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Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou stuck out his chest and asked with his hands behind his back, “You dont know much about the Way of the Sword, but you know quite a lot about theList of Peerless Beauties and other related things, dont you”

Xiao Kongtong was restrained in one move, as if his kryptonite had been clutched.

His face was so red that blood could drip out.

“I, I…Im not doing this for love.

I know all of this because Im preparing to cultivate theEmotion Sword Technique!”

Yo, yo, yo, this excuse was grand!

Emotion Sword Technique

Xu Xiaoshou could immediately tell that this big mouth was incapable of saying anything good.

“Oh, love…” he sneered and said with a chuckle.

“Did I say that youre doing this for love Are you confessing”

“…” Xiao Kongtong was struck, and was unable to say a single word.

“Cursed, one point for being passive.”

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

The two of them broke away from their unrestrained conversation and felt that they had just had a brief conversation.

However, because they were both wary of each other, they did not dare to question each other any further.

A few breaths later.

Xiao Kongtong turned his face unwillingly and said somewhat embarrassedly, “Senior, I was a little presumptuous in my conversation just now.

I hope that you wont report it to my teacher.”

“Its okay.

I like your presumptuous behavior…” Xu Xiaoshou snickered and said indifferently, “Dont worry.

What you and I said just now is between us and Heaven and Earth.

No one else will know.”

Xiao Kongtong was delighted.

He cupped his fists and said, “Senior, thank you for keeping it a secret.”

Xu Xiaoshou was also worried.

This big mouth from Fringe Moon Immortal City did not seem to be like a person who could keep a secret.

Once he got in touch with the other Saint Servants, he might be outing this matter.

The blame was undoubtedly on the real Water Ghost.

If something happened in the future and his true identity could not be hidden, who knew if Xiao Kongtong and Bazhunan would pursue the matter.

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and still felt that it was not safe, so he suggested, “Why dont you swear”


Xiao Kongtong was stunned.

Was it so serious that he had to swear

However, on second thought, with the restriction of the Oath of the Great Path, Senior Water Ghost would not be able to mention that he was talking about his teachers wife behind her back in front of his teacher either.

He was so happy that he nodded and said, “Okay.”

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth curled up, and he raised his hand first.

“Then, according to what I said just now, no third person will know about what happened here.

If I violate this oath…” he looked at the big mouth as he spoke.

Xiao Kongtong also raised his hand and said solemnly, “Let the Heavens strike thunder!”

The two smiled at each other and put down their hands at the same time.

They felt that there were more secrets between them, and that their relationship had become much closer.

It turns out that relationships between men can become stronger not only by a cup of wine, but by gossip and oaths as well..

The two sighed at the same time.

However, it did not last long.

Something unexpected happened right after they swore.


Above their heads, an ear-splitting thunder suddenly sounded, followed by a slight crackling sound of an electric current, causing the two of them to feel numb all over in the deep sea.

Xu Xiaoshou:

He raised his head and looked up with a stunned expression.

This big mouth from the Fringe Moon Immortal City has evil intentions, and he actually wants to betray me

Xiao Kongtong:

He was also so frightened that his body trembled, and he glanced at Senior Water Ghost out of the corner of his eye.

What do you mean You just sworn the Oath of the Great Path, and you have already made up your mind to tell my teacher


An even more ear-splitting sound of thunder suddenly shattered the hope in their hearts.

It was not an auditory hallucination just now.

Heavens punishment was really coming…

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at him at the speed of light, and the corners of his lips trembled.

As if he was explaining to the Way of the Heavens, he immediately said, “The last sentencelet the Heavens strike thunder was from your mouth, wasnt it”

Xiao Kongtongs face immediately turned green.

Just let the good friend talk to Hell.

He was so angry that he almost cursed out loud:

“Senior, you had a part in this too.

This oath was made by both of us together.

If not for the guarantee of your previous content, how could I be punished later” He could still maintain his demeanor only because of the word “Senior.”.

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately speechless.

He did not have the time to show off his eloquence to throw all the trouble onto this big mouth before a few chaotic thunderclaps came from the Nine Heavens.


This time, Heavens punishment seemed to be really angry.

Accompanied by the thunder, it was no longer only the slight sizzling sound of electric currents in the deep sea.

In the blink of an eye, the red electric light carved an iron-drawn silver hook on the deep sea paper roll.

Its sharpness was exposed, and its claws and teeth were bright.

Xu Xiaoshou felt fine.

His body only felt numb, and there were not any major adverse reactions.

But he saw with his own eyes that Xiao Kongtong had been swept by the red lightning.

His whole body straightened, and his eyebrows and hair stood up in the deep sea.

Even his pupils became dull.

His vague figure suddenly became much more solid, and his Swordless Sword Technique state was almost interrupted by the lightning.

An unpleasant burnt smell concealed the faint calamity power, lingering at the tip of ones nose.

Xu Xiaoshou did not think too much at first.

He jumped up and pointed at the big mouth, gloating so much that he lost his composure on the spot.

“You see, you see, the thunder will only strike you, not me!”

Why… Xiao Kongtongs dull eyes were suddenly filled with unwillingness and doubt, and he stuttered.

“The thunder, the thunder element can restrain water.

Why, why… are you okay”

The thunder element is the nemesis of water

I did not expect you to be knowledgeable in physics as well as spiritual cultivation!

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and said, “You are the one who said that you would be struck by thunder.

You are harboring evil intentions and trying to frame me.

Why would thunder not strike you”


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