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There was another thunderous roar accompanied by a surge of red lightning that seemed to be right in front of them.

This sudden situation caused everyone to tremble violently and shrink their heads in unison.

They did not dare to utter any more nonsense, afraid that they would be given special care by the heavens and get struck to death.

“Its finally here…”

On the Lone Cliff, Water Ghost, who was wearing half a golden beast mask, stood with his arms crossed.

He had a smile on his face as he looked at the wind and thunder phenomenon in the nine heavens with ridicule.

“Being a cutting path is good…”

“How boring is a higher void Other than their inherent means, should they die, their death is final and when they live, they just live.

There wont be any transformation.

Its even more ridiculous to expect them to break through to demi-saint in the deep sea.”

“Only when a cutting path is on the verge of death will they choose to go against the shackles.

Only then will they be able to mobilize the power of the heavenly tribulation and infuse more power into thevoid gate.”

“Tsk tsk, what a pity.

After waiting for such a long time, I finally met such an eye-opening fellow who dares to attempt to break through the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the deep sea…”

Water Ghost shook his head and retracted his gaze.

He looked at the vast sea of clouds on the Lone cliff.

He held his chin as he muttered with a hint of mockery.

“Should I laugh at your audacity, or should I praise your courage”

“Nine Death Thunder Calamity”

In the First Dragon Range of the Yunlun mountain range, a murmur could be heard.

Jiang Xian bowed and waited behind.

At this moment, there was only one other person on the mountain peak, and that person was the elder in plain clothes standing in front of him.

The elders hair was white, and his brows were frosty.

Clouds surrounded him, and his every movement had a mysterious charm that seemed to fit the Great Path.

It was as if he was one with the heavens and could not be distinguished from them.

No one could see his face.

One could not see his true appearance even if they were very close to him.

If they really looked at him, they would only be able to obtain a kind and amiable abstract conclusion.

They would not be able to remember even a single detail.

Of course, these would all be their memories after death.

“Nine Death Thunder Calamity”

Behind him, Jiang Xian tried to stand up.

However, he was unable to do so.

He could only hunch his body and raise his eyes to look at the sky.

Very quickly, he retracted his gaze and asked,

“Grandpa Jiang, are you saying that someone is undergoing a tribulation in the Yunlun mountain range Specifically, the step that must be taken to reach the higher void stage from the cutting path stage, the Nine Death Thunder Calamity”

Demi-saint Jiang Buyi nodded slightly and didnt respond.

He stared at the Thunder Calamity for a long time.

Then, he raised his sleeve and pointed in the direction where the dark clouds gathered.

His voice was like clouds and mist.

It was ethereal.

“Watch carefully.

The first tribulation of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity is the Red Divine Lightning.”

“This is the first stage that a cutting path must overcome to become a higher void.

After you pass it, the Thunder Calamity will come on its own, even if it is not triggered.”

“Therefore, if a spiritual cultivator is not fully prepared, they will not try the first stage, theRed Divine Lightning.

However, nothing is perfect in this world.

No spiritual cultivator dares to say that they are fully prepared under the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.”

“The same goes for you.”

Jiang Xian nodded as if he understood something.

“Grandpa Jiang, please give me some pointers.

For instance, under the circumstances that one is fully prepared, they will at least have some time to buffer themselves after the Red Divine Lightning is over, right”

“Thats right.” Demi-saint Jiang Buyi nodded.

“It can be as short as half a month or as long as half a year.

Usually, spiritual cultivators will sense the thunder calamity three months later and begin the second tribulation on their own initiative.”

He began to teach Jiang Xian about his experience in his past tribulations.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a hint of orange light appeared amidst the surging red lightning in the sky.

“This is”

Jiang Xian was shocked.


Wasnt this the color of the second level of the Thunder Calamity

He opened his mouth wide and wanted to ask something, but before he could say anything…orange, gold, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, white…

All in one breath!

Jiang Xians legs went weak from the terrifying power of the Thunder Calamity.

He fell to the ground and said in horror, “Grandpa Jiang, didnt you say that it could be as short as half a month or as long as half a year Why would someone choose the Nine Death Thunder Calamity and cross it all at once”

Demi-saint Jiang Buyi didnt move.

He just stared blankly at the nine-colored Nine Death Thunder Calamity in the nine heavens and fell into silence.

Then, he looked toward the Lone Cliff with a look of realization.

“So, thats how it is…”

After sighing softly, Jiang Buyi turned his head and saw Jiang Xian looking back with a look of surprise.

He opened his mouth, but after a pause, he closed it again.

In the end, Jiang Buyi reached out and waved his hand, erasing all of Jiang Xians memories.


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