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“Is it the influence of the power of the Holy Emperor I dont have a deep understanding of the chiefs private affairs, but Im a little curious now…” Xu Xiaoshou secretly wanted to use his aura to stir up Xiao Kongtongs desire to confide in him.

He was thinking that if Bazhunans old lover was an ordinary person, it shouldnt be possible that no one knew about this matter for decades.

After all, he was the Eighth Sword Deity.

If he had any romantic debts, his affairs would have been dug up by the bards and used as a topic for discussion.

However, no one in the world was aware of this.

This was a big problem.

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou might not have been so sensitive, but after experiencing so many things, the first thing he thought of was “keeping peoples mouths shut”.

Who could easily shut the mouths of the world

The answer was on the tip of his tongue – the power of the Holy Emperor!

What was the probability that Bazhunans romantic debts would be related to the aristocratic families of the Holy Emperor…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the probability was not small.

At the same time, it was also in line with Bazhunans pretentious attitude and the fact that he only messed with the big matters!

Xiao Kongtong, who had just received the title of Fringe Moon Immortal Citys blabbermouth, didnt need an outsiders aura to persuade him to continue.

He opened his mouth voluntarily and looked at his Senior Water Ghost in disbelief.

“You dont know about this”

He exclaimed in a low voice.

As he spoke, he rubbed his hands together and looked to his left and right.

When he saw that there was indeed no one around, his eyes lit up with the flames of gossip.

“Senior Water Ghost, dont tell me that youve been busy with missions your whole life and dont even know about the “Ultimate Beauties Ranking” Blabbermouth changed the topic and brought a brand new conversation.

“Ultimate Beauties Ranking” Xu Xiaoshou was slightly taken aback.

“You really dont know about it Thats insane!”

“Kid, you seem to know quite a lot”

“Of course! The number one on the Ultimate Beauties Ranking, Yue Gongnu, is Teachers lover! Ive also heard that Yue Gongnu is the number one beauty in the world…”

Xiao Kongtong had a blissful expression on his face.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes, shook his head, and said in a deep voice,

“When the Yue Clan trekked on the mortal world barefooted on the Green Mountains, the Green Mountains were so mesmerized that they called the clouds over to cover their blush…Senior, just by listening to this, can you imagine how beautiful they are”

Xu Xiaoshou was lost in thought for a moment.

The Green Mountains were so mesmerized that they called the clouds to cover their blush…

He didnt expect this, but he could already imagine how a beautiful fairy maiden trekked on the Green Mountains barefooted, and when she saw the mist rising from the Green Mountains, she was so happy that she waved her sleeves and danced, singing softly.

For a moment, even all the creatures in the world were intoxicated by this beautiful scene.

“Indeed, its really beautiful…”

Xu Xiaoshou had never seen Yue Gongnu before, but it didnt stop him from longing for her.

Xiao Kongtong was also fascinated for a long time.

Then, he thought of something and lowered his voice.

He asked hesitantly, “Senior, do you know why we are called Saint Servant”

“If one did not become a saint, they will end up as a servant…” Xu Xiaoshou was still in a daze.

After saying that, he came back to his senses.

“Isnt that the reason”

Xiao Kongtong covered his mouth.

He couldnt believe what he had heard.

He exclaimed in a low voice, “Saint servant, saint servant, the wordnu in Yue Gongnu meansservant!”

“Ah” Xu Xiaoshou also covered his mouth with a shocked face.

Finally, he regained his calm.

“Bazhunan, you have me fooled so miserably!” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

In the past, he always said something like “If one did not become a saint, they will end up as a servant” and pretended as if no one, other than him, could find the answer.

Bazhunan was really a decent person.

So decent that outsiders were all fooled by him!

However, the truth was that these things were all blatant excuses! They were all used to cover up his past romantic debts!

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he was listening to an unofficial version of history.

He heard from the people in the world that the official version was all about the Eighth Sword Deitys exceptional talent in the way of the sword and that the saint servant was indeed a fake intelligence for the dark faction.

However, what the Fringe Moon Immortal Citys blabbermouth, who liked to gossip about his teachers romantic history behind his back, had said was all the juicy news!

Even if these things really sounded like unofficial history, he was the disciple of the main character of the unofficial history.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that Xiao Kongtongs credibility was simply too high!


At this time, Xu Xiaoshou felt that some noble images in his mind were collapsing.

Not just one, but two!

One was the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City in front of him.

In the past, his appearance could be said to be cool and classic.

Now, however, he was like a chatterbox, completely intangible in front of Xu Xiaoshou, who used the identity of Water Ghost.

The second was Bazhunan.

As the Eighth Sword Deity, not only was he not proper, but the disciple he took in was also really random.

As expected, they were from the same sect!

No wonder his teacher had yet to completely acknowledge this blabbermouth of Fringe Moon Immortal City.

Perhaps Bazhunan had already known his true nature

“Yue Gongnu…”

“Shes also from the five great aristocratic families of the Holy Emperor, the Yue Clan”

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his reverie and took over Xiao Kongtongs words, wanting him to continue spreading his thoughts.

This kind of high-quality gossip time was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It would be nice if he could squeeze out more secrets…

However, at this point, Xiao Kongtong finally realized that something was wrong.

This Senior Water Ghost knew too little, almost as if he was a fake!

He retracted his gossipy soul and looked at Xu Xiaoshou suspiciously.

“Senior Water Ghost, why do you seem a little…Strange”

Wasnt it normal for him to be strange He had already been shocked out of his senses by the blabbermouth of Fringe Moon immortal city… Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart, but he didnt take the bait, because his identity couldnt be exposed yet.

After all, God knows if this big mouth would explode and swallow him whole after knowing his true identity at this moment.


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