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However, what supported Night Guardian who was at the Cutting Path (Stage) was not the honey jar, but Lu Ke of the Ghost Beast from Xu Xiaoshou!

“Hes lying to me.

“No, Xu Xiaoshou may be lying to me about small things, but hes only doing it to survive.

“This guy doesnt care about small things, but hes never ambiguous when it comes to principles.

This is the fundamental reason why he refused to join the red-clothed people.

“Moreover, when a person is about to die, his words are also kind.

Even if the person who is about to die is me, he has no reason to continue lying to me…”

Night Guardian felt his eyelids heavy and his mind heavy.

However, every time the thought of giving up appeared in his mind, the little fellow who only knew how to talk nonsense would jump out and strike him in the head.

“Night Guardian, dont fall asleep!

“You still have more important things to do!

“You still havent saved Moonless Sword Deity.

You have small strength, but when a moth flies into a flame, you can still have a moment of light!

“Hold on… until the turning point comes.

There will be people who add fuel to the fire.

The torch of justice will be passed on and will never be extinguished!”

Night Guardian did not know if he was talking to the little fellow in his mind or Xu Xiaoshous will, but his heart was humble.

What ability did I have

I was just an ordinary member of the red-clothed people.

I couldnt climb to the peak of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe for pilgrimage.

I didnt have time to examine my true feelings and verify Xus words.

If I could live on, red-clothed peoples troubles would suppress me until I couldnt breathe.

If I died, it would be a relief instead.

What did the truth and justice have to do with me, a nobody

“Xu Xiaoshou…

“Im afraid Ill have to disappoint you…”

At the last moment, the skinny Night Guardian, who had his life essence sucked dry by the water ball, finally closed his eyes and let his consciousness fall into darkness.

The light and shadow of his memories flowed back and forth, and his soul fell back to the time when he was young and frivolous…

“Elder Wuyue, today I choose to join the white-clothed people, so I no longer have my real name.

From now on, “Night Guardian” is my code name!

“When the darkness is gone and justice descends, the world will no longer have the name of Night Guardian.

“If it was not for this…

“Then I, Night Guardian, will forever guard the front lines of the darkness and will never retreat!”

Back then, the blue-clothed gorgeous Gou Wuyue, who had the demeanor of a banished immortal, didnt have any white hair on his temples.

The Voice of Nulan in his hand was also full of sword might.

However, he, who was slightly older, was willing to call himself junior to follow the Seven Sword Deity, Gou Wuyue, for the rest of his life.

“Your ambition is similar to how I chose to join the Holy Divine Palace back then.” Elder Wuyues response was still vivid in his mind.

The memories of Night Guardian flashed back and forth, finally landing on Gou Wuyues answer back then.

At that time, Elder Wuyues eyes were still filled with ridicule.

“But my choice was questioned by a good friend.

He said…”

“Who is he What did he say”

“Nothing much.

Its a harmless matter.

Hes just a person whos willing to fall…”

Light and shadow flashed through the air.

From the white-clothed to the red-clothed Night guardian, he had already accumulated quite a bit of fame in the Holy Divine Palace.

Before leaving, he met Elder Wuyue for the last time.

The headband on the other partys forehead was already wrinkled, and there were many wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

He had fought all year round, and he was fatigued with the journey.

The brand-new clothes on his body were the same as before, and the famed sword was the same as before.

It was a pity that things had changed!

“Night Guardian, I have some words that I want to give to you.” At that moment, Elder Wuyues eyes were no longer as bright as they had been when they first met.

Instead, there was a hint of bewilderment in them.

“What words” The vicissitudes of life on Night Guardian were even greater, and there were even more battle scars.

“You have once asked, but perhaps you have forgotten…”

“Senior, I have indeed forgotten.

Can you give me some pointers”

“The words that my good friend sent me before he died were also words that I disdained when you joined white-clothed…”

Night Guardian was silent.

It was because, at this point, the confusion in Elder Wuyues eyes was no longer concealed.

“What words” Night Guardian asked.

“He said…” Gou Wuyue laughed.

“You chose to blind your eyes, but the world is still murky.”

“What does that mean” Night Guardian was stunned.

The corners of Gou Wuyues lips curled up, and he whispered into his ear, “It meansits hard to get out of a trap, and its hard to live with regret.”


“Hahaha! Im just teasing you! Go on, join the red-clothed people.

Rao Yaoyaos power is much greater than mine.

I wish you a bright future!”


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