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This time, the laughter could not be stopped.

The passersby looked at the mother and daughter, pointed to them and teased them.

“Doggie… Brat, just shut up.

Why are you asking so many questions!” The woman slapped her again, causing the little girl to cry out in pain.

At this time, although the long street was wide there was no place for the mother and daughter to hide.

The woman carrying the girl could not wait to teleport home.

She immediately revealed her Wind Attribute, wanting to leave instantly.

At this moment..


A huge rock came hurtling down from above her head, creating a pit in the floor and leaving intertwining cracks, which looked like cobwebs.

The woman was frightened, and her eyes were wide open in shock.

This was because the falling rock had landed directly in front of her feet.

If it wasnt for the small incident with the “Doggie” just now, the falling rock might have smashed into them directly.

And the first in line to bear the brunt of the heavy blow from the falling rock was obviously not her, but theDoggie that was cuddled against her head… Bah, devilish brat!

“Whats going on”

“How could such a big rock fall from the sky”

The people around were so scared that they stopped in their tracks.

Above Dongtianwang City, there was another city which was Sky City and occasionally, there would be broken rocks falling from it.

However, there was a City Guarding Barrier!

When these pieces of rubble fell, they were all prevented from hitting the city by the City Guarding Barrier.

How could they suddenly break through the barrier and smash into the city

The City Guarding Barrier was not made of paper.

How could a falling rock break through the barriers defense

“Mother, Mother.

Look, its a tree meteor shower! What a big meteor shower! Its the second meteor shower thatSilly has ever seen!” The little girl was wriggling about in her mothers arms.

She felt as if she was going to fly into the sky.

“You silly child, I already said that the termSilly isnt used like this…” the woman subconsciously lowered her head, afraid that the passersby would laugh at her again.

However, her voice suddenly stopped because she saw that everyones attention was no longer on the wordsilly.

Instead, their eyes were raised toward the sky and their faces were filled with shock and fear; it was as if their souls had been taken away all at the same time.

This scene was too horrifying!

The woman seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes widened.

She directly pushed the girls head away and looked up at the sky.


What she saw made her scalp go numb.

High in the sky, Sky City, which only took up less than a third of the citys corner, had already separated from the Spatial Fragment by 70-80% .

At this moment, more than half of Sky City was exposed and inclined at an angle.

It was as if the sky was tilting and even the mottled ancient city gate was exposed.

The rumbling sounds of thunder could still be heard.

The speed at which Sky City was being pulled away was visible to the naked eye.

The city was covered with cracks carved by the passage of time.

Because of the splitting of the spatial crack, large pieces of land fell and bombarded the City Guarding Barrier.

“Is this a meteor shower”

The woman thought of her daughters words.

Based on what she saw, it could not be a meteor shower filled with the rare treasures from the Yunlun mountain range, right

This was a disaster!

The incessant rumbling of thunder kept ringing in their ears.

This time, when they looked at the celestial phenomenon and listened to it, everyone felt fear in their hearts.

It was a feeling of helplessness as there was nothing they could do to turn the situation around.

“It cant be that its really going to fall…”someone muttered.

The low muttering ended abruptly as the rocks around them fell to the ground.

It was as if his words had come true.

This was because Sky City which was above the Nine Heavens was located at that corner of the ancient city gate.

If it continued to fall, it would definitely smash into Dongtianwang City.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“Our Dongtianwang City is protected by the Holy Divine Palace.

With the Holy Divine Palace here, nothing will happen to the Imperial City!”

“Thats right.

We have to trust in the Holy Divine Palace.

After all these years, their great achievements have long been well-known.

They even managed to shut down the Extradimensional Space.

Whats a mere Sky City”

Most of the people were just trying to comfort themselves.

The Bard who was munching on an apple suddenly averted his gaze from the sky and swept his gaze over everyone.

He let out an untimely cry:

“The Extradimensional Space is a small problem, but isnt Sky City known as theSeven Breaks City Have you all forgotten”

“Uh…” His comment rendered everyone speechless.

Then, everyone became furious and switched the focus of their rage.

Rotten vegetable leaves and eggs were unceremoniously thrown at the poor Bards face.

“Stupid dog, shut up!”

“You jinx, if you dont speak, no one will treat you as a mute.

Get lost and continue writing that rubbishdog child poem of yours!”

“Feel my flying kicks and drop dead…”

The Bard was so scared that he dropped the apple and retreated into the dark alley.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

As time passed, more and more rubble were scattered on the ground.

The frequency of the boulders landing on the city increased, making people feel as if the end of the world had arrived.

The City Guarding Barrier that protected everyone now seemed to have become a mere decoration only.

“It cant be that bad.

The barrier hasnt broken down yet.

How did the falling rocks get in”

“Theyve come up with some ideas.

Did they drill some holes”

“But… the City Guarding Barrier doesnt have a hole.

It doesnt even have a crack!”

Everyone was puzzled.

Even though the falling rocks were 99% blocked by the barrier, there were always some chance rocks that slipped through the barrier miraculously and smashed onto the heads of some unfortunate people.

A dirty head suddenly emerged from the alley and sneered in a mocking tone:

“Ignorant people, Sky City is one of theSeven Breaks.

How much pressure can it take”

“This city has a Spatial Fragment.

Even if it does not collapse, how can an ordinary space withstand it”

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