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“I suppose you look rather decent in your true form… but with this temper, you really need to be taught a lesson.” The man in black stepped forward.

After sizing up Xu Xiaoshou, he said seriously, “Three things.”

“Can I ask for Seniors name before we continue the conversation I really look up to you.

I admire your ability to turn the rain into a heavy downpour that had almost three rivers worth of water.” Xu Xiaoshou looked sincere.

“Heh.” The black-clothed man sneered, completely unmoved by the flattery.

“Who do you think I should be”

The other partys actions of throwing and smashing people in the waves flashed through his mind.

He thought of how the other party appeared and disappeared like a ghost, and he thought to himself, “Youre not a human at all, youre a ghost!”

“Seniors ability overpowers the Sword Deity and is invincible.

In my heart, you should be the chief of the saint servant.

Unfortunately, the position of the chief of the saint servant is occupied by someone else, and the second-in-command of the saint servant is my master… so I feel that with seniors ability, being ranked third among the Saint Servant Nine Thrones is really a waste of your talent,” Xu Xiaoshou said with a regretful look.

If there were people in the world who could not be fawned on, it would be completely ineffective regardless of the flattering ability of the person who fawned on them.

At that moment, the black-clothed man was completely flabbergasted by Xu Xiaoshous impassioned flattery.

He paused for a long time before he sighed and said, “With this mouth of yours, you should be called the storyteller instead… unfortunately, Im not the third saint servant, but the fifth, codenamed Water Ghost.”


Water Ghost

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly stunned.

Such a powerful person could only be ranked fifth

Then who would be the third-in-command of the saint servant

Moreover, if he was the fifth, why would Cen Qiaofu be ranked fourth

Could it be that the old woodcutter still has an ability that he, Xu Xiaoshou, didnt know about

“Water Ghost” Xu Xiaoshou was shocked, and he felt that the codename Water Ghost was very compatible with the other partys strange ability.

He lowered his head and said in a flattering manner, “You should change your honorific title to Ghost King.”

The number of times that Water Ghost had lost his calm in the fight just now was not as many as when he faced the flowery words said by Xu Xiaoshou at this moment.

The corner of his lips twitched slightly, and he said with a sigh, “You are really thick-skinned…”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Xu Xiaoshou accepted it humbly.

Water Ghost almost could not keep his calm in anymore.

Immediately, he went straight to the point.

“Three things!”

He took the lead and waved the arrest warrant in his hand.

“The first thing is that your death date is approaching.

All the assassins in the world will come to find you.

The cultivation levels of these assassins are mostly at the cutting path stage and higher void level, and the latter is the majority.”

Xu Xiaoshous expression immediately froze, and he did not dare to act recklessly.

He looked straight at the black-gold arrest warrant.

At this moment, he noticed the “Self-introduction” under the portrait, as well as the prize money.

“Ten Thousand spirit gems, one set of Saint Martial Arts, one saint weapon, ten drops of Holy Blood, five void tokens, three sets of Saint Essence, and one chance to enter the Saint Cleansing Pool in City of the Living Bodhisattva.”

With a click, Xu Xiaoshou was petrified on the spot.

He did not know what those high and mighty things at the back were, but…

“My head is worth a trillion spirit crystals” Xu Xiaoshou looked up with his eyes wide open.

Water Ghost put away the black-gold arrest warrant and sneered with a mocking expression.

“Youre indeed ignorant.

You only noticed the most worthless thing…”

“Lets put it this way.

If I send your head to them, Ill be able to obtain three chances of becoming a saint, and the saint cleansing pool will increase the chances of becoming a saint by 10%!” Water Ghost said with a mocking expression

He rubbed his chin, and his gaze became mocking as he said with a frivolous smile, “Dont you think youre extremely appetizing now”


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