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How coincidental it had to be

This made him feel a shadow over leisurely drawing a spatial crack in his backyard!

“One, two, three… four

“Theyre all here!”

In the darkness, as a delicate face lifted, the figure of a woman wearing a long dress slowly emerged from the spatial crack.

She carried a three-foot-long sword on her back which was green and white.

Her eyes filled with ridicule and shock.

Her red lips parted slightly, and her tone was filled with great surprise.

It was Rao Yaoyao!

Xu Xiaoshou recognized this face and his heartbeat stopped.

How could she find him so quickly

“Startled, Passive Points, 1.”

Rao Yaoyao walked out of the spatial crack.

Her line of sight was not on Ye Xiaotian at all.

Instead, she stared straight at Xu Xiaoshou who was behind.

Her gaze was slightly restrained.


“We finally meet again!”

She stretched out her fair fingers and used the back of her fingers to gently stroke her smooth chin.

She said in a funny and slightly puzzled manner.

“Hmm… Should I call you Xu Xiaoshou, Wang Chao, or Bazhunan Tell me yourself, Xiao Shi Tan Ji, Zhou Tianshen”

This sentence and the five names made everyone dumbfounded.

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With a gulp, Xu Xiaoshou swallowed his saliva and realized that Wang Chao had already woken up and found the main group.

If Rao Yaoyao had obtained this information, she definitely wouldnt have let go of the other Wang Chao who had followed Murong Ying to chase after Ye Xiaotian.

So, it was because of this that he had been exposed

“Why didnt I think of this in advance This shouldnt have…”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt understand it at all.

He had been so cautious that he had overlooked these important points because he had interacted with Ye Xiaotian too much.

Soon, his thoughts froze.


I couldnt have possibly ignored these!

How could I possibly make a mistake with information that involves life and death

However, these crucial information points had been forgotten…

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have realized something.

He immediately opened the information bar with his spiritual senses and kept pulling it up.

Soon, he realized that there was something wrong with the information bar.

Every interval, there would be a message that he had completely ignored.

“Guided, Passive Points, 1.”

Judging from the time, it was afraid that this message had appeared when the battle among the saints in the sky above the Yunlun Mountain Range ended or amid the battle!


Who was guiding me

I followed Bazhunans guidance to come here, but I only saved Ye Xiaotian.

I didnt even get anything…

Yes, this shouldnt be the case.

Theoretically speaking, there should still be some things left behind by Bazhunan, such as the Devil Sword, Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, or some Saint Origin Crystal.

But there wasnt any…

Then, what was Bazhunans guidance, or rather, guidance

Xu Xiaoshous neck seemed to have rusted as he turned to the side.

He thought of a possibility.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao didnt receive any response.

She retracted her gaze and looked at Ye Xiaotian, who was right in front of her.

She asked curiously, “I really dont understand.

For such a long time, why did the few of you have to wait for me here Did you set up some kind of trap”

As she spoke, the spatial crack behind her expanded, and more figures appeared.

There were Wang Dachui who was cackling strangely, Night Guardian with a complicated expression, and the other Cutting Path (stage) and Sovereign (stage) law enforcers.

There were no less than 30 people.

A trap… Ye Xiaotian was originally shocked by the troop of law enforcers coming directly at him.

When he heard this, he seemed to have realized something and shock flashed in his eyes.

“I randomly chose one of the 362 spatial passageways, but I ended up here…

“I tried to leave twice, but both times, my actions were inexplicably disrupted…

“In addition, theSaint Origin Crystal flew straight toward me in the beginning.

And after I obtained theSaint Origin Crystal, I coincidentally received Qiao Qianzhis request immediately.

Then, I bumped into Xu Xiaoshou and obtained Aje…

“The interference of the Holy Emperors will!”

Ye Xiaotian was not an ordinary person.

He immediately understood why he was so lucky, so coincidental, and so unlucky on this day.

He also turned his neck with great difficulty and happened to see Xu Xiaoshou, who was behind him, glancing over with a horrified look in his eyes.

Their gazes only touched in the air, and they immediately reacted to each others thoughts.

That terrible, hidden, untraceable “guidance” came from…

The Lone Cliff!


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