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“Whats the conditions” Xier looked over.

Her God Devil Eyes turned slightly, looking extremely mysterious.

Xu Xiaoshou said resolutely, “After we get out, I will be the main person in all our actions.

We cannot act rashly, and you cannot leave my side.

You cannot act on your own!”

Xiers eyelashes fluttered, and the corners of her lips curled up.

Before she could smile, the smile had faded.

She could instantly imagine that Xu Xiaoshou was still treating her as his junior sister, and was afraid that she would cause trouble.

“Okay.” After she agreed softly, Lei Xier asked again, “Are there any other conditions”

“No,” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands.

He did not expect Lei Xier to be so easy to talk to, “As long as you dont cause trouble, there might be a series of actions later which I need your ability to help.

Pay attention, during the Imperial City Trial, listen to my instructions.”

“What happens after the trial ends” Lei Xier suddenly asked.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He indeed did not think that far.

Too many things had happened and it was too chaotic.

Lei Xier paused and said softly, “After the trial ends, I might no longer continue to stay in the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Since Ive woken up, I have my own matters to settle.”

Did she want to leave

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Xu Xiaoshous heart tightened.

He had a premonition that Lei Xier would not stay by his side for long after she woke up.

However, subjectively, he had been subconsciously avoiding this question.

This time, he did not know how to respond to her direct question.

Junior Sister, she had never traveled far before…

Without Elder Sang and him, what if something happened to her

“I have my own things to do,” Lei Xier repeated as if she knew Xu Xiaoshous hesitation.

“Are you going to look for Lei Shuangxing” Xu Xiaoshou asked suddenly.

He felt that what Lei Xier was going to do was probably related to the Lei family, and this would definitely involve another member of the Lei family, Lei Shuangxing.

Lei Xier did not deny it.

She only looked into the distance and shook her head slightly.

“Thats my own thing, you dont have to ask…”

Although it had been many years since the extermination of the Higher Void Lei family, there were many suspicions about this matter.

There might even be more than one person behind this.

Xu Xiaoshou was still in the Grandmaster realm.

In the eyes of his junior sister, Xu Xiaoshou was indeed omnipotent.

However, in Lei Xiers eyes, this was a big matter.

Xu Xiaoshou was not capable enough, so naturally, there was no need to involve him.

Since his junior sister was so worried about him, then he would do her a favor and completely put him out of this matter to prevent any harm.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the strange silver-haired woman in front of him for a long time before he sighed and said, “Lets talk about the rest later.

Whether we can leave the Yunlun Mountain Range alive or not is still a question.”

Lei Xier looked back and nodded.


Since the discussion had come to this point, the plan had to be carried out.

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Xu Xiaoshou did not say anything else.

He only gave one last piece of advice, “Wait here for a moment.

When a spatial passageway appears, just go straight out of the Yuan Mansion.”

With that, he looked at Greedy the Cat Spirit, who was moving around in the world of the alchemy cauldron.

With a flash, he arrived beside the little white cat.

As he approached, Greedy the Cat Spirit let out a “meow” and intimately jumped onto his chest.

It had gained weight again… As soon as Xu Xiaoshou picked him up, he could sense that Greedy the Cat spirits weight had increased by quite a bit.

“Meow, meow, meow”

“Owner, are you taking me along” thought Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Xu Xiaoshou could read Greedy the Cat Spirits intimate words.

He smiled and scratched Greedy the Cat Spirits nose, saying, “Yes, this time, Im taking you out!”


Greedy the Cat Spirit was dumbfounded.

It was just asking as usual.

It didnt have any hope.

After spending so much time in the Yuan Mansion World, Greedy the Cat Spirit had almost forgotten about the outside world.

It was true that it had yearned for freedom.

However, Greedy the Cat Spirit also knew that it was still too weak at the moment and needed to grow.

Every time its owner went out, he would not bring it along.

It did not expect that this time, when it asked as usual, its owner actually agree!

“Meow, meow…” Greedy the Cat Spirit was so excited that its ears were erected.

“You have become stronger.

You should not just grow into a cat that conducts alchemy.

Now that Im going out, perhaps I will have the opportunity to use you.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the Three Loathsome Eyes that Greedy the Cat Spirit had swallowed.

He patted the little white cats head and said, “Let me see your eyes.”

Greedy the Cat Spirit responded and moved.

Its left eye trembled and the three gray flowers began to turn in its pupils, revealing a mysterious power.

“You can control it now” Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

After a period of time of adaptation, Greedy the Cat Spirit had been able to control the stealth and appearance of the Three Loathsome Eyes.

It did not need to constantly reveal itself and be discovered by others.

“Meow, meow!” Greedy the Cat Spirit nodded.

When it thought of being able to go out and play, it was so happy that it would confess anything.

“How much power can you control now” Xu Xiaoshou asked, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“Meow” Greedy the Cat Spirit fell into deep thought.

How much power…

It didnt know.

“I was stupid,” Xu Xiaoshou patted his head.

It was a cat.

Being able to adapt to the special power of the Three Loathsome Eyes had been pretty good.

How could it know how much power it had

At this moment, a fragrant breeze swept over from behind him, bringing along a surprised voice.

“Three Loathsome Eyes”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and saw Lei Xier looking at the little white cat with shock in her eyes.

Her red lips could not close.

“This” He thought of something and instantly became embarrassed.

The Three Loathsome Eyes were originally the Lei familys eyes, and Lei Xier was the Lei familys orphan.

In the past, she was Mu Zixi, so she didnt know about the Lei family.

Now that she had woken up, all her memories had come back, and she saw her own eyes being put into a cats eye.


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