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He wore a necklace with more than ten layers on his neck, seven or eight bracelets on his wrist, and more than ten rings on his fingers.

It made people wonder if this weight would affect his agility.

Not only that, there was a drop of golden holy blood floating in the center of the young mans left palm, as if he intended to swallow it immediately if anything went wrong.

He held a small copper mirror in his right hand.

It was surrounded by clouds and mist.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the sudden appearance of dozens of ghost beasts was caused by the power of the small copper mirror.

“This damned… is too extravagant! How afraid of death are you!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned on the spot.

He took an entire two seconds to move his gaze away from the young mans gold and jade-encrusted, extremely luxurious appearance to his face.

It was a very familiar face!

Situ Yongren!

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

Situ Yongren had once visited the First Pavilion in the Sky at night but was chased away by him with just a few words.

At that time, the other party had already announced that they would compete again in the Yunlun mountain range.

Although he did take caution because of Situ Yongrens identity, Xu Xiaoshou did not seem to care.

However, after entering the Yunlun mountain range for so long, he had never seen Situ Yongren.

No matter how great of a change happened in the law enforcer team, Situ Yongren seemed to have disappeared and never showed up.


Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe that Situ Yongren wasnt fully prepared for the confrontation between Rao Yaoyao and Huang Quan when he entered the scene with the mirror.

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“Im sorry, Sword Deity Rao…”

Situ Yongren looked at Rao Yaoyao and explained, “There are too many stowaways from Lone Cliff.

I have to divert their attention and waste a lot of time.”

Rao Yaoyao was also shocked by Situ Yongrens “equipment”.

However, it wasnt easy for a young man to enter the arena with great pressure.

Under the pressure of Huang Quan, he had to take more life-saving measures.

It could only be said that… he had dealt with it appropriately.

“Save the Night Guardian first!” She did not waste any more words.

At the same time that she rushed towards Huang Quan with her sword, she instructed Situ Yongren.

“Yes, madam.” Situ Yongrens heart relaxed.

He was afraid of the boss of Yama, who had mastered the power of time and space.

If it meant that he could avoid facing Huang Quan, of course, he would try his best.

On the other side.

“I dont want to fight, damn it…” Xu Xiaoshou thought when he saw that Rao Yaoyao was very serious.

It was obvious that she was planning to go all out with her sword and he instantly panicked.

He could vaguely sense with his “Perception” that the moment Situ Yongren appeared, the surrounding space environment and the ripple of path principles changed.

It was as if everyone at the edge of the Lone Cliff had entered a world similar to the storytellers “Ancient book space”.

This should be the reason why Rao Yaoyao suddenly dared to make a move.

After all, she no longer had to worry about being affected by the power of time and space.

Xu Xiaoshou understood everything, but he was somewhat helpless.

After all, he wasnt Huang Quan, so he couldnt comprehend the true meaning of time and space.

He couldnt directly bring Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian across the divine blockade to escape.

At this moment, Situ Yongren and Rao Yaoyao were separated into two groups.

If the former touched Night Guardian, all his efforts would be for naught.

Once his identity was exposed, Rao Yaoyao would be furious.

Without any scruples, she would slash him with her sword!

The latter…

Rao Yaoyao had already rushed over with her sword.

He couldnt ignore it!

If he couldnt withstand this strike, his fake identity as Huang Quan would be exposed without a doubt.

Then what everyone would have to face next would be the crazy revenge of all the law enforcers who had been fooled for half a day!

“This damned Situ Yongren!”


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