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With Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes taking the lead and Greedy the Cat Spirits Three Loathsome Eyes probing, this was the first time Xu Xiaoshou felt so at ease using Soul Reading.

The miserable Wang Chao was a majestic Sovereign red-clothed with countless battle experiences.

However, he could not resist at all under these three consecutive controls.

He entered a half-fainted state.

After three rounds of mental control, Wang Chao was blasted unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

In just an instant, Lei Xier and Greedy the Cat Spirit could see that Xu Xiaoshou had ended Soul Reading and returned to his normal state.

“How was it” Lei Xier tilted her head and asked.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshou would definitely make a big move since he brought Greedy the Cat Spirit out.

However, his first target was the red-clothed law enforcer.

She had to admit that he was really bold!

“Nothing unexpected happened.” Xu Xiaoshou replied with a smile.

With the Three Loathsome Eyes, when he was “Soul Reading”, he only needed to deliberately avoid Wang Chao to watch the battle between the Saints.

There was almost no danger at all.

But in fact, even if he really went to watch Wang Chao watch the battle between the saints, it would not be a big deal.

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That was because when Dao Qiongcang and the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon were fighting, why would he pay attention to an ordinary law enforcer in the Sovereign stage

However, Xu Xiaoshou skipped those scenes just in case.

He only read the information he wanted.

For example, the great array of the Cloud Realm in the Yunlun Mountain Range was previously controlled by Rao Yaoyao.

Now, it was controlled by Yu Zhiwen.

For example, the trial jade pendant was indeed used to locate trial-takers in the Cloud Realm World.

As long as the stowaway did not have the trial jade pendant, the cloud realm could only locate the stowaway through the people who had the trial pendant and had close contact with the stowaway.

Xu Xiaoshou had long expected this.

This was because his storytellers portrait clone had wandered the streets for a long time before it was discovered by the red-clothed law enforcer.

Now that his conjecture had been verified, he would be more at ease with his next move.

Turning around, he saw that Lei Xier was still waiting for the information.

Xu Xiaoshou did not reveal everything directly but instead raised Greedy the Cat Spirit up high.

“Three Loathsome Eyes.

Since they have the ability to manipulate the soul and will of others, they should be able to erase the memory of this guy meeting us, right” Xu Xiaoshou turned around and asked.

“Yes.” Lei Xier nodded slightly.

She pointed at Greedy the Cat Spirit with her finger and poured a spiritual light into it.

Greedy the Cat Spirit meowed and understood.

It opened the Three Loathsome Eyes again and completely erased the memory of the unconscious Wang Chao meeting them.

Wang Chao fell to the ground with a bang, sending up dust on the mountain road.

“Its too simple…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this scene and could not help but sigh.

The combination of the two of them and the Cat Spirit was simply a divine instrument for cheating.

They got rid of a Sovereign with just a single move!

“You killed him” Lei Xier suddenly stared at Wang Chao.

She used the lightest tone and said the most cold-blooded words.

She did not have any good impression of people from the holy divine palace.

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Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows jumped and he hurriedly said, “Since the memory can be erased, then theres no need to kill this person.

Killing him will only put us in trouble because the red-clothed will chase after us.

We only need to take one thing from him.”

With that, Xu Xiaoshou was guided by his spiritual source, and the combat communicator at Wang Chaos earlobe flew over.

He stuffed the little thing into his ear and used Drawing Expertise to cover it up, turning it into a flesh color.

If outsiders were not paying attention, they would not be able to see this little detail.

After watching this scene in silence, Lei Xier asked, “Arent you worried that they will be able to locate you through this communication device”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and gently touched the communication device:

“No, I have looked through almost 90% of Wang Chaos soul memories.

their communication device is only used for communication and is not connected to the Cloud Realm World.

“After all, this is something used by the red-clothed people only.

It has nothing to do with the Imperial City Trial.

“Furthermore, they did not expect that there would be such a three-person team would spend a lot of effort just to snatch this communicator that they might not know how to use.”

“Meow!” Greedy the Cat Spirit suddenly raised its head and called out, as if to correct its owners slip of the tongue.

It was a noble cat, not a vulgar human.

Lei Xier was once again speechless.

Yes, Xu Xiaoshou did not follow common sense at all.

Other than him, who else would mysteriously target this small communicator that could bring bad luck to themselves

However, this guy not only took it but also knew how to use it.

He even got the information that he would not be located if he wore this communicator.

As expected, he was still him.

His thoughts were clear and strange, and there were many wicked ways.

However, they were all useful!


At this time, Greedy the Cat Spirit saw the unfriendly look in his owners eyes and called out again.

It even stuck out its tongue to lick Xu Xiaoshous palm affectionately.

“Master, youre really amazing!”

“Ha, flattery cat!” Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

He bent down and pet the cat.

While stroking the cat, he called out to Lei Xier, indicating for her to continue flying forward.

“He doesnt need to care anymore” Lei Xier stood up as well, but she looked at Wang Chao.

Wang Chao had been trampled by Xu Xiaoshou and thrown into a big pit.

Even his clothes had been stripped off.

“Dont worry about it.

He cant remember anything…” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly paused as he spoke.

He remembered something and asked, “His memory was erased by theThree Loathsome Eyes.

But, is there a possibility that his memory can be restored by using an external force”

Tears seemed to be pondering and quickly replied, “Yes.”

“There is.

A higher void who is proficient in the path of spirit and soul can do that.

They can use a special spiritual technique, but this will damage the persons soul.

He is also a red-clothed, so he will not be interrogated like this.”.


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