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However, there were always mistakes that caused these treasures to land on the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“How many more Li Yan is there in this world” Xu Xiaoshou thought sadly.

Then, shaking his head to get rid of the distractions, he returned to the main topic.

The red-clothed people couldnt stop Bazhunans last wave of treasures.

Among them, there was the Devil Sword, the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord that disappeared along with the power of the Holy Emperor.

As expected, there was also the legendary origin of Saint Ascension “Saint Origin Crystal” — according to the original words of Bazhunan.

Since these treasures might land on the Yunlun Mountain Range and they did not have an owner, the trial-takers would definitely search for the treasures crazily.

Then why did he still guard the empty mountain alone and miss out on a good opportunity

“This wave of treasures will definitely cause a long delay making Rao Yaoyao unable to divert her attention to continue pursuing the murderer of Yi.

Meanwhile, the red-clothed people are also afraid that these treasures will fall into the hands of the people from the dark factions and then create a great enemy for themselves, especially the Saint Origin Crystal…” Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

He did not know why the “Saint Origin Crystal” had the prefix “origin of Saint Ascension” in the original words of Bazhunan.

Perhaps, this thing was almost equivalent to the foundational roots of Saint Ascension

But the fact that he didnt understand didnt mean that he wasnt tempted.

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After all, it was a treasure that Bazhunan had specifically mentioned, and it was on par with the Devil Sword, the Myriad Weapons Devil Master.

And now…

Those who were fated to have it would get it!

Just as Xu Xiaoshou was about to give the order to search for the treasures, and take advantage of the chaotic situation to stir up again…

At this moment.


The trial jade pendant sounded.

Xu Xiaoshous brows twitched.

He took out the jade pendant and saw the latest notification.

“The second mission of the battle of the Nine Dragon Range has been issued.”

“Search for treasures that contain Holy Power scattered throughout the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Submit them through the trial jade pendant.

For every treasure submitted, you will receive 100,000 points.”

“PS: Submit the treasureSaint Origin Crystal and you will receive 100 million points.

Submit theDevil Sword, Myriad Weapons Devil Master and you will receive 100 million points.”

The message was simple and clear.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

This speed…

Wasnt it too fast!

The red-clothed people did not have enough manpower, so they directly used the “treasure hunt” as part of the trial itself.

They used the trial-taker of the Yunlun Mountain Range to search for treasures for them, didnt they

But would it work

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A member of the Xu Faction by the side sneered after reading the message.

He said, “This is too shameless.

100,000 points Which is more important, 100,000 points or a treasure that contains holy Power”

“Yes, but the last two 100 million points reward made my brain buzz.

If I can find them and I cant protect those treasures, I may choose to submit them at the first instant…” said another person.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

The Xu Faction members didnt see the entire battle between the Saints clearly, so they didnt know that the “treasure that contains holy Power” was actually not a “holy level treasure”.

Instead, it was only a “spiritual weapon, elixir, and so on” that were covered with a layer of Holy Power.

Therefore, after these people found the treasures and knew the truth, perhaps they would have to choose to hand in the treasures because of the accelerated progress of the trial and the temptation of the quota of the “Holy Palace Trial”.

If they were not strong enough, even if they obtained the treasures, there were only a few outcomes.

First, they would be robbed.

Second, they would be handed over to the clan.

Third, it would be discovered by the law enforcer and they were forced to submit in exchange for points.

If that was the case, why not exchange it for the points that they needed the most at the current stage as soon as they obtained the treasure After submitting one item, they would immediately search for the next one.

Even if they managed to obtain the Saint Origin Crystal and Devil Sword, who would be able to guard the trial-taker of the Yunlun Mountain Range

They would either be robbed by stowaway cultivators, or the treasures would constantly change masters among experts.

In the end, they would be discovered by the law enforcers and forced to submit…

“Its very dirty!”

“This wave oftreasure-hunting mission is really too dirty!”

Xu Xiaoshou could almost see the true purpose of the red-clothed peoples mission.

It was because every normal trial-taker carried a trial jade pendant.

This thing was probably the origin of the Cloud Realm Worlds surveillance of everyone.

As long as one went treasure hunting, no matter how much one obtained or how much one hid, the entire process would fall into Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

“Good gracious!”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but admire the brain of the higher-ups of the red-clothed people.

It must have been very good to be able to think of such a method that was close to a “scheme” in such a short time!

No matter what, since the trial jade pendant had a mission, making a private treasure hunt a public matter, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt continue sitting on an empty mountain.

“Everyone, listen up!”

He displayed Leader Mus aura and in an instant, more than 10 members of the Xu Faction around him stood up and shouted in unison, “Here were!”


“Immediately go down the mountain and search for the treasure that contains Holy Power.

Once you find it, submit it to me first.

Then, based on the situation, Ill record your contributions and you can exchange the thing you want the most!” Xu Xiaoshou said loudly.

Pausing for a moment, he giggled and quipped, “Of course, you can also choose to hide it, although this may attract the attention of the law enforcers.”

“I dare not…”

“Leader, we definitely dare not!”

The Xu Faction members immediately waved their hands and were scared out of their wits.

They did have the thought of hiding it.

But now that they were exposed, they were discouraged because Leader Mu was a “devil”.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt be bothered to talk nonsense.

He didnt care about the “treasures containing Holy Power”.

He was only interested in “Saint Origin Crystal” and “Devil Sword”.


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