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Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked up, but all he saw was Ye Xiaotians blood-stained back.

Although the latters words were very vague and tactful, Xu Xiaoshou could hear the hidden message in his words.

Elder Qiao had walked to the deepest part of the night.

He had made thorough preparations, and he was in desperate need of an opportunity.

Or rather, he just needed the first ray of light.

If that was the case…

Could Aje be Elder Qiaos light

Xu Xiaoshou felt his hand tremble a little.

He slowly took out Aje.

“Ma Ma…”

Ajes voice was soft as if he was thinking about all of this.

Ye Xiaotians gaze moved down and landed on Ajes morph form on the metal ball.

He smiled and said, “Perhaps you should seek Ajes own will.

After all, he is also an intelligent creature.”

“Thats right, I should indeed seek Ajes own wishes.

In this matter, there is indeed no one who can decide for Aje…” Xu Xiaoshou came to realization and was about to speak.


But Ye Xiaotian spoke first, “Let me ask.”

Xu Xiaoshou opened and closed his mouth.

He knew that the Dean would not do anything forcefully.

Thus it did not matter at all who would be asking.

Letting the other party do it would save him the trouble of how to ask.

Ye Xiaotian looked at Aje warmly and said.

“I know that you understand everything.

Everything that Xu Xiaoshou and I talked about just now.

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“Ive never lied to you.

The person you see as the devil has already found a way to solve your problem.

Whats left now is your own will.

“As I said before, I cannot guarantee that the experiment will definitely succeed.

If it fails, you may be crushed into pieces.

But if it succeeds, you can choose to return to Xu Xiaoshous side and protect him forever.

“How about it”

Ye Xiaotians tone was very calm.

Aje was obviously listening to him.

The red light in the metal balls eye sockets flickered as if it was making a decision.

“Just follow your heart.” Xu Xiaoshou gently stroked the metal ball, not wanting to let Aje be disturbed in the slightest.

Ye Xiaotian waited silently.

Seeing that Aje was hesitating, he did not take any drastic measures and continued to persuade him.

However, no matter how neutral his words were, in his heart, Ye Xiaotian was more inclined to his old friend Qiao Qianzhi.

Moreover, he felt that going back with him was a better choice for Aje.

Therefore, he turned around and looked at the sea of clouds on the cliff.

Ye Xiaotian sighed with emotion.

“In the path of the ancient swordsman, the sword will always accompany the swordsman.

“Just like Qingju (sword) to Bazhunan and Ghost-hunting Sword to Sword Deity Hua, every famous swordsman will have afamed sword by their side.

“But thefamed sword is not born, little did they know…

“Qingju (sword) grew from a mortal sword and became famous in the world.

Eventually, it became a broken sword because of the burden of mortal metal.

“Ghost-hunting Sword is ranked the eighth among the famed swords, but in ancient times, it was only an ordinary soul weapon.

Now, the sword body is full of holes and broken beyond repair.”

Ye Xiaotian suddenly paused.

Then, he flung his sleeves and said in an excited tone.

“Nothing and nobody in this world can be smooth sailing!

“It is exactly because Qingju (sword) is broken and the Ghost-hunting Sword is crippled, and because of these twisted and bizarre legends that they can transform into a resplendent ray of light that illuminates their respective owners!


Ye Xiaotian turned his head and gazed at Aje who was still deciding and wanted to continue to say something.

“Enough!” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him in time.

He understood what the Dean was going to say next.

If he continued, he would no longer be neutral, but more like a moral kidnapping.

Ye Xiaotian choked for a moment.

His passionate posture was interrupted but he did not stop.

Instead, he glanced at Xu Xiaoshou, and his gaze returned to Aje.

“Aje, do you want to become Xu Xiaoshous light”

Hearing a smack, Xu Xiaoshou immediately picked up Ajes deformed metal ball, stuffed it back into his embrace, and looked at Ye Xiaotian:

“Im sorry, Dean.

I have to leave this place now.

I reckon that not long after, Rao Yaoyao will come to her senses and chase after me.

You should also leave this place quickly.”

With that, he brought Aje with him, determined to leave this place.

However, at this moment, his arms trembled slightly.

Aje actually flew out and transformed into a bald little boy, landing in front of him.

“Ma Ma…”

He called out softly, his tone filled with reluctance.

However, Xu Xiaoshou could hear what Aje meant: I want to go back…

“He will do anything to morally kidnap you!” Xu Xiaoshous expression was stern as he pointed at Ye Xiaotian and spoke rudely.

“Ma Ma…”

“I want to go back…”

Without any other words or meaning, Aje repeated the same words.

Xu Xiaoshous head began to hurt.

He didnt expect the Dean to be so troublesome with his art of speaking.

If he had known it earlier, he wouldnt have allowed him to speak.

“You dont have to care about what he said.

This is a trap.

I often use this method to deal with my enemies.

You should have already learned this from me,” Xu Xiaoshou said earnestly to Aje.

“Ma Ma…”

“I know, but I want to go back…”

After receiving Ajes determined response for the third time, Xu Xiaoshou was a little speechless.

He knew it all…

Since he knew it all, he still wanted to go back, then it was not only for me but also for Ajes own obsession.

Only by going back could he cure the root of the disease!

Only by going back could he complete the transformation!

Only by going back could he protect better!

“Think it through… forget what he said just now.

Think it through carefully before you answer,” Xu Xiaoshou advised him in the end.

This time, Aje did not respond.

He only shook his head slightly and flew to Ye Xiaotians side.


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