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“In my opinion, the enemy has set up a trap to lure us in step by step…”

“Theres definitely danger ahead!”

Gu Qinger carried the sword wheel, which had nine swords stabbed into it, on his back.

In the middle of the sword wheel was the second-ranked blood sword on the famous sword list, the Bewitching Demon.

With extreme vigilance, he landed on Lone Cliff.

After confirming that there were no dangers, special arrays, or ambushes on the mountain edge of the cliff, he nodded to the back, motioning his eldest senior brother to land on the cliff.

Gu Qingyi tapped his toes, and the evil sword Yuelian fell into his arms.

He landed on the Lone cliff with a mixture of surprise and vigilance.

“Theres no one here…” Gu Qinger walked around the cliff and didnt see anyone.

He said with a slightly relaxed mood, “We are indeed the chosen ones.

Only we have this kind of special guidance.”

Gu Qingyi was silent for a moment and then said with puzzlement, “Its a little too quiet…”

“Since theres no one, isnt it normal for the area to be quiet If theres a sound, it would be like seeing a ghost,” Gu Qinger complained while taking out the saint origin crystal that he had just obtained.

“Eldest senior brother, this thing is what the Eighth Sword Deity claimed… the origin of Saint Ascension How will it ascend me If I eat it now, will I become a sword saint” He asked.

Gu Qingyi glanced at him.

“Are you planning to take over the role of the brainless one while our junior brother isnt here”


Gu Qinger shook his head, put away the saint origin crystal, and curled his lips.

“So there are times when eldest senior brother doesnt understand too…”

Gu Qingyi couldnt be bothered to argue with his junior brother.

The unusual silence around him made him very vigilant.

Because there were obvious signs of a fight on the cliff.

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And yet, all of them had disappeared…

Gu Qingyi was on full alert.

As he verified his thoughts, he walked to the edge of the cliff.


The strange demonic wind whimpered year-round.

Gu Qingyi squatted down and rubbed the rocks on the edge of the cliff.

His eyes lit up as he beckoned, “Come here.”

Gu Qinger immediately ran over and squatted down.

“Eldest senior brother, whats the matter”

“I touched it.”

“I touched it.

Then what”

“What did you touch”

“… Sword will”

“Whose sword will”


Gu Qinger was stunned for a moment.

He realized that there was something strange about this sword will.

After analyzing it seriously, he said in shock, “The sword will of the Eighth Sword Deity… this… is the remnant of the Great Buddha Chop”

Gu Qingyi nodded.

“Thats right.

I suppose you can be considered to have made some progress.

At least in the way of the sword, you havent been stupid before.”

Gu Qinger was still shocked.

He thought of what his eldest senior brother had said just now and probed, “The Eighth Sword Deity is here”

Gu Qingyi was silent for a long time.

After a while, he said in a hoarse voice, “In terms of the brain, yours is still not working.

This is clearly the place where the Eighth Sword Deity summoned the Sky City!”

“Oh, oh.” Gu Qinger didnt know what could be studied from this discovery and he didnt understand.

“Eldest senior brother, whats about it then”

“Go down.” Gu Qingyi pointed at the bottom of the cliff.

Go down

Gu Qinger was shocked.

The bottom of the cliff looked very dangerous.

How could he go down

He picked up a stone and threw it, but it didnt echo for a long time… he didnt know how to summarize this discovery.

“Its unfathomable,” Gu Qinger said after holding it in for a long time.

“Do I need you to say that”

Gu Qingyi thought as he glared at his junior brother and returned to the main topic.

“That special guidance overlaps with our Supreme Masters new guidance.

Since theres no answer at the edge of the cliff, I plan to go down and take a look.”

Gu Qingers face immediately turned bitter.

“Eldest senior brother, theres no need to take such a risk.

If you fall off the cliff and your bones shattered…”

“Go back and look for junior brother.

Protect junior sister with him.

I dont feel at ease with him alone,” Gu Qingyi said calmly.

“No, Im not backing down.

I just feel that its too dangerous to go down the cliff, but it might not be impossible to give it a try.” Gu Qinger understood his eldest senior brothers intention to chase him away and immediately changed his words.

“Im not chasing you away.

Im serious.” Gu Qingyi smiled, “Were just trial-takers.

We can go anywhere we want… If it wasnt for junior brothers incident that caused the law enforcers to issue a law against the ancient swordsman in time, this place wouldnt be dangerous to us at all.”

“But its different down there!” Gu Qingyi pointed to the bottom of the cliff as he spoke, his voice sinking.

“In a dangerous and unknown situation, Ill go down first to investigate.

Once theres an opportunity, Ill immediately call you guys over.”

“Im not going back.” Gu Qingers head was like a rattle-drum.

“Junior brother isnt weak now.

He has enough strength to protect junior sister alone.

Its too boring for me to go back.”

“Didnt you also say that you wanted to protect junior sister previously” Gu Qingyis face was full of amusement.

“That opportunity has been snatched away by him…” Gu Qinger silently ridiculed.

Gu Qingyi immediately laughed and shook his head, not saying anything more.

He thought about it again and looked at the sea of clouds on the cliff.

He felt the unknown risks, however, his eyes were filled with determination.

“Since youre not going back, you can stay here and wait for me so that you can take care of the situation if anything goes wrong.”

“Remember, dont come down without my message, and dont leave either.”

“If Im not back within two hours, you… can send a message to our supreme master.

Tell him that Im going to die, and force him to come and save me.”

Gu Qingyi paused and looked at the bottom of the cliff.

“Ill be back soon.”


Before Gu Qinger could finish his sentence, he saw his eldest senior brother leap into the sea of clouds on the cliff and started to fall freely.


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