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There were two people!

The first person that caught her eyes was a white-robed man standing in front.

He was neither tall nor short, fat nor thin, and his looks were above average.

He could be considered ordinary and handsome… Well, to sum it up, there was nothing special that could be remembered at all.

The only thing that was out of place was that this white-robed mans clothes were extremely luxurious, and he looked completely wealthy and noble.

He was also holding a small square-shaped cauldron in his hand, which was only the size of a palm.

Just by looking at it, Yu Zhiwen could already see the fluctuations of the Holy Power spreading out of it.

Holy weapon…

And it was a holy weapon that was near to perfection!

Such a holy weapon like a small toy was casually held in the hands of the white-robed man — this was supposed to be a trump card that even a Higher Void (level) expert had to hide!

Yu Zhiwens first feeling was: hes richer than me!

Her second feeling was: Im going to die!

The main seat of the spirit mirror in the Cloud Realm World had been barged in by this person without any anomalies, so he must have used an unimaginable method.

And at the moment, there were no guards around Yu Zhiwen.

They had been taken away by Rao Yaoyao.

With her cultivation level, she was completely unable to protect herself in such an unexpected situation!

“Dont worry, Im not a bad person.”

The white-robed wealthy man played with the small square cauldron in his hand.

He could easily read the panic and helplessness displayed by the veiled woman with unique Star Eyes.

He was very self-restrained.

Very soon he withdrew his gaze from the truly stunning Star Eyes and introduced himself, “Im Holy Palaces messenger, Bai Lian.”

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After pausing for a moment, he did not conceal his tone of praise and said, “Young miss has such beautiful eyes.

If Im not mistaken, you should be the genius of the Path Division, Yu Zhiwen”

Holy Palaces messenger… Yu Zhiwen finally felt relieved.

The Cloud Realm World developed by the Path Division was designed to coordinate with the various Imperial City trials before the Holy Palace Trial.

Naturally, those who had the messenger token of the Holy Palace could freely enter and exit the main seat of the spirit mirror.

Strictly speaking, the person currently sitting on the main seat of the spirit mirror should be the messenger of the Holy Palace who called himself Bai Lian.

However, the Holy Palace did not have that much free time to watch the progress of the trial takers of the small imperial city trials.

Therefore, these miscellaneous matters were all handled by the middle and low-level people of the Holy Divine Palace.

Yu Zhiwens status was very high.

The reason why she was in charge of the spirit mirror in the Yunlun Mountain Range was mainly because of the Cloud Realm World in this place.

Not only was it used to monitor the progress of the trial takers, but it also had the ability to spy on the stowaways locations.

Otherwise, most likely the person in this place right now would be the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palaces side hall, Cheng Ji, not to mention Yu Zhiwen and Rao Yaoyao.

“Greetings, envoy Bai Lian.

I am Yu Zhiwen.”

Yu Zhiwen immediately stood up and bowed politely.

During this process, Bai Lian took out the token of emissary from the Holy Palace and handed it over.

Yu Zhiwen only verified by taking a glance before returning it immediately.

There was no problem at all.

After recovering from the nervous state of “Im going to die”, Yu Zhiwen then only could think.

She immediately thought that the name “Bai Lian” sounded familiar.

Although she had never met the person in front of her, after thinking for a moment, Yu Zhiwen recalled the information about this person.

Bai Lian was the current counselor of the Infernal lineage of the Holy Palace and one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace.

He was the “only” and “direct” contact person of the Holy Palace and the Holy Divine Palace, the demi-saint families, and the five great secret realms of the Holy Emperors elixirs supply chain.

He was also the honorary vice-president of the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association in the City of the Living Bodhisattva.

“There are too many undeserved names, but even if all of them are erased, Bai Lians status is basically on par with Sword Deity Rao, the ruler of the Red Coat.

“Mmm, his strength is not equivalent…

“Hes not considered strong.

He is at the Cutting Path (stage) and has survived a few tribulations of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

However, this is only hiscultivation strength.

In terms of true combat strength, he should be able to crush the Higher Void (level) with his treasures alone without fighting.

“And, and… Bai Lian, Demi-Saint Infernals direct disciple, Xu Xiaoshous senior or junior brother… Mmm, according to the strict seniority system of the Infernal lineage, regardless of cultivation level or status, hes Xu Xiaoshous junior brother…”

Thinking of all this, Yu Zhiwen was a little dizzy.

This was a truly important figure!

This was a supreme master of the continent at young and middle age who could be compared to her master.

Moreover, he was the kind of person who had a lot of authority.

Why would such a person come personally to the small Yunlun Mountain Range and become a “messenger of the Holy Palace”

The Holy Palace was his home.

Whoever he let in, he only needed to say it.

He should be called “The boss of the Holy Palace”… Yu Zhiwens thoughts ran wild.

At this moment, she finally noticed the other person who had been silent all this while.

Compared to Bai Lian who had no special characteristics, the tall and thin man behind him was too special!

This person was wearing pure black clothes; he was casual and free.

He had a head of thick, long black hair that draped over his shoulders.

His cheekbones were extremely high hiding his viciousness.

His deep eye sockets were inlaid with a pair of eyes as sharp as an eagles.

Without eyebrows, dark circles under his eyes, thin lips…

Just one glance was enough to make Yu Zhiwen feel pain in her Star Eyes.

She immediately retracted her gaze and did not dare to look at him anymore.

It was another face that she did not recognize, but it was definitely the standard face of a big shot… Yu Zhiwen subconsciously turned to Bai Lian, who was easier to talk to, and her eyes revealed a slightly inquisitive look.


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