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A group of mournful wails sounded behind him.

“Who Whos the one who sneak attacked me”

“Dong Wu, you b*tch, cant you aim a little more accurately Your flames are burning on me!”

“Wu Guan, whats wrong with you Youve just broken through and couldnt control your Sword Will D*mn it, my legs were almost cut off by you!”


The people charging at the front were complaining.

The people attacking at the back were dumbfounded.

They clearly saw all the sabers and swords hit at “Zhou Shen”, and all the sword moves and spiritual techniques hit at “Zhou Shen”.

However, it was as if they were in two different dimensions.

All the attacks were like passing through clouds and mist, and they didnt cause any damage to “Zhou Shen”.

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After turning around, Lei Zhou raised his saber and extinguished the flames on his buttocks.

When he thought of the scene just now, he felt a chill down his spine.

That strange move of “Zhou Shen” made him think of a terrifying attribute — space attributes!

“It cant be that serious right”

At this moment, Lei Zhous heart was trembling.

He had a lot of experience, so he felt that the thought he just had could be true.

But if this person had space attributes…

How would he suddenly provoke such a monster

Space attributes were rare in the world, and all of them were monster-like existences!

“Ill only kill one person as a warning.

The rest of you, Ill give you ten breaths of time to disappear from my sight.”

Just as Lei Zhou and the others were still in shock, Zhou Shen, who had unknowingly walked behind them, spoke indifferently.

He was like a grim reaper brandishing his sickle, beginning to reap lives.

Lei Zhou suddenly turned his head.

Wu Guan and the others also turned their heads.

Zhou Shen, who was behind them, slowly extended his two fingers as he spoke.

He pinched lightly in the air.

It was as if he had grabbed a piece of paper that no one could see.

He slowly pulled it out in mid-air.


Blood splattered.

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Lei Zhou suddenly felt the ground sink and the world spin.

Then, the world was spinning and spinning, and he saw his headless corpse…

“Im… dead”

With a pop, the headless corpse and skull transformed into a stream of light and were teleported out of the Yunlun Mountain Range by the trial jade pendant.

The remaining people all cried out in fear.

“Space attributes!”

“This fellow has space attributes.

This is the ability of the spatial slice!”

“D*mn it, who have we offended, Big Brother Lei Zhou…”

Ye Xiaotian looked at everyone who was panicking and smiled.

He raised a finger and said softly, “Ten!”


No one dared to resist anymore.

They fled like birds and beasts.


“We cant fight at all.

Space attributes are crushing everything.


Ye Xiaotian watched as everyone fled in all directions.

Only then did the smile on his lips disappear.

However, at this moment, a serious look finally appeared in his eyes.

“Come out…”

Looking at the sky at his side, Ye Xiaotian said indifferently.

He was waiting here not for Lei Zhou and the others to make a move, but for this faceless man.

He wanted to see just how long he could hide.

“Clap, clap, clap!”

Applause rang out.

Ye Xiaotian suddenly realized that his thoughts were sluggish, and the space was frozen.

The dust and gravel that had been stirred up by the battle earlier slowed down in the mountains, and the fleeing Lei Zhou teams all had heavy footsteps, making it difficult for them to move.


The wind blew past, and the fleeing twelve people aged at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then, they disintegrated into the air.

“Why are you so kind to leave behind the lives of the lackeys who might expose your identity Do you want them to send a message to Rao Yaoyao”

An ethereal voice sounded.

Light blossomed from an unknown place in the air.

Following that, a man in a gold robe with a sword on his back and the Yama Kings mask strolled over from the air.

Two great guards were behind him.

With one step, time and space were crossed.

The masked man in the gold robe walked up to Ye Xiaotian and lifted his chin.

“No need to thank me.

Ive helped you keep all of them alive, including the life of the person youvekilled out of kindness.”


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