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By defaming Su Bei, Tan Tian did not lose out this time.

Even if he had to compensate for the breach of contract, the publicity fee saved by taking advantage of Su Beis popularity was enough to make up for it.

Moreover, after the Xiao family found out what he had done, they praised him very much.

Through the company that Xiao Ming had left behind in the past, they directly invested in him and joined in the cooperation.

Although Xiao Ming was in jail, he had a lot of money.

The Xiao family and Tan Tian could be considered to have joined forces.

The next day, Tan Tian personally brought the new female artiste to the production team and arranged everything.

“Everyone, dont have any doubts about the production team over Su Beis departure.

Su Bei isnt qualified to work with us, so its inevitable for her to leave.

In this world, anyone whos lacking will be replaced.

Now, the top figures in the industry are all gathered here.

This TV show will definitely become popular!

“Now, our additional investments and original investments have already exceeded 300 million.

This time, well definitely make history.

Our show will definitely become a benchmark in the history of TV shows! Some people are just not suitable to participate in our show.

Now that shes already left, itll be too late for regrets in the future!

“And everyone here will become people who make history and witness it!”

The entire crew felt deeply regretful for losing Su Bei.

However, with Tan Tians additional investment and his confidence, everyone still applauded enthusiastically.

“Next, well change this show that only has a budget of 40 episodes to 80 episodes!” Tan Tian announced again.

The director was in a dilemma.

“But Producer Tan, what about the script”

“Just add to it! Isnt it just a matter of extending the plot The audience will eat whatever you feed them.

Dont panic! Just add to it!”

The director had no right to speak, so he could only follow Tan Tians orders.

Su Bei did not respond to the news on the internet.

Tan Tians actions against her back then were very petty.

There was nothing to argue about.

However, it had increased his popularity.

“Let them jump around,” Su Bei said.

She even stopped Lu Heting from watching the news.

“Li Junyus matter is like a time bomb hidden in this show.

If Tan Tian wants to take the opportunity to make a lot of money, he has to see if the heavens will let him.”

Lu Heting let go of his phone.

“When are we going on a trip Im ready!”

“Right away!” Su Bei waved the plane ticket in her hand.

She and Qiao Mei were very quiet, and the matter quickly passed.

Soon, it was three days later.

She and Lu Heting had booked tickets to go abroad together.

It had been so long, but the two of them had never gone out to have fun.

However, it did not happen in the end.

Just as Su Bei was packing her luggage, she received a call from He Xuyan.

Lin Xiruo was sick.

Before Su Bei could change her clothes, she rushed downstairs and drove to the hospital with Lu Heting.

Seeing her daughter and son-in-law rush over, Lin Xiruo hurriedly scolded, “Xuyan, you were the one who informed her, right How could you scare Su Bei”

“Mom, dont blame Big Brother.

You should only blame him if youre sick and I dont know anything,” Su Bei said.

It was precisely because of this that He Xuyan had no choice but to inform her.

He was afraid that if he didnt tell Su Bei, she would be angry and settle the score with him later.

“Theres nothing wrong with me.

Its just an old illness.

I was always sick in the past and took a lot of medicine.

My body is a little weak now,” Lin Xiruo said as she held Su Beis hand.

He Xuyan said, “You fainted.

Isnt that a big problem”

Su Bei said nervously, “She fainted What did the doctor say”

“Dont listen to your brothers nonsense.

Its just low blood sugar.

Its not that serious.”

“But the doctor still said that you have to recuperate for a while,” He Xuyan said.

“But Su Bei, dont worry.

I havent been working recently.

Ill take care of Mom.”

“I havent been working recently either.

I can take care of her too.” After saying that, Su Bei remembered the plane tickets in her bag.

Lu Heting had even freed his time to go on this trip with her.

Now that she suddenly broke her promise, she immediately looked at Lu Heting with guilt in her eyes.

Lu Heting reached out and clasped her fingers.

“I dont have any work recently.

I can come take care of you with Su Bei.”

Lin Xiruo looked at her son, daughter, and son-in-law who filled the room and who had beenunemployed recently.

She felt a warm feeling in her heart.

“Alright, then.

You guys should take turns.

Dont spend all your time on me.”

When they went out, Su Bei said apologetically, “Hubby, Im sorry.

I specially made you free up your work…”

“Silly girl, why are you apologizing Isnt it my duty to take care of my mother-in-law” Lu Heting held her hand.

“Besides, even in this city, I can take a break.”

Su Bei held his shoulder and walked out with him.

Because of Lin Xiruos illness, Su Bei stopped taking on jobs.

The outside world also had doubts and many guesses because of this, but this did not change her decision.

The time Su Bei had spent with her mother in her life was too limited and short.

Now was the best opportunity, so she naturally wouldnt give up on it.

The Xiao family, on the other hand, felt that they had successfully suppressed Su Bei and were showing off in the circle.

If Lu Heting couldnt even protect Su Bei, could she still develop her career in the future

The outside world could not help but discuss.

All of this did not affect Su Beis leisure time.

She painted, accompanied her mother, and spent time with her husband and two sons.

Of course, Old Master Lu had also thought of asking her to go to Lu Group to help Lu Heting.

However, before he could finish speaking, he was stopped by Lu Heting.

During this period of time, Su Bei was really free and calm.

However, there had been a lot of news in the entertainment industry.

Su Bei only occasionally looked at the news.

There was news about male artistes and their wives fighting for custody, male artistes cheating, and female artistes cheating.

Lace News was the easiest to get on the hot searches.

The trending searches were also filled with such news.

After reading the news, she put her phone aside.

“Mom, this is the soup I made for you.

Try it.” Su Bei handed the soup to Lin Xiruo.

“Okay.” Lin Xiruos face was filled with happiness as she quickly finished the bowl of soup.

“Im very happy that you came to accompany me.

You dont have to worry about bringing me anything to eat in the future.

Your brother and your father will prepare it.”

Su Bei said softly, “What they do is their business.

What I brought is a show of my sincerity.”

Now that her daughter was by her side, Lin Xiruos eyes were sparkling.

“I really didnt expect to be so lucky to have my daughter by my side.”

“Take care of yourself.

I still want to accompany you for decades more.” Su Bei smiled.

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