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“Under the heavy pressure with distorted space, a large amount of falling rubble fell into a certain space node.

Isnt that normal”

“Some were teleported to other places and you cant see them; some were just close enough to fall into the imperial city.

Whats so strange about that”

The strange explanation did not annoy the pedestrians on the street.

However, when someone noticed that the speaker was the bad-mouthing Bard from before, he immediately flew into a rage.

“Dog, why dont you go back to your kennel Are you showing off”

“Everyone smash him!”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The vegetable leaves, rotten eggs, and rotten apples were thrown at the Bard.

The Bard dodged a few attacks and held an intact apple that had fallen to the ground.

He then quietly retreated into the alley and drew circles while secretly cursing.

“Look, there are words!”

The pedestrians looked at Sky City curiously while dodging the falling rocks in the sky.

They suddenly pointed at the mottled ancient city gate that leaned towards the ground and cried out in surprise.

Before today, only a corner of the city wall was exposed in Sky City without any city gate.

Now that the gate was exposed, did it mean everyone could enter to seek opportunities

“Black Tortoise Gate…”

Someone with extensive knowledge recognized that the complicated characters were ancient characters.

He muttered, “What do you mean The city gate of Sky City is called Black Tortoise Gate Ive never heard of this before.

How do I enter Does anyone know”


Another mocking voice came from the opposite alley.

“Sky City is one of theSeven Breaks. Five city gates are named after the four symbols: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise.”

“But without the void token, the demi-saint cant enter Sky City, even if they use the main gate.”

“Because the void token is the key to open the five city gates of Sky City.

Without the key, the gates will not open for you even if you crack your brain about it!”

This popular idea enlightened everyone and made them respect him.

Many believed that this person was extremely knowledgeable and of special status.

However, when they looked back, they saw that there was still egg white left on the speakers head and rotten vegetable leaves hanging on his nose.

The mouths of the pedestrians on the street twitched.

Resisting the impulse to attack, someone asked in the direction of the voice, “You said five gates, but only said four names.

Why is that”

The Bard took a bite of an apple and strode over, pointing at the land.

“Because the fifth door is not in the Sky City, but on the continent.

It is called theqilin gate or thevoid door.”

“As the fifth door, the void door is the only one that can be opened without a void token.

You can enter Sky City if you find it, acquire the sacrificial ceremony, and carefully perform it.”

“Legend has it that in ancient times, there were many lucky people who found thevoid gate, sacrificed their own lives, and became a demi-saint…

“Tsk tsk, beautiful, beautiful…”

He shook his head as if he yearned for this evil deed of sacrificing others to fulfill himself.

“Are you done” The passerby resisted the urge to listen to this nonsense and asked for confirmation.

“Im done.” The Bard took a bite of the apple, not understanding what was happening.

“There really isnt anything left out.

Why, are you doubting my profound knowledge”

The passerby rebelled again.

“Hes done.

Hurry up and kill him!”

“Dont let him get away this time.

This liar acted so righteously as if hes telling the truth!”


“I have a blade!”

“Damn it, forget about the blade.

Dont kill him.

Just teach him a lesson.”

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