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“Piece of **, I can tell that you are inhumane with one look!” Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his mind.

He was shocked by Water Ghosts kick, and his soul almost jumped out of his body.

Fortunately, he never trusted strangers.

After lying to people all day long, he finally managed to maximize his anti-fraud skills.

With his early vigilance, he lowered his body and dodged the kick with great difficulty.

“You managed to dodge that”

Water Ghost was stunned.

He did not expect Xu Xiaoshou, who had completely let down his guard and even retorted back, would still have such a level of vigilance.

His kick shattered the afterimage of Xu Xiaoshous quick reaction.

As Xu Xiaoshou quickly retreated, he did not hide his emotions…which was not to fight back, but to run!

Without a doubt, Xu Xiaoshous strongest escape method was that mysteriousvanishing ability.

This fellow wanted to become invisible again!


Water Ghosts attack failed.

Immediately, he formed a seal with his left hand and activated the moisture in the young mans body.

With a buzz, Xu Xiaoshous head went dizzy.

He suddenly lost control of his body and started to tremble violently and uncontrollably.

He felt like there was more than one pot of boiling water in his body, and it was very difficult to endure.

At the same time, the thought of activating the “Vanishing Technique”, which had appeared in his mind subconsciously, was also forcefully interrupted.

“Ambushed, passive points 1.”

The information bar jumped again.

It seemed that even though Water Ghosts attack was made infront of Xu Xiaoshou, his speed was not something the current Xu Xiaoshou could react to.

Every time, the system judged it to be a covert attack.

“Your reaction is not bad, but thats all.

You still need to train your battle awareness.”

Water Ghost praised him expressionlessly.

His left hand changed the seal without any hesitation.

In the next second, Xu Xiaoshou, who was still struggling to resist the boiling water evil state in his body, felt his body suddenly become empty.

It was as if something had suddenly been lost, causing his mind to become empty.

The thought of activating the vanishing technique, which he had gathered in time, was once again stopped.

“Ghost Hand!”

Water Ghost lightly shouted, and his left hand slashed forward.

Xu Xiaoshou watched helplessly as the clothes on his chest tore open, and a scarlet hand of blood and water that was condensed from his own blood and water extended out from his body.

The hand of blood and water pierced through his chest, and it didnt cause any substantial damage.

However, it grabbed Xu Xiaoshou by the neck, pulling him toward Water Ghost.

“Thud, thud, thud.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a few steps forward in extreme discomfort.

This action was not his own intention.

However, after being controlled by the Ghost Hand, he finally understood why the people he had seen before looked so terrified after being controlled by the Ghost Hand.

It felt like he was having sleep paralysis while being fully awake during the day!

The body was completely under the control of the unknown.

This kind of inferiority without self-control and experience naturally led to one not having any countermeasures against the Ghost Hand…

One would definitely lose complete control over their own human body!

It could only be controlled by the other party!

“Think carefully.

The next time you encounter such a situation, how should you deal with it.”

“After all, not every enemy is willing to give you a chance to speak.

For example, Ive seen Rao Yaoyao being played by you.”

The corner of Water Ghosts mouth lifted.

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou who was walking toward him.

He did not even raise his feet and just waited quietly.

Then, seeing that the latter was about to face him, he unceremoniously extended his right hand, which he had been hiding, and ruthlessly stuffed something into Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragons Holy Emperor Dragon Scale!

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” could clearly see everything that had happened to him, but he was still unable to recover from his helpless and panicked state.

Water Ghosts ability was too strange.

This fellow seemed to have been staying at the bottom of Lone Cliff the whole time and had witnessed how he had deceived Rao Yaoyao, so he didnt give him any chance at all.

Under such circumstances, the true weakness of his cultivation level as a master against a higher void expert was exposed to the fullest.

Not good enough!

Definitely not good enough!

As long as Water Ghost wanted to, he could kill him at any time!

While Xu Xiaoshou was panicking, he did not understand why Water Ghost would do such a useless thing as stuffing the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale into his mouth.

What was the purpose of this

“You dont want to use your vanishing technique now, and you dont want to leave the Lone Cliff either.

On the contrary, youve seen your own weakness, and youre determined to become stronger.

You want to take the risk and explore the opportunities at the bottom of the Lone Cliff.” Water Ghost seemed to be instilling his will.

He finished speaking these absurd words in a serious manner.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even have the time to ridicule him when he felt the Holy Emperor Dragon scale in his mouth tremble slightly, and it emitted a faint black light.

After that, the will that Water Ghost had forced on him actually appeared in his mind.

“Hes right, Im indeed too weak…”

“Objectively speaking, hes able to control my fate now, yet he doesnt kill me.

Hes really not a bad person…”

“If thats the case, most of what he said can be trusted.

At the bottom of the Lone Cliff, there should indeed be an opportunity that Bazhunan wants to give me.

I should go down…”

When Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were a mess, he did not realize that he should activate the vanishing technique at this moment and completely erase all traces of him in this world.

He stopped and turned around calmly, looking at the sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff.

“Bewitched, passive points, 1.”

The information bar jumped.

The word “Bewitched” broke many of Xu Xiaoshous chaotic thoughts.

“This is bad, the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale is interfering with my will!” Xu Xiaoshous face was full of shock.


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