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The strike, which contained the power of a higher void and the Grand Vital Energy, exploded with a loud bang when everyone was caught off guard.

For Night Guardian, this could be considered a violent release of power after being suppressed to the extreme.

From coming across the smell of a Ghost Beast coincidentally at the gate of the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City to Xu Xiaoshous unexpected appearance… to Night Guardian letting Xin Gugu go…

From the garden at the back of the City Lord Mansion, where the Night Guardian felt the power of a Ghost Beast at the sea of flowers by chance… to Xu Xiaoshous unexpected appearance…to the Night Guardian being deceived by Xu Xiaoshous flowery words into thinking that he was the main contributor to the destruction of the Ghost Beast…

From the Night Guardian noticing the birth of the Flame Python in the White Cave at the first moment to him meeting Xu Xiaoshou by accident…It was also where he finally had the intention to recruit Xu Xiaoshou and even gave away the ownership of the famed sword, Flame Python…

At the Lijian Grassland of the White Cave, the Night Guardian had experienced the terrifying damage that the saint servant, Sleeveless, who had refused to accept an olive branch and was transformed by Xu Xiaoshou, had brought to everyones hearts and bodies…

Ever since the destruction of the White Cave Small World, Night Guardian had once again captured Xu Xiaoshous real body.

He was just a step away from capturing him, but because of Xu Xiaoshous vanishing technique, teleportation, and other skills, Xu Xiaoshou, who had grown rapidly, had escaped…

There were too many accidents and coincidences!

This time, Night Guardian could no longer remember clearly how he had been played by Xu Xiaoshou.

He understood that both of them were on different sides.

In the future, he might not be able to truly take down Xu Xiaoshou, who was considered a genius in his heart.

So, now was the time!

When, once again, Xu Xiaoshou tried to become someone else, and even dared to deceive Sword Deity Rao and the hundreds of law enforcers in front of him, the Night Guardian could no longer endure it.

“There have been so many opportunities placed in front of me, but I failed to grasp them… this is the last time, even if I die, I will never let Xu Xiaoshou escape!”

This was the only thought in Night Guardians mind.

The moment he activated the “Hand of Heaven Punisher”, Night Guardian could see the confused expressions of the hundreds of law enforcers behind him, in addition to Wang Dachuis hesitation and Sword Deity Raos wavering…

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However, as someone who had been through this before, Night Guardian knew that no matter how beautifully Xu Xiaoshou disguised himself, he was afraid that others would attack him by force.

In essence, Xu Xiaoshou was just a master.

Although he had many strange things and methods, he was afraid of boorish people!

For so many times, Night Guardian had only been a thinker…

This time, he was willing to become Sword Deity Raos sword!

If he failed, he would be subjected to death for making a move against the Chief of the Transformation Division.

Even death would not expiate his crime.

If he succeeded, Sword Deity Rao wouldnt need to hesitate on whether the person in front of her was a real person or not.

Night Guardian could also fulfill his wish and take down Xu Xiaoshou.

Maybe Xu Xiaoshou was stalling for time…

Maybe Sword Deity Rao was also waiting for a bigger fish to take the bait…

However, Night Guardian was afraid of accidents!

There were too many accidents involving Xu Xiaoshou.

Night Guardian was afraid that if this kid continued to talk, Sword Deity Rao would lose her initial thoughts and really believe that his nonsense!

So what if he forcefully made a move that would break Sword Deity Raos possible plan for this reason

“I have already tasted the feeling of being deceived by him so many times.

Theres no need for you all to experience it personally…”

The moment the dark bounded domain swept across the entire scene and sealed everyones six senses, the hand of Heaven Punisher descended from the sky and headed straight for Xu Xiaoshous location.

This time, Night Guardians wilful attack shocked not only Rao Yaoyao, Wang Dachui, and the other senior law enforcers, but also Xu Xiaoshou.


“This damned boor!”

Xu Xiaoshou almost cursed out loud.

Night Guardian was clearly a good person.

He had chosen to be a “wise man” by cooperating with him so many times before.

Why was he even more impulsive than Wang Dachui this time He didnt even give him, Xu Xiaoshou, a chance before he willfully attacked.

The “Hand of Heaven Punisher” came to suppress him without giving him an opportunity to speak…

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he didnt have time to think.

After all, the idea of pretending to be Yi struck him as an attempt to stall for time.

However, it was an idea that he held no hope for.

The fact that he was able to make people fall into doubt and become entangled already came as a great surprise and achievement to him.

By now, Xu Xiaoshou had formed a second plan for two types of situations.

The first situation was when he failed to deceive the masses as Yi and the second was when he was attacked by a boor!

The power of a higher void was contained in the “Hand of Heaven Punisher” that descended from the sky.

Although he didnt understand why Night Guardian could control the power of the higher void with his cultivation level at the cutting path stage, he didnt have time to think about it now.

Xu Xiaoshou could feel the aura of “Vastness”, “Justice”, and “Evil Exorcism” from it.

He understood that this power of the higher void wasnt like Yis mysterious “Chaotic Ghostly Qi”.

ThisGrand Vital Energy was purely an offensive method, and it was the most straightforward direct attack!

However, at the same time, it was also an energy attack… Xu Xiaoshou could only catch its flaws.

“Vanishing technique!”

The dark bounded domain enveloped everyone, sealing off the six senses of all the law enforcers on the cliff.

Other than Night Guardian, who could see Xu Xiaoshous location, even Rao Yaoyao could not detect the abnormal movements within the bounded domain when Night Guardian was caught off guard.

This was the opportunity that Xu Xiaoshou saw.

After he disappeared, he would useAscending to the Heavens in A Single Step to change his position.

However, he was not planning to avoid the full-force attack from Night Guardian.

Instead, he would face theHand of Heaven Punisher that was descending from the sky head-on!

That dazzling incandescent white light almost blinded Xu Xiaoshous eyes when it suddenly approached.

However, Xu Xiaoshou could see thevanishing technique.

He could pierce through anything physical or energy and his opponent wouldnt be able to attack him.

Xu Xiaoshou would not allow theHand of Heaven Punisher to pass through him and hit Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian who were below.


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