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In the water ball.

The scruffy-looking man, who was leaning on the big sack, looked at the scene in front of him in a daze.

A golden dragon that was more than a thousand feet long was charging in his direction at lightning speed.

However, the terrifying dragon was saying words, help me.

The man fell into deep thought.

“Theres a dragon in the team of trial officers A dragon in the higher void state”

“Somethings wrong.

If my information is correct, there shouldnt be a Dragon.”

“Its being chased Yamas Water Ghost What does that mean”

“Water Ghost.”

“Why does it sound so familiar”

After falling into the water, the man did not break out of the water ball.

He wanted to see what was going on first.

Therefore, he just waited quietly.

However, it seemed that there wasnt enough time for him.

If he did not stop the dragon, even he would not be able to withstand the force of the collision.


The man stood up from the water ball and carried the sack on his shoulder.

He asked calmly, “Who are you”

The eyes of Gold-swallowing Dragon burst with joy.

Little Ninja did not reply to the man.

He immediately turned his head and shouted, “He responded to me.

He responded to me.

You have to give me another ten breaths!”

The man was confused.

What was going on

Looking in the direction of Gold-swallowing Dragons sight, he could vaguely see a figure hanging behind him.

However, that figure was in the deep sea after all, and the mans spiritual senses were ineffective.

The man could not see the figure clearly.

However, this did not prevent him from feeling angry.

How many years had it been

Who would ignore his face

This was a great disrespect!

“Stop!” The man stared at the dragon in front of him.

How could Little Ninja stop How would he dare to stop

He finally received a response from a water ball, but this could only give him another ten breaths of time.

If he really stopped and fought with the water ball behind him, he would be killed.

Thus, Gold-swallowing Dragon turned back without any hesitation and was about to run in another direction.

“Ignore me”

The man narrowed his eyes.

In the next second, his body turned into the transparent state and then he walked out of the water ball.

He was standing in the deep sea.

The water pressure that even Gold-swallowing Dragons body couldnt resist didnt work on him at all!

The man said coldly, “I said stop!”

In the cold current of the deep sea, the terrifying murderous intent seemed to be able to freeze a persons soul instantly.

Little Ninjas body trembled.

He realized that he failed to see the figure clearly because his spiritual senses had failed.

It seemed that he was also a tyrannical man.

Water Ghost had stopped long ago.

It seemed that he had stopped because of that persons words.

This guy was so shocked that he even forgot to count.

Little Ninjas body slightly trembled.

“How could I be so unlucky” At this moment, he had no choice but to waste some time.

He turned his dragon head and looked at the person behind him.

Little Ninja saw that the guy carrying the sack actually had walked out of the water ball!

He had walked out of the water ball

“How could it be”

“Isnt only Yamas Water Ghost able to ignore the water pressure”

Little Ninja stared at the man with his eyes wide open.

He even had an absurd thought.

“Is he also a master of Water-type Upanishad”

The man was naturally not a master of Water-type Upanishad.

Ignoring the water pressure was just the basic use of Swordless Sword Technique.

There were too many things in Spiritual Cultivation world that could be solved by Path of the Ancient Swordsman.

This was because Path of the Ancient Swordsman encompassed thousands of Great Paths.

However, it was too difficult to master.

“Get closer.”

The underwater vision was too blurry.

The man had never seen a dragon in his entire life.

He waved his hand to Little Ninja.

Little Ninja did not have time to waste with this man.

He even started cursing inside.

However, since that fellow could walk out of the water ball, it meant that his strength was probably above Little Ninjas.

Little Ninja couldnt resist.

He could only get closer.

He didnt dare to waste even a breath of time.

The closer he got, the more details Little Ninja finally noticed.

He had overlooked those details because he was in a hurry and he was panicking.

The man in front of him had a sack on his shoulder, stubble on his chin, eight fingers on his hands, and a sword scar on his neck.

It wasnt difficult for people to wonder about the various symbols.

“Eighth Sword Deity” Little Ninja cried out in surprise.

He simply couldnt believe what he saw.

How did this person fall into the water

Oh, right.

He was also on Lone Cliff earlier.

But that did not seem right.

How could Yamas Water Ghost be stronger than Eighth Sword Deity and drag him into the deep sea

Little Ninja had all sorts of contradictory speculations on his mind.

The man quietly looked at the dragon in front of him.

To be honest, his impression of dragons was still the figure of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon that occupied the 108 realms of Eastern Region in Yunlun Mountain Range.

Other than that, the man only knew there were dragons in Dragon Cave, one of Seven Breaks.

He didnt know anything else.

“What dragon Are You Where are you from Why are you here Who is the person chasing after you” The man asked all the questions on his mind.

What kind of sin did Little Ninja commit He actually met Water Ghost and the first-in-command saint servant in one day.

After Little Ninja heard the series of questions, he closed his eyes.

However, no matter how little time he had, he knew which one of the two was more powerful.

“My name is Little Ninja, and this is my dragon body, Gold-swallowing Dragon.

I came here for the secret treasures of Yunlun Mountain Range and the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

The person chasing after me is a man of Yama, codenamed Water Ghost.” Little Ninja told the man everything.


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