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He slowly raised his hand and waved in the direction of Xu Xiaoshou, making a gesture of “goodbye”.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and at this moment, there seemed to be an expression on his face.

But soon after, he turned into an iron ball, became a stream of light, and fell into Ye Xiaotians palm.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at all this and suddenly felt irritated.

Ye Xiaotian put away Aje and looked at Xu Xiaoshou in silence.

He didnt say anything else.

He knew that at this time, he might have become a person that Xu Xiaoshou hated.

No matter how much he tried to persuade or comfort him, it would be useless.

He just needed to remain silent.

Only when Aje came back after the transformation would the estrangement between the two disappear completely.

“You go back now!” Xu Xiaoshou paused for a long time before waving his hand impatiently as if he was shooing a pig away.

“Tell Elder Qiao to be careful… Both Aje and himself.”

Ye Xiaotian raised his eyebrows.

He did not expect Xu Xiaoshou to be so rational at this moment.

He nodded silently and pointed at the Lone Cliff beside him.

“Ill pass on the message.

“And also, this place is very dangerous.

Dont explore it rashly and bypass it no matter what.”

The Lone Cliff was too mysterious.

Ye Xiaotian took back Aje and knew that all his matters regarding the Yunlun Mountain Range had come to an end with this last sentence.


It was time to go back… He felt relaxed all of a sudden.

Xu Xiaoshou also forced himself not to think about Aje.

After all, he trusted the four seniors of Tiansang Spirit Palace very much.

Since Aje had made his decision, he could only respect it.

Looking back at the Lone Cliff, the vast sea of clouds and the strange demonic wind were still drifting around the cliff as if it had never changed since ancient times.

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“The Lone Cliff…”

Initially, Xu Xiaoshou did have the intention to explore the cliff a little.

But after Ye Xiaotian took away Aje, he completely lost the desire to take risks.

“Lets go, lets leave this place first.”

After all, this place was dangerous.

Even though he and Ye Xiaotian speculated that there would be no law enforcer coming here, it was hard to say.

Ye Xiaotian had wanted to leave through the spatial crack, but seeing Xu Xiaoshous dejected expression, he stopped and looked to the other side.

“Maybe, you still have to pick up your friend.”

Hearing what he said, Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

On a small path by the cliff, beside a pile of rocks, the silver-haired Lei Xier was standing.

Her clothes were ruffled by the mountain wind, and her expression was cold and elegant like a fairy from heaven.

The one who ruined the beautiful scene was the chubby little white cat that was resting on Lei Xiers shoulder.


The human and cat seemed to have been waiting for quite some time.

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou realize that because of the Ajes matter, he did not notice Lei Xiers arrival at all.

He opened his mouth and looked at Lei Xier, who was walking over after being discovered.

Xu Xiaoshou had originally wanted to introduce them to each other.

For example, this was the Dean, and this was my junior sister, Mu Zixi…

However, when he thought of the fact that they had known what they should know but he still had to explain a lot of things that they shouldnt know, furthermore there was a long story behind Mu Zixis transformation…

Xu Xiaoshou, therefore, shut his mouth.

Ye Xiaotian did not get to be introduced.

He glanced at Lei Xier unfamiliarly and nodded his head slightly in greeting.

His gaze then turned to Xu Xiaoshou which he then withdrew thoughtfully.

He then waved his hand in the air and was going to leave.

“Is Aje leaving”

Lei Xier actually did not know how to comfort others.

After coming to Xu Xiaoshous side, she had originally wanted to ask this question.

But before she could say it, she thought that this wasnt a problem at all.

So after a pause, she said in a low voice, “Everything will be fine…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly laughed.

He had thought that Lei Xier was the most miserable person.

But now with Aje leaving, though it wasnt like he couldnt come back, he actually needed Lei Xier to comfort him

“Im fine.

I just dont know why my thoughts are a little messy…”

Xu Xiaoshou could not explain why he was suddenly frustrated, so he subconsciously said this.

“Oh yes, wheres Night Guardian”

He suddenly remembered that Lei Xier should have been brought back by Night Guardians portrait clone.

Why didnt he see him

As soon as he said that, he realized what had happened.

His spiritual senses reconnected with Night Guardians portrait clone that was standing far away from the Lone Cliff.

He knew that he had forgotten to lead Lei Xier because he was so focused on Aje.

Slapping his head, Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that he had gone crazy.

He had almost forgotten about his main business.

“Threatened, Passive Points, 1.”

At this moment, the information bar suddenly popped up.

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat as he looked to the other side.

“He suddenly stopped moving.

Fortunately, the distance is not far.

I could still see you…”

Lei Xier was originally responding but her voice suddenly stopped.

She turned her head around and the God Devil Eyes in her eyes spun rapidly.

The black and white fog came out as if she was facing a great enemy.

And her whole body tensed up.

Greedy the White Cat Spirit stood on her shoulder, and its fur immediately bristled.

After meowing strangely, it pounced on Xu Xiaoshous head, and its claws tightly grabbed Xu Xiaoshous hair.

At the side of the spatial crack…

Ye Xiaotian had completed the mission that Qiao Qianzhi had given him, and he had originally planned to follow the spatial fragment and leave the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He had never expected that this slash of his would have a shockingly similar situation to the spatial crack that he had encountered before.

A head poked out!

“No way!”

Ye Xiaotian felt his scalp tingle as he looked at the head with long, silky hair.

Disbelief was written all over his face.

He had never imagined that the same scene would happen twice on the same day!


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