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In a short period of time, Teng Shanhai felt that he couldnt and didnt have the ability to explain everything to Bai Lian, let alone whether Bai Lian would listen or not.

So, should he let go of the military order that Rao Yaoyao gave him to protect the rear, or should he listen to the arrogant words of one of the authorities of the Holy Palace that belonged to the other side

The answer was self-evident.

The sudden unforeseen change and the loud explosion had exceeded Bai Lians expectations and shocked the 13 higher voids.

He still dared to continue

“You… are… seeking… Death!”

Bai Lian gnashed his teeth.

He had never thought that Teng Shanhai would really dare to make a move again.

With the speed of the higher void, if the other party attacked before he could react, even if the bounded domain was regenerated, it would definitely not be able to trap the other party.

Bai Lian did not stop there.

To him, protecting the trial-taker who was still in the process of breaking through was also an important matter.

“Infernal White Flame!”

Bai Lian formed a seal with his hands and forcefully extracted energy from the fire-type great path, which had been assimilated to the point where it was almost impossible to find, before materializing them into the Infernal White Flame.

In just an instant, he waved his hand to the side and spiritual source surged out from his energy reserve, responding to the great path of fire.

With a rumble, a hundred-foot-wide wall of Infernal Flame rose out of thin air.

The wall was seamless, trapping Teng Shanhai within, making it difficult for him to cross.

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“Bai Lian!”

Teng Shanhai clenched his fists, suppressing his desire to fight back, and resisted the urge to turn his head.

He could ignore the orders of the other superior.

After all, he was not under the other partys jurisdiction.

However, if he really attacked the other party, then he would have really crossed the line.

After all, that was a severe crime!


Facing the wall of Infernal Flame, Teng Shanhai charged forward without fear of death.

He wanted to break through it!

As long as he could slightly interfere with the ancient swordsman, they would fail their breakthrough.

There was nothing else he, Teng Shanhai, needed to do.

The most he could do was turn around and apologize, and then the matter would be settled.

After all, as the chief of the Combat Division, he also had a lot of authority.

However, Bai Lian wouldnt let him do as he wished.

He sneered upon seeing that Teng Shanhai still intended to charge into the golden sea of swords despite the wall of Infernal Flame.

He formed a fist with his palm and swung it down.

“Condensing method of Infernal Heavens, explosion!”

The sea of flame suddenly turned into medicinal liquid, and the space between heaven and earth became an alchemy cauldron.

The Infernal Flame condensed and turned into a Flame Stream Pill, gathering on the road ahead of Teng Shanhai.

Under the enhancement of the condensing method of Infernal Heavens, this Flame Stream Pill… suddenly failed to condense!


An earth-shaking boom resounded.

Teng Shanhai didnt have time to react before he was directly blown up into the sky by the explosion.

Bai Lian was extremely skilled in controlling the power of the infernal lineage.

The impact of the explosion was sure to hit Teng Shanhai, who was wearing the Cang God armor.

However, he had also made sure that it didnt leave any residual power that could affect Gu Qingers breakthrough.

Teng Shanhai, who had barely stabilized his body from the sky, could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

He was the chief of the Combat Division!

He was not the chief of the Endurance Division!

“Bai Lian, do you really think that I dont dare to attack you Do you really think that you can defeat me” Teng Shanhai rushed down from the sky and glared at Bai Lian.

This time, Bai Lian had yet to speak.

Behind him, the path principles suddenly swayed, revealing another figure.

“He cant defeat you… What about you”

“Ill give you, Teng Shanhai, a handicap by using one hand.

Can you defeat me”

A black-robed man with no eyebrows landed beside Bai Lian.

His left hand was hanging behind his waist, and his right hand was propped up.

In the center of his palm, there was a black flame burning.

As his body gradually solidified, everyones pupils trembled.

This was because this new uninvited guest did not come alone.

Behind him, there was the ten thousand-foot-tall Phantom of the Nine Dragons.

It was as huge as a city, and it waved its claws.


Just by raising their eyes to look at the Phantom of the Nine Dragons, thunder exploded in 13 higher voids minds till there was only a blank space left.

Blood even flowed out of their eyes.

“Saint statue…”

Teng Shanhai also saw the saint statue.

Compared to 13 higher voids, he had too much experience in facing this saint statue.

The last time he saw this Phantom of the Nine Dragons, he had taken out the Xiao Divine Spear.

Moreover, at that time, his opponent was only Xu Xiaoshou, who was at the grandmaster realm.

“Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor…”

Teng Shanhai struggled to speak, his knees trembling, and he almost knelt down on the spot.

The saint statue behind the higher void was far more powerful than that of its master.

It was as if the main body of the five great divine instruments of chaos was comparing itself to its wooden toy.

Moreover, other than the saint statue of the “Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor”, this guy who suddenly appeared had a power that could threaten him…

Teng Shanhais gaze fell on the black flame in the palm of that person, and he recognized the origin of this flame.

The Flame of Annihilation!

The heavenly flame that could only be born on the Ashvattha divine tree, one of the nine great ancestral trees.

The fire seed that the person was controlling was its real body and it did not have any weakened power!

“Browless, Flame of Annihilation, Nine Dragons Burning The Ancestor… You are Mu Ling!”

Teng Shanhai finally shifted his gaze to Mu Lings face.

He endured the discomfort brought by the power of the saint statue and asked with difficulty, “You, why are you here”

Theoretically speaking, Mu Ling was actually of the same generation as Teng Shanhai.

Bai Lian was the younger generation of the three.

However, seniority was only suitable for the infernal lineage.

In the Shengshen continent, who didnt know that Mu Ling could be considered the supreme expert of the older generation

“Browless of the Holy Palace” was not the same as “Sleeveless of the saint servant”!

Mu Ling was not an ignorant fool who would betray the Holy Palace whenever he had a thought.

He had followed demi-saint infernal for decades and completed all the cultivation that a genius should have done in the Holy Palace.

He was fully prepared to break through to demi-saint.


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