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Night Guardians eyes regained some clarity from the confusion.

As he watched Rao Yaoyao wade into the water and leave, his lips suddenly trembled as he held the empty honey jar in front of him.

It was as if he had touched his last life-saving straw.

This was given to him by the last person who had said “Live on” to him…

He held the abandoned honey pot in his hands weakly and suddenly lowered his head greedily to lick it again and again.

Then, using all the strength in his body, amidst his tears, Night Guardian screamed,

“Sword Deity Rao, I want to live!”

The figure carrying a sword in the distance trembled and seemed to have paused for a moment.

However, ultimately, she did not turn back and disappeared from his sight.

“You can save me, you could have saved me…”

Night Guardian muttered silently, his eyes suddenly bursting with hatred.

He knew that the emotion sword technique could give all living beings emotions, allowing him to stay alive in the deep sea.

He knew that the Cang Godhood Sword had the power of fate from the Holy Divine Palace for thousands of years, so it should not be difficult for it to break away from the Spell Forbidden Barrier under the deep sea.

Nevertheless, he also knew that…

What he said just now revealed something.

Rao Yaoyao made a wise decision by choosing to sit on the sidelines and let him die in the deep sea.

Night Guardian suddenly covered his head and shook it crazily, even though it would make him feel even more pain.

He hated the fact that he had a grudge against his lifelong belief at the moment.

He seemed to have lost himself and constantly sought excuses for Rao Yaoyaos choice.

“I am the one who was lowly…”

“I am just a mere cutting path, an insignificant red clothed member.

What ability do I have to be saved by one of the Seven Sword Deities I am not worthy at all!”

“The higher voids of red-clothed, as well as Rao Yaoyaos trusted aides also fell into the water! Even though she could move freely under the deep sea, the restrictions were definitely huge.

In the limited number of times she could act, she could only save people of a higher status, right”

“The power of fate of the Cang Godhood Sword Ha! Teng Shanhai, the chief of the Combat Division, and Ye Xiao, the chief of the Dark Division, also needs it.

What status do I, Nigh Guardian, have to enjoy the power of Fate Am I worthy”

“Im not even worthy!”

Night Guardians actions became even crazier as if he had cultivation deviation.

“What am I saying”

“Am I crazy”

“How can I mock Sword Deity Raos actions like this Her actions must have a deeper meaning to them!”


Night Guardian suddenly stopped torturing himself.

His eyes widened, and he stared at the sky with a terrifying, skinny face.

He tugged at his wrinkled neck and skin, trying his best to look up at the sky.

At this moment, what flashed through his mind was no longer Rao Yaoyaos image.

Instead, it was Xu Xiaoshous cheap-looking smile and the deep words that did not match his image at all.

“I said, live on!”

“Use your eyes to see the answer you want to see.”

“Believe me, this will be more exciting than thetruth that others have given you!”

Xu Xiaoshou…

So only Xu Xiaoshou did not lie to him, right

Night Guardian seemed to have lifted his eyes to see a beam of light at the top of the deep sea.

That was the light of redemption.

At the same time, it was also his last resort to save himself!

At this moment, his past world suddenly collapsed.

Darkness seemed to have come to an end, finally welcomed the first ray of dawn.


Red Lightning suddenly surged beside Night Guardian.

Under the restriction of the barrier, it was quickly extinguished.

However, the unyielding red lightning seemed to represent his last strong will.

Every time the barrier was extinguished, the lightning would reappear.

He had been defeated again and again!

He had been defeated again and again!

“I want to live…”

Night Guardian clenched his fists and tried his best to trigger the calm energy reserve in him.

However, his sea of energy reserve was like the Dead Sea.

Every time he tried to trigger it, he failed.

“I want to live…”

The sizzling sound of the Lightning couldnt be heard through his six senses.

Despite reaching the end of his life and his soul separated from his body, Night Guardian was still trying to break through.

“I want to live!”

The eyes of Night Guardian were about to pop out of their sockets.

He tried his best to pry open his sea of energy reserve, but he couldnt do anything inside the Spell Fobidden Barrier.

In the end, he shouted hoarsely,

“Xu Xiaoshou, I want to live!”

“I want to see you! I have too many questions, and I want your answers!”

“I want to live!!!”

There was a loud boom.

Under the deep sea, there was a sudden deafening rumble of thunder.

It was so loud that it caused waves to surge.

It was as if the will of a god had suddenly injected a cold current into the ocean, causing waves to rise.


In the Yunlun mountain range, the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range was still going on as usual.

Suddenly, thunder rumbled in the nine heavens as red dots surged.

After that, the weather changed as black smoke converged.

It was as if a storm was about to fall, sweeping across the world.

“Whats going on”

The trial-taker of the Yunlun mountain range was shocked by the heaven and earth phenomenon.

They were already familiar with the many changes that had occurred in the imperial city trial.

For example, the torrent of Holy Power Treasures, the Battle of the Saints, and the person who rode the towering waves and took Lord Cang Shengs arrow head-on.

However, even though they were familiar with it, when the heaven and earth phenomenon descended again, there would still be panic.

“Something is happening again!”

“What is it this time!”

“Dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky above the Yunlun mountain range, almost covering the entire land of the trial…”

“It cant be that the lightning of punishment will descend next and kill everyone here, right!”

“Motherf*cker, I shouldnt have come to this bull** Dongtianwang city for the trial.

Why did I not stay in the capital obediently This eastern region is simply filled with disasters…”


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