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At this moment, beads of sweat were already dripping down from his forehead, but his eyes were shining with excitement, and his voice was filled with joy.

“Found it!”

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily moved.

So fast

As expected of a cutting path.

Even though Murong Ying had been scared out of his wits by Bazhunans gaze and he did not have the foundation of the space path, he was still very powerful when he used his own ability.

After Murong Ying found traces of the way of the heavens left behind by the stowaway, he immediately ordered the people around him.

“Zhu Mier, you will stay here.

When Sword Deity Rao or other higher-ups arrived, tell them everything that happened in this place and the results of the inter-spatial wheel.”

“The rest of the team members will remain here as well.

Search the surroundings thoroughly.

Dont let go of any possibility.”

“Why did these people appear here Why did they fight What else did they leave behind…”

“If you can find these before Sword Deity Rao arrives, it will be a great achievement!”

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The members of the team immediately nodded, their eyes filled with excitement.

They immediately dispersed and began their search.

After Murong Ying finished instructing them, he also instructed the other teams not to waste any time and to start a thorough search as well.

Subsequently, he retracted his gaze and glanced at his team member, Wang Chao, with slight hesitation.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou had found traces of the headmaster, he did not want to follow Murong Ying.

He felt that with the headmasters craftiness, the “only truth” might also be fake.

Ye Xiaotian must have gone somewhere else.

Xu Xiaoshou had planned to follow Zhu Mier and the others and then take the opportunity to escape from the team of law enforcers.

Because the longer he took, the more danger he would be in!

It must be known that the real Wang Chao was only muddle-headed from the three spiritual attacks and the interrogation.

With the strength of a sovereigns soul, he should be waking up very soon.

Even if Wang Chao had lost his battle communicator, it would still take some time before he could find out about the situation here.

Xu Xiaoshou also knew that he could no longer move together with the law enforcers.

His original intention was only to disguise himself as a law enforcer and sneak around for a while.

He did not want to completely integrate into the system of the Holy Divine Palace.

Otherwise, he would not have just knocked Wang Chao out.

Instead, he would have moved him to the Yuan Mansion and have him tied up.

However, at present, Murong Ying had just finished giving out instructions.

He then looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Wang Chao, come with me!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard that.

“Me” He pointed at himself and was slightly stunned.

His surprise was both a disguise and a true expression.

“Yes, you.” Murong Ying looked left and right a few times.

At this moment, he had lost the expression of a wise man with authority.

On the contrary, there was a trace of guilt in his eyes, “You come with me!”

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Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened, “Captain, Im only at the sovereign stage…”

What he meant was, “Im only at the sovereign stage, yet you want me to die with you Are you crazy”

Murong Ying rolled his eyes and raised his hand towards Xu Xiaoshou, “Cut the crap, I have something important to tell you.”

Xu Xiaoshou reacted quickly and dodged his slap.

Although he was using the Imitator, he did not throw away his passive skills.

If he had been caught off guard and received the slap from Murong Ying, his entire arm would have been sent flying, with blood splattered on the spot.

That scene might be little comical and it would be hard for him to clean up…

“Captain, If you have something to say, cant you tell me now I dont think we have any secrets, right” Xu Xiaoshou changed the topic.

Murong Ying grinned.

He was a little displeased that Wang Chao had dodged his slap, but he did not doubt Wang Chao.

He only lowered his voice and said, “There are too many eyes and ears here.

Come with me first.”

“Oh, okay then.” Xu Xiaoshou did not know the situation at all, so he could only reluctantly agree.

He frowned slightly and searched Wang Chaos soul memories again, but he did not find anything wrong.

Wang Chao and Murong Ying usually did not have much interaction apart from their mission.

Why was Murong Ying acting like t.s now…

What exactly was Murong Ying trying to do

Could it be that he noticed his littleperception move just now

Perhaps, Murong Ying is actually a hidden big shot

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou was panicking because he couldnt predict the enemys next move.

He knew that although Murong Ying couldnt be compared to Huang Quan and Ye Xiaotian, he was still at the cutting path stage.

As the saying goes, regardless of whether the camel is scrawny or not, it is still bigger and stronger than a horse.

Not to mention that he, Xu Xiaoshou, was only a master.

Even his current Sovereign stage was imitated using an imitator.

“Lets leave this place first.”

Murong Ying waved his hand and took out an array wheel that contained spatial fluctuation.

He used spiritual source to wrap around his team member, Wang Chao, and said, “Dont resist.

Well enter the spatial fragment first.

Youre only at the sovereign stage.

The spatial fragment is very dangerous to you, so I dont plan to take you there by force.”

After a pause, he raised the array wheel in his hand and gestured, “Anyway, we have the spatial coordinates.

After entering the spatial fragment, well use the teleportation portal.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt uncomfortable.

It was as if he knew that there was a tiger on the mountain but was forced to head towards the same mountain.

Despite that, he did not resist.

He had Aje, Flame Python, Fourth Sword, passive skills, Lei Shuangxing, and the “Communication talisman” and “Killing talisman” that he didnt know how to use, as well as the protection from the wills of various big shots…

If Murong Ying really noticed his abnormality and recognized him as the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou..

The spatial fragment might be a good place to kill him and bury his corpse…

With this thought in mind, without resisting, Murong Ying easily pulled him into the spatial fragment.


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