamb.

Even if she did not show any fear, she could still be easily controlled.

However, facing the sudden change of situation, Five Decays of Heaven and Man realized that something was wrong just from the look in her eyes.

This pair of eyes…

Change from calm to brutal!

It was as if there was a god of war in his body.

The killing intent in his eyes was completely unlike that of a little girl of his age.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man felt a slight chill on his back, and he was so shocked that he almost pulled some distance away,

However, he quickly hid the fear in his heart.

It was a little ridiculous and self-deprecating.

He asked curiously, “How is it Have you thought it through”

“Mo Mo” narrowed her eyes.

Instead of the calm female voice, she suppressed her anger and spoke in a hoarse voice that was about to be vented:

“Good dog, get out of my way.

“Ill give you three seconds to scram!”

Five decays of Heaven and Man:

Meng Po:

Both of their expressions changed drastically.


Was it really a change of person

No matter how stupid one was, they would not be unable to find any clues from these two contrasting personalities.

Furthermore, the pressure that Mo Mo was exuding at this moment was even greater than Five Decays of Heaven and Man!

Meng Po tried to resist.

But after using all her strength, she realized that her aura in the higher void state was still being suppressed.

This was too terrifying!

It was like a fake lizard meeting a real dragon.

No matter how powerful it was, the level of suppression in terms of rank and bloodline would never be able to make up for it.


The ground beneath Five decays of Heaven and Man exploded.

With the help of this recoil, he suddenly retreated and tried to look up.

But he still couldnt straighten his back from the girls aura.

“How is this possible…”

The eyes of Five decays of Heaven and Man were full of astonishment.

This ordinary girls aura suppressed him, even Lord Huang Quan couldnt do it.

“Above higher void”


These two guys from the Yama organization, who had reached this conclusion at the same time, were left with endless absurdity and disbelief.

However, before they could continue speaking, a thick sealing mist emerged from Mo Mos body.

Feng Yujin took over her body completely.

“Ha! Three breaths have passed.

Have you thought about how to die”

He looked at Fengtang Meng Po with a swish of his eyes.

Once this little Five Decays of Heaven and Man retreated, the first one to bear the brunt was naturally this little girl in a green robe.

Fengtang Meng Po had no time to be surprised.

Her heart palpitated.

She subconsciously formed a seal with both hands and summoned her bounded domain.

No matter what, the information recorded in the intelligence report was clearly only the tip of the iceberg of the person in front of her.

With the threat of death, of course, the first thing to do was to use all of her strength to resist the powerful enemy.

“Memory-Diluting Fish Barrier!”

Fengtang Mengpo waved her hands, and the water-type element instantly outlined the shape of the bounded domain.

It closed around the surroundings and sealed the enemy.

The special water-type ability and the special direction of the great path made Fengtang Meng Pos bounded domain very special.

As long as it was summoned, the sealed enemy would lose all of his desires after seven breaths.

At the same time, he would forget all of his past memories and become a walking corpse that was at the mercy of others.

Of course, these abilities were temporary and would only happen in the bounded domain.

After leaving the bounded domain, people would regain their previous emotions and memories.

But even if all of this could only happen in the bounded domain, it was still powerful enough.

This was because to the higher void, other than a demi-saint, who else in the world could break through her bounded domain in just seven breaths

The aura of the person in front of him was strange, but it was impossible for him to be a demi-saint!


Feng Yujin was extremely experienced in battle, and he could instantly determine the basic abilities of the bounded domain around him.

He had taken over the body, and he had done so with Mo Mos approval.

He could attack without restraint, so how could he forget everything that had happened in the past

“Little Mo Mo, watch carefully…” Feng Yujin raised his hand.

Fengtang Meng Pos heart skipped a beat.

She knew that this person was going to make a move, so how could she give him the chance

As long as she could stall for seven breaths of time, even a demi-saint would have to lie down once he entered the bounded domain.

As the master of the bounded domain, was she afraid that she wouldnt be able to stall this fellow for seven breaths of time

“Wet Prison!”

Fengtang Meng Po sent a hand seal to Feng Yujin.

A faint light flashed, and in an instant, the bounded domain was shrouded in a thick, icy-blue mist.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man formed a seal behind Feng Yujin, and the power of the curse was constantly applied to Feng Yujin.

Seeing Meng Pos moves, he immediately shut his senses.

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