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“Senior, what is the meaning of this”

Mo Mo completely ignored the voice in her mind and looked at the strange space around her.

Finally, her eyes met with the orange-masked man in front of her.


In her mind, Feng Yujins state of mind collapsed.

He now regretted pinching that broken sound recording bead, but he didnt dare to distort Mo Mos will and go out again.

He could only roar crazily, “Dont look at him.

Stay away!”

“Hostility,” Five Decays of Heaven and Man said succinctly, getting straight to the point, “I want to know where Mu Zixi is now.”

“I dont want to talk about it.” Mo Mos expression was fearless as if she did not know that the person in front of her was at a higher void level, an extremely powerful stowaway with special abilities.

While the two of them were still confronting each other, Mo Mos mind was already filled with endless murmurs:

“Stop talking, stop talking!

“Look at the place thirty steps to your left, thirty feet from the ground… space node! Ive marked it for you! Fly over, break it, and we can leave immediately.

This is the first method.”

“The rest of it, as well as the methods to deal with Five Decays of Heaven and Man, Ill tell you when youre out.”

“Theres no time now.

Youre going to be in big trouble.

Stop talking to him and do as I say! Do It!”

Five Decays of Heaven and Man could not hear this hysterical voice.

He only looked at the woman in front of him quietly and threatened, “If you dont want to say it, you might die.”

His eyes were very serious, and there was a hint of curiosity in them.

Because he realized that no matter what, he could not see even a hint of fear from this girl!

She had nothing to fear

Where did her confidence come from

“Listen to me! Get out of here!”

In his mind, Feng Yujin was shouting like he had gone mad.

“When you get out, Ill apologize to you! Okay Now lets get away from this body of decay, okay… you should talk to me! Talk to me!”

“Youre so noisy.” Mo Mo finally couldnt take it anymore, so she replied in her mind.

“Wow!” Feng Yujins frantic voice turned into a pleasant surprise, “Wahahaha, hahaha! Pay attention to me, you pay attention to me! So you can hear what I said just now, right Thats good! Now, immediately, immediately, get out!”

“Get out” A subtle smile appeared on the corner of Mo Mos mouth.

The two people in front of her were obviously targeting the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The first thing they mentioned was to find Mu Zixi.

Perhaps their final target was even Xu Xiaoshou.

How could she just leave

It could be said that from the moment they met, she had no intention of “leaving” or “getting out”.

Feng Yujin was indeed noisy.

However, the Ghost Beast in her mind was the one who understood her the most.

Mo Mo was the one who understood Feng Yujins strength the most.

Feng Yujin was too noisy, but he was indeed too strong.

He was so strong that as long as he was released, Mo Mo would not be afraid of anyone below demi-saint.

These two guys in front of her wanted to cause trouble for the First Pavilion in the Sky.

She knew that the guy in her mind was happy to come out.

She also had to admit that he was already a host body for the ghost beast.

Mo Mo was never pedantic.

She just hated that she had become special.

But at the critical moment, she would not refuse to use this special power.

“Going out is indeed a good choice…”

Mo Mo paused for a moment, and the corner of her lips turned bitter.

In her reply, there was a hint of sorrow and pity that had not appeared in the past.

“But Feng Yujin, he wants to kill me…”


In the real world, Five Decays of Heaven and Man was still thinking about what trump card the woman in front of them had.

After Mo Mos words appeared in his mind, the clamor instantly disappeared.

Everything became dead silent.

Feng Yujin was stunned.

Other than being calm and surprised, he had never heard of this damn host having the third tone.

The key was, why did this tone…

Bring about such a feeling

A strange feeling!

Feng Yujin swore that he really treated this chosen host as a tool.

However, after spending all the time together, he discovered the uniqueness of this tool.

She had no desires, no attachments, and it was as if nothing in the secular world could cause this little girls emotions to fluctuate.

Feng Yujin thought that he, Holy Emperor Fengtian, could control everything in the world with just a little bit of sweetness.

However, his ability was ineffective on Mo Mo.

On the contrary, the longer he stayed in the body, the more he felt that he was being controlled.

Just like now!

Feng Yujin could not describe this strange and wonderful feeling.

It was like an old father seeing his world-weary little girl suddenly fixate on the cute doll in the toy store, but someone wanted to destroy this extremely rare emotion in person…

The urge to kill in his heart suddenly burst out.

“Little girl, tell me, what do you want to do”

Feng Yujins voice became solemn, and it contained endless coldness:

“Even if I dont come out, I can teach you how to crush the higher void with the strength of the Sovereign Dao Realm!”

“What Bullsh*t body of decay… Today, I will let you see how the seal attribute can override all innate elemental power!”

Mo Mo replied calmly, “I dont like fighting.”


Feng Yujin was stunned and didnt understand what she meant at first.

But soon, he felt as if he had been hit by a big cake falling from the sky.

He was completely overwhelmed by happiness.

Did god open his eyes

Was this girl willing to let me out

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