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“Agreed, passive points, 62.”

This information bar suddenly popped up, giving Xu Xiaoshou a shock.

Acting as Yi was a stroke of inspiration for him.

It was purely out of habit, and he subconsciously went for a more aggressive approach.

However, Xu Xiaoshou never expected that after venting his emotions against Rao Yaoyao, he would actually gain the trust of more than 60 idiots.

Were these people brainless

Yi was already dead!

The Holy Divine Palace must have other ways to verify Yis death.

How could so many people believe his words now

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the small details that he deliberately revealed in his words earlier.

Yis candied haws, the nickname Xiaoxiao, the swift change of identity, and the successful explanation of his undercover mission…

These things were all from Yis soul memories.

The reason why Xu Xiaoshou was able to quickly deduce the “Undercover mission” was because he quickly concluded it based on Yis intelligence work habits.

This explanation could be said to directly subvert Rao Yaoyaos judgment.

The reason why Xu Xiaoshou was so sure was that even he almost believed his own performance just now.

However, the truth was…

No matter how much he thought his performance was successful, it had to be based on the cooperation of the audience.

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The current situation was that the enemy and ally were originally in a state of anxious confrontation.

The moment his identity changed, Rao Yaoyao slowly started to believe him under his persuasion…


Did his prevaricating technique improve again

This absurd thought flashed through Xu Xiaoshous mind for a very short period of time, and he immediately discarded it.

He thought of a more accurate answer, Swallow the Mountains and Rivers!

“The Status Passive Skill, Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, will stack ones aura whenever there is a change in emotions.

It has no limit.”

Just now, when he transformed into Yi, from his calm state to accepting the doubts of all parties, to methodically refuting and clarifying, to everyone on the other side being speechless, and finally to the point where he became arrogant..and scolded Rao Yaoyao while pointing at her…

These subconscious emotional states were superimposed, accumulating layers of aura that were enough to make others unable to resist.

Intangible aura naturally had an intangible effect.

Not only did it affect the shaken level of ones soul, but it also made his aggressive speech more convincing.

This made it difficult for anyone to refute from the bottom of their heart!

“The LV.1 of the sovereign stage, Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, already has these functions”

Xu Xiaoshou only remembered that he had used Swallow the Mountains and Rivers to imitate the aura of the Eighth Sword Deity, Elder Sang, and other big shots.

He did not expect that this Status Passive Skill already had the ability to “tamper with ones will” at the sovereign stage.


Rather than “tamper with ones will”, it was more appropriate to call it “convince one”.

Xu Xiaoshou had gone through such a terrifying experience before.

In the White Cave, because of the suppression of his cultivation level, he had been “forcibly convinced” by Yu Lingdi.

He had encountered situations like “forgetting to look at the key information bar” and almost made a huge mistake.

More recently, Xu Xiaoshou had believed that both he and Ye Xiaotian had been “guided” to Lone Cliff.

He had to face so many experts from the Holy Divine Palace, there should be someone with a similar “convincing” power among them…

It probably came from Bazhunan!

Or perhaps Bazhunan had borrowed the guidance of the Holy Emperors will!

Initially, the sovereign-level “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” could only affect sovereigns, who were at the same level.

Now, however, it already had such an embryonic form that it was capable of affecting Rao Yaoyao, a higher void who was two levels higher.

“Perhaps, when mySwallow the Mountains and Rivers level is higher, I will really be able to reach the level ofwhatever I say will be the truth… Yes, my words will be the law.”

“And this, in essence, is theassimilation of emotions.

It makes people unable to refute it from the bottom of their hearts.

Or perhaps… they will never have any thoughts of doubting or refuting it.”

“Something like… an exaggerated abstract power ofas long as I believe it, it will exist”

In a split second, these thoughts flashed by.

Xu Xiaoshou stood there unmoving, his expression extremely calm.

Ever since he entered Dongtianwang city, he had rarely revealed his true appearance and true abilities to others.

It was only at this moment that he realized that he had unknowingly grown to the point where he could influence an expert of the Sword Deity level with a single word.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Conjecture, passive points, 1.”


The information bar kept popping up.

In front of him, Rao Yaoyao was still deep in thought.

Even without looking at the information bar, Xu Xiaoshou could easily read Rao Yaoyaos thoughts from her rapidly changing expression.

This was nothing more than her reactions to the small details that he had deliberately revealed.

The nickname Xiaoxiao, the explanation of his undercover work, Yi being on the same level as her and did not want to be disciplined by her.

Originally, it was extremely absurd.

All he wanted was to stall for time and wait for an opportunity.

However, the act oftransforming into Yi that he never had the slightest bit of hope for had unexpectedly achieved an effect that he had never imagined.

This made Xu Xiaoshou pleasantly surprised.

Hisperception went past Rao Yaoyao and landed on the law enforcers at the rear, as well as his own people, Lei Xier, Ye Xiaotian, and so on.

What he saw was a look of shock and bewilderment!

Lei Xier was no exception!

“Very good…”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly laughed in his heart.

He suddenly felt that he really had a chance to succeed.

A chance to resolve the current crisis without bloodshed!

However, it was at this moment that he keenly noticed the only variable in the arena…


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