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“Hehe…” Xu Xiaoshou laughed dryly, “Doesnt brother also have many hidden skills that Ive never known or experienced before”

The two of them looked at each other and froze before laughing out loud in the spatial fragment.

“Disliked, passive points 1.”

“Belittled, passive points 1.”

Good heavens… Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar, his expression did not change, but in his heart, he looked down on Murong Ying.

What kind of person was this In the red-clothed, there was actually such a junior

Afraid that Rao Yaoyao would blame him, he purposely dragged his team members along with him, in order to “unify the story”.

Moreover, he only started to speak when he had entered the spatial fragment and had made sure that no one could trace it back to him.

He was still concerned about such minor details at such a critical moment…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had overestimated Murong Ying.

He felt ashamed for being prepared to pull out his Fourth Sword because he was afraid that Murong Ying had seen through his true identity and was planning to silence him.

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It turned out that not every law enforcer was Rao Yaoyao.

Not every red-clothed was like the Night Guardian.

Even if they were not a higher void, they could still give people a sense of oppression.

In the large red-clothed organization, the ones he had met in the past were all the elites.

People like Murong Ying were the most numerous, right

“Lets go!”

After Murong Ying finished talking about official business, he remembered his mission and exited the array.

“Lets go.”

Xu Xiaoshou responded with a smile and allowed Murong Yings spiritual source to envelop him.

Then, they left the spatial fragment together with the teleportation portal.

Area 42.

The law enforcers started a full-scale search, trying to find more traces left by the boss of Yama and the Saint Servant.

Nearby, in a dense forest, Lei Xier was holding Greedy the Cat Spirit while watching everything from afar.


Suddenly, a figure dressed in black fell from the sky.

Lei Xiers pupils constricted as she waited solemnly.

This was clearly the uniform of a law enforcer.

“Its me, Xu Xiaoshou.”

The Night Guardians clone that had fallen from the sky immediately opened his mouth and reported his identity.

Then, he went straight to the main topic, he said, “My main body has been taken away by Murong Ying.

Hes Wang Chaos squad leader, but theres no danger.

Hes currently planning to cross the spatial fragment and search for the headmasters traces.”

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The headmaster…

Ye Xiaotian

Lei Xier understood.

She was also watching the battle from a distance.

After witnessing what Xu Xiaoshou had done in Wang Chaos incarnation, she did not doubt him and asked, “Do you need me to go over”


Greedy the Cat Spirit also raised its eyes and called out, as if it was also asking.

Without waiting for a response, it jumped onto Night Guardian and licked the face of the portrait clone affectionately.

This made Lei Xier feel completely at ease.

Only the spiritual senses of Xu Xiaoshou could make Greedy the Cat Spirit so intimate.

This meant that this “Night Guardian” should not be an imposter.


The clone of the Night Guardian nodded and picked up Greedy the Cat Spirit.

He threw it to Lei Xier and said,

“Even if Murong Ying is nothing to be afraid of, he is still an expert in the cutting path stage.

I need your help.

Of course, we dont need to reveal our identity yet.

We just need to wait and see.”

“I already know his destination.

Come with me.

When the time comes, find an opportunity to meet him.”

“If nothing goes wrong, the headmaster will not be stupid enough to wait for him at the exit of the spatial passageway.

As long as the search is fruitless, I will use the Night Guardians clone to appear and send Murong Ying away.

Then, I will be able to escape completely.”

Lei Xier took over Greedy the Cat Spirit.

She pondered for a moment and nodded her head.

“Lead the way.”

After saying this, she followed behind the Night Guardians portrait clone and quickly left this place.

Not long after Xu Xiaoshou left with Murong Ying, area 42 finally welcomed the aura of the cutting paths.

One, two, three…

In just half an hour, more than ten cutting paths landed on the ground.

The various team leaders had finally arrived.

Rao Yaoyao placed great importance on the Yunlun mountain range and Abyss Island.

Basically, as long as the basic work of the red-clothed in Eastern Sky Realm and the Holy Sword Land of the eastern region was not affected, she had transferred all the manpower that could be transferred over.

The Night Guardian landed among the cutting paths.

He listened to the report of the incident prepared by Zhu Mier, a member of Murong Yings team, and personally explored the scene.

“Huang Quan, the Eighth Sword Deity, and another expert with space attributes who seems to have grasped Spatial Upanishad…” Thinking about it, the Night Guardian felt a little incredulous.

How could there be so many terrifying stowaway people gathered here for no reason

Forget about the others.

According to his understanding of the Saint Servant and the Eighth Sword Deity during this period of time.

Night Guardian felt that since the chief of the Saint Servants, Bazhunan, had secretly manipulated the battle between the saints from the Yunlun mountain range and left in a flash right after, there was no reason for him to enter the battlefield so soon.

It didnt seem like he would enter the battlefield personally just to save one person

Could it be that the expert of space attributes was also one of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones or a key member of the Saint Servant



No matter how Night Guardian thought about it, he didnt think that the Eighth Sword Deity will come to save one person personally.

It must be known that the Eighth Sword Deitys physical condition wasnt good, and he rarely entered dangerous situations alone.

If he wanted to save someone, it was very likely that he had arranged for the Storyteller to come forward, holding The Four Pillars of Destiny Token in his hand, and go to the destinated location.

In this way, who in the dark faction would not give him respect

Why would he need to personally come out

“Space attributes…”

Night Guardian pondered.

He felt that in the entire Saint Servant, only Sang Qiye from the White Cave would have the honor of having Bazhunan coming out personally to save him.

Other than Sang Qiye, perhaps only Sang Qiyes disciple, Xu Xiaoshou, was left.

“Are you sure that the person with the space attributes really exists” The Night Guardian suddenly asked.

He immediately suspected that the space attribute expert was Xu Xiaoshou.


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