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In the battle of Yis death, saint servant Xu Xiaoshou didnt succeed.

On the contrary, under all sorts of circumstances and irresistible special forces, Yi became Xu Xiaoshou, and Xu Xiaoshou became Yi.

The person who had died was actually a fake, perhaps… it was saint servant Xu Xiaoshou!

And the real Yi, the “Ever-changing Yi,” became saint servant Xu Xiaoshou.

He then began a short and arduous new mission, one that was bound to obtain more information about the enemys organization – Undercover!


Was very consistent with Yi!

It was very consistent with the “Ever-changing Yi”‘s methods!

“Surprised, passive points, 98.”

“Speculation, passive points, 75.”

“Guarded, passive points, 105.”

The sudden appearance of the little girl scared not only the law enforcers but also Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian.

The former only had doubts in her mind, but she quickly recalled the interactions between Xu Xiaoshou and her in the past few days.

She knew that based on habit, it shouldnt be possible for the other party to be switched.

It should still be Xu Xiaoshou… it should be!

Ye Xiaotian did not have such a feeling.

He was only terrified.

He even suspected that Xu Xiaoshou, who had engaged in a long conversation with him just now and obtained information about the Tiansang Spirit Palace that could shake up the world, was really changed by Yi.

After all, Ye Xiaotian knew very well what Xu Xiaoshou and Yi were known for.

“Xu, Xiao, Shou!”

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Just as everyone was shocked by Yi who had come back from the dead, Rao Yaoyao, who was the only one who remained calm, was stunned for a moment before she reacted.

She gritted her teeth and said,

“Do you really think that you can deceive me”

In the relevant information, it was recorded that Xu Xiaoshou had a transformation ability similar to Yis.

However, Rao Yaoyao had never thought that Xu Xiaoshous ability was so close to Yis.

He could even imitate a persons behavior.

Even Yi had to go through a long period of practice before he could imitate his targets behavior well.

Perhaps, Xu Xiaoshou had obtained the imitator, and during this period of time, he had searched for a large amount of information about Yi… Rao Yaoyao thought.

To be the only clear-headed person among the hundreds of people who were full of suspicions and uncertainty, Rao Yaoyaos proof was not herself, but Ye Xiao!

After Yi died, Ye Xiao instantly lost contact with him.

She, Rao Yaoyao, could choose not to believe in anything, but she could not doubt the reaction of the person closest to Yi.

Therefore, even if theYi in front of her had found anexcuse that was extremely crazy, but still very suitable for the situation, Rao Yaoyao would still conclude that thisYi was fake!

Wang Dachui was obviously woken up by the shout.

He immediately became angry from embarrassment.

He clenched his fists and was about to rush over and hammer the saint servant Xu Xiaoshou to death for daring to deceive him.

However, the little girl in front of him was not shocked at all.

Her eyes darkened and an aura that filled the sky came pressing down.

“Are you crazy, Wang Dachui Are you trying to kill your own people”

Wang Dachui was so shocked that he stopped in his tracks.

This aura was not something that a junior of the master stage could have.

It even gave him a sense of threat!

“Are you really Yi” Wang Dachui was confused again.

At this moment, the Night Guardian, who had fallen behind, said in a deep voice, “Xu Xiaoshou has the ability to simulate an aura.

Elder Rao, please dont let him…”

Before he could say the word “deceive”, the little girl, Yi looked back.

Her gaze was cold as she said in a cold voice, “What right do you have to speak here”

There was no movement, only a lowering of the eyelids.

Everyone keenly sensed that Night Guardian had lost his focus the moment he met eyes with Yi.

His entire body trembled and his expression became dull.

It was obvious that he had received a powerful spiritual attack from the other party.

Wang Dachui was surprised.

Spiritual attack!

It was not mentioned in the information that Xu Xiaoshou had the power of a higher void, which could be used against Night Guardian, a cutting path!

“He is really Yi.” Wang Dachui turned his head to look at Rao Yaoyao.

Rao Yaoyao didnt even bother to reply Wang Dachui.

She only had a gloomy face and sneered, “The real Yi wouldnt attack his own people!”

“Did I hurt him” The little girl Yi snapped back her gaze.

As expected, Night Guardian recovered from his affected state and staggered.

His face was filled with shock.

Rao Yaoyao stayed quiet.

At this moment, she still could not believe that the person in front of her was really Yi.

Thats right!

If Xu Xiaoshou really killed Yi, he would have obtained the imitator…

“Since you can even imitate Yis skills, it appears that your progress in mastering the imitator isnt slow at all!” Rao Yaoyao narrowed her eyes.

Wang Dachui suddenly came to a realization.

“Ah, right, right.

An imitator can be used to imitate other peoples abilities… damn it, you lied to me again!” He took out a thorny sledgehammer from his spatial ring and was about to chop Xu Xiaoshou down.

“Wang Dachui, have you forgotten who paid a huge price for secretly providing you with yourSpear Locking Origin Pill!” The little girl Yi suddenly shouted.

This time, Wang Dachuis face instantly turned deathly pale, and the hammer in his hand almost fell off.

“Glared at, passive points, 1.”

All the male law enforcers behind him also opened their mouths wide, and their expressions gradually turned from disbelief to ridicule and bewilderment.

The female law enforcers frowned in an attempt to hide their change of expression and feign ignorance.

But everyone knew that the Spear Locking Origin Pill was…

The Spear Locking Origin Pill was the pill that could allow one to last seven times in one night.

It was a good item… a forbidden medicine!

Why did Wang Dachui buy this forbidden medicine through the Chief of the Transformation Division Wasnt he the Chief of the Physique Division

Could it be…

That he couldnt do “it”


The Chief of the Physique Division should be able to do “it”…

Perhaps, he needed a lot of times to be satisfied, so he bought it for the other party to use

Or did he need a lot of other parties at once, which caused him to be unable to hold on

“Surprised, passive points, 62.”

Even if Wang Dachui didnt turn around, he could already feel the gazes behind him that were enough to make ones face turn red.

He couldnt contain his anger and waved his fist at Yi.

“Didnt you promise not to tell…”

As he said this, he thought of something.

A look of annoyance flashed across his eyes, and he changed it to telepathic communication.

“Didnt you promise not to tell”

The little girl, Yi, chuckled coldly.

She did not use telepathic communication.

Instead, she raised her voice and said in front of everyone, “I did promise you not to tell, but you have lost your mind to the point that you want to attack me.

How can I get you to trust me if I dont bring out some truly confidential information Did you want us to kill each other in the Yunlun mountain range”

After saying that, Yi looked at Rao Yaoyao and said with disappointment, “I originally thought that even though Wang Dachui was stupid and couldnt see through it, you can.

Youre smart enough.

You can think of my feigned death, my concealment, and all the various needs of my intelligence work, but…”

Yi seemed to be extremely depressed.

She exerted force with her hand and broke the candied haws.

“But you actually couldnt see through anything.

You even personally led so many people and directly exposed my identity.”

This extremely helpless emotion deeply affected everyone around.

Rao Yaoyao was almost persuaded.

Very quickly, her expression turned cold.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

The moment she spoke in a low voice, she still addressed him as “Xu Xiaoshou”.

This fact seemed to have really ignited the emotions of the little girl opposite her, Yi.

Yi suddenly widened his eyes and cursed angrily on the spot.

“Rao Yaoyao, do you have a pigs brain!”

“Why are you still calling me Xu Xiaoshou at a time like this!”

“Even Xiaoxiao knows how to cooperate with me by losing contact.

You brought this group of people here to expose the undercover work of your own people.

Do you really think that no one has a temper and that anyone can cooperate with you unconditionally just because your surname is Rao!”

“Do you know how much Ive lost just because of your sudden arrival You have your mission, but dont I have my job”

The little girl Yi pointed at Sword Deity Rao and aggressively approached her.

She shouted, “Remember, Im on the same level as you, and not your direct subordinate!”

“…” The moment these words that had gone out of control exploded, the entire place suddenly became deathly silent.

All the law enforcers faces were deathly pale as if they had seen an unbelievable scene.

This was indeed too unbelievable!

Yi had openly scolded Sword Deity Rao!

Moreover, Yi had clearly unleashed all the emotions that had been suppressed for a long time, and not just in the current situation!

“Feared, passive points 99.”

Rao Yaoyao was also stunned by the scolding.

She didnt even know that she had subconsciously raised her hand and wiped the saliva off her face.

She was completely immersed in Yis outburst of emotions just now.

He knew all of their missions…

He knew the nickname, Xiaoxiao, which only a few upper echelons of the Holy Divine Palace knew about.

H-He dared to scold her!!!


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