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On the world-class teleportation portal in Dongtianwang City, a dazzling light suddenly lit up.

Figures appeared on the originally empty and complicated great array.

Their expressions were all different, and most of them were full of excitement.

Among these people, there were carriages carrying goods from various large trading companies that traveled through the Eastern Region.

Some rich people wanted to go out and see the scenery of Dongtianwang City.

Some rich Spiritual Cultivators heard the news and wanted to see the splendor of Sky City.

The world-class Teleportation Array was surrounded by the City Guards of the City Lord Mansion.

The people inside were all registered before they were allowed to enter.

Outside the railing, there were playful and curious children from the Imperial City.

There were also rich young masters who were usually idle.

However, there were also Spiritual Cultivators who were attracted by the Teleportation Array that only appeared once every few days.

“Hes really rich, to be able to use a world-class Teleportation Array…”

“Our Imperial Citys Teleportation Array is one of the most luxurious teleportation arrays at the domain level.

I heard that using it once can squander an ordinary persons savings.”

Someone leaned against the railing with an envious expression.

“Pfft, Im afraid your savings wont be enough for you to use the world-class Teleportation Array once!”

“Ive heard that the cost of using this thing each time is several million spirit coins.

If you want to transport goods, you have to calculate and pay based on a high percentage of the value of the goods.”


“These are the things that only the merchant caravans of the continent-class trading companies can afford.

Otherwise, you have to be a super-rich person from a wealthy family, like the ones who are dressed luxuriously… Tsk tsk, these clothes dont look simple at first glance.”

Some people shook their heads seeing the rich people who came out from the Teleportation Array.

They were deeply moved by the huge gap between people.

“But look, there are a few people who are dressed in ordinary clothes.

They look similar to us…”

Some sharp-eyed people noticed that there were a few “ordinary people” behind the merchant groups and the carriages of the rich people.

They immediately felt envious.

How could someone dressed like this be able to use such a large-scale Teleportation Array

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Another person on the side immediately signaled for them to keep quiet.

“Based on my experience, these are the experts among the Spiritual Cultivators.

They should be at least at the Sovereign (stage) or Higher Void (level)!”

Many people outside the guard rail were attracted by this and looked in that direction.

In comparison, the merchant caravans and the carriages of the rich could attract attention in the mortal world.

But in Dongtianwang City, one of the city centers of the Spiritual Cultivation world, they were nothing.

Spiritual Cultivators were noble, and the current Dongtianwang City was still the focus of the Spiritual Cultivation world.

Therefore, the one who came out from the world-class Teleportation Array this time was probably the Sovereign (stage) Spiritual Cultivation experts who had been attracted by Sky City.

How could such persons be simple

Behind the merchant caravans, there was a team of five people dressed less luxuriously.

The leader was a middle-aged man with a calm face and without special features.

Beside him, there was a woman with an extremely seductive figure.

She was barefooted and had very little clothing.

Her body swayed with every step as if she could seduce a persons soul away.

Unfortunately, this woman was wearing a bamboo hat.

There was a black veil hanging around her, covering her face and half of her charm.

But even so, there were still many people outside the guard rail who began to swallow their saliva without caring about their image.

Behind this man and woman, there was a crippled old man with a weathered face, an old granny with a hunched body, and an adorable little boy with a round head and big eyes.

“A family of five”

“Looking at it, it doesnt seem like it…”

Someone said out of curiosity.

It was because this family of five didnt have the slightest resemblance in their appearances.

If there was any connection…

The five of them had a slightly cold temperament, and their surroundings were shrouded in an extremely gloomy aura.

This formed a stark contrast to the lively and active members of the merchant caravans beside them.

“Weve arrived at Dongtianwang City!”

The middle-aged man in the lead of the five-man team raised his eyes to look at the sky.

He was suppressed by the enormous ancient city in the sky, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Then, he said indifferently, “If you all have no objections, Ill be in charge of the move this time.”

“Of course.

Since God of Dumbness is so brave and has self-recommended, with you leading at the front, we can relax.”

The woman with the bamboo hat and black veil said with a smile.

As she walked forward, she lifted the black veil with her hand and complained.

“But, why can you all show up so brazenly and I have to wear this thing Its very hot…”

She pulled open her already loose collar and fanned herself with her hands.

She pouted her small lips, and her face was full of dissatisfaction.

The sound of slobbering could be heard outside the guard rail.

Someone leaned against the railing and stretched forward.

At this time, the City Guards should have stopped them from crossing the line, but no one moved because even their eyes were attracted.

“Cough cough…”

The crippled old man coughed heavily and said as if he was about to die, “Miss Golden Foots charm is something that even this old man cant control.

If you dont behave yourself, Im afraid this place will fall into chaos.”

He looked at the people around him who were burning with desire.

There were obviously Spiritual Cultivators around them, but at this moment, they all seemed to have lost control and wanted to charge into the great array.

Golden Foot looked back and lifted her bamboo hat and black veil, revealing half of her charming face.

She covered her mouth and laughed, “Is Elder Xie talking about the evil fire”


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