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“Im afraid its even worse.”

Zhang Mus scalp went numb.

“In the entire Kunlun Immortal World, there is no place safe for us to stay now.”

“Brother, Brother Mu, is the senior who attacked them your family”

“Big Brother Mu, why is he so powerful”

“Oh my, this has turned my world upside down.

Its the first time Ive seen Kunlun cultivators being crushed and trampled on by a secular martial artist.”


The people behind Zhang Mu burst into an uproar.

At the same time, there were also thousands of martial artists around who were in a heated discussion.

Those at the Obvious Strength Stage, Peak Strength Stage, and Qi Strength Stage couldnt understand the previous fight, but the scene just now had deeply frightened them.

As for those Wu Dao Grand Masters and God Realm masters, they all let out cries in shock.

“All the Kunlun cultivators have been driven back, havent they”

“They were not driven back.

They fled! More than half of them died, and the rest ran away.

Merciless Zhang indeed lives up to his reputation.

He doesnt battle often.

But when he does, its always earth-shattering.”

“In this world, who else can be Merciless Zhangs match No one, of course.

He is matchless in the world, a legend of the present age!”

“Merciless Zhang is invincible!” In the crowd, Fang Rushan, the Grand Master specifying in Divination in Xiangjiang, said in a trembling voice, “From now on, Zhang Hanyang speaks for this world.

He is the king, the legendary hero of this world!”

“He is too mighty.” An He rubbed his forehead with a great force and said, “I may have no way to become an invincible master like him in this life, but I have to work hard to cultivate and follow in his footsteps.

I hope I can become a person… live up to the title of the King of Storms.”


The whole place was in a hot discussion about what just happened.

Particularly, Mu Xue was laughing so wildly that she looked a little deranged.

She said between the chuckles, “Hahaha, Ive told you that my master is invincible.

Dad, did you see it Isnt my master is strong”

“May I ask you a question…” Sect Leader Mu looked at Zhang Han and asked with an eager and timid look in his eyes, “Do you still want more disciples What do you think of me Can I be your fourth disciple”

“Gee, what are you talking about Do you want to call your daughter Older Martial Sister” Mu Xue gnashed her teeth with irritation.

However, to become Zhang Hans disciple was also what many people wanted.

“Hes f*cking awesome.”

However, Zhang Han was a man who followed his heart.

If he did not accept one as a disciple before, he would never change his mind.

Now, everyone finally understood that Mu Xue had become his disciple all because she had made great efforts to have that chance.

Zhang Han said that she could only be his nominal disciple, so she was just a nominal disciple.

Zhang Han did that just to punish her for a few years.

However, he did not intend to give others the same opportunity.

In other words, he would not take in more disciples at will.

Therefore, at Sect Leader Mus request, Zhang Han shook his head and smiled helplessly.

Then, he no longer paid attention to him and flew directly to the place where Zi Yan and Mengmeng were.

“Mengmeng, now, do you know why they always say that Daddy is invincible”

Zhang Han smiled softly, bent over a little, and gazed at Mengmeng with tenderness.

He stretched out his hand and tucked locks of stray hair behind Mengmengs ears.


Zi Yan sighed and looked at him as if reminding him of her presence.

Seeing this, Zhang Han quickly stood up and gently stroked Zi Yans hair as well.

He was also a little surprised.

“Why are you being jealous of your own daughter” he thought in bewilderment.

“Dad, I understood now.

Youre super powerful! Youre so awesome!”

Mengmeng, who was usually eloquent, didnt know how to describe her fathers mightiness at the moment.

Her eyes were full of worship.

She raised her head slightly, replaying the scenes she saw just now in her mind, which had made Zhang Han look like a god of war.

“Well, lets go and say hello to your Great-Grandpa.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yans and Mengmengs hands.

On the other side, Liang Hao also took the initiative to hold Zhang Lis hand and quickly came to Zhang Mu.

Looking at Zhang Mu, who seemed kind of old, Zhang Han thought he was much younger than the Elder Mu in his memories.

“Is he my grandfather”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion inwardly.

“No wonder he was so kind to Lili and me at that time.

It turned out that there was a good reason.”

“Dad, you have a brilliant grandson.” Zhang Guangyou smiled and was in a good mood.

He said softly, “Son, why dont you call you Grandpa”

“Its fine.” Zhang Mu waved his hand and sighed.

“After all, I only lived with him during that period of time, and he didnt know my identity then.

Maybe he is still processing.

He can call me Grandpa when he is ready later.”

“I dont need time to process.” Zhang Han chuckled and bowed slightly.

“Nice to meet you, Grandpa.”

“Hi, Grandpa,” Zi Yan also greeted him with a smile.

“Great, Great-Grandpa,” Mengmeng called him, her big eyes full of curiosity.

She had seen Zhang Mus imposing demeanor before.

Although he was not as invincible as her father, he had a unique vibe, just like a real hero in Jianghu.

“Grandpa,” Zhang Li snorted, “you are really bad.

You used to pretend to be Elder Mu before us.”

“Glad to meet you, Grandpa,” Liang Hao greeted him politely.

“Well, its a pleasure to meet you all.”

Zhang Mu smiled kindly.

“Father, let me introduce you to this beautiful woman,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

“She is Zi Yan, my daughter-in-law, and your granddaughter-in-law.

This pretty and lovely little girl is your great-granddaughter, whose name is Zhang Yumeng.

This sharp young man is our son-in-law, Liang Hao.”

“Everyone calls me Mengmeng,” Mengmeng added.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang, I am Mu Xue, a very well-behaved disciple of your grandson.

Since our little princess has greeted you, why dont you give her a gift for your first meeting” Mu Xue leaned toward Zhang Mu and spoke.

Her words made everyone laugh.

Even the lingering fierceness of the just-ended battle suddenly dissipated a lot.

“Of course, I have a gift for Mengmeng.”

Zhang Mu groped in his Space Ring for a while and then a bead suddenly appeared in his hand.

“This is the Sky Suppressing Bead, which is nearly at the sixth tier.

It can mainly merge with formations.

Later, ask the First Elder to refine it and give it to Mengmeng as a protective treasure.”

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou had a strange look on his face.

“Dad, Mengmeng has a ton of treasures with her.

Besides, as to the First Elder… hahaha, never mind.

Lets talk about it later.

Dad, hurry up and give her the gift.

I cant wait to take you back and talk about the old days.”

“Whats the rush”

Zhang Mu shook his head with a smile and took out more treasures one after another.

“This is for you, Han… This is for my granddaughter-in-law, Zi Yan… Lili, this is for you… This is for my grandson-in-law, Liang Hao.

My son and daughter-in-law, I got these two five years ago and have kept them for you all the time.”

“Dad, you surely love me most.”

At first, Zhang Guangyou was smiling broadly.

But when he took over the treasure, he found that it was a rare spiritual herb that could improve ones aptitude.

Zhang Guangyous face immediately darkened.

“Dad, my aptitude is all very high.”

“How can I not know how your aptitude is Youre at the Heaven Peak Stage now,” Zhang Mu said with a faint smile.

“It must be Hans credit, right”

“How did you find out” Zhang Guangyou smiled embarrassedly.

“Thats just a given.

He can… can…” Zhang Mu stuttered, unable to find any words to describe Zhang Hans mighty performance.

After thinking for two seconds, he smiled and said, “He can defeat all those in the secular world and kill Kunlun cultivators with crushing force.

Even a fool could tell that hes gotten a great opportunity, which may be beyond my imagination.

At first, you people all looked flustered.

But after Han arrived, you were as steady as a rock.

Obviously, he is your backbone.

This girl also calls him Master.

She threatened them that her master would come and kill them all.

And so it happened.

Thus, as you are his father, its only natural that your strength has become very strong.

Do you need me to continue”

At the end of his analysis, Zhang Mus expression became a little playful.

“Alas, stop revealing my disgraceful past.

After all, Im a grandfather now.

Cant you save me some face” Zhang Guangyou protested with aggrievance.

“Besides, if my aptitude was not good, how can I have reached the Heaven Peak Stage Besides, Han is powerful because the genes of Jiali and I are good.”

“Well, we all know what you are like.

You dont need to explain further.” Dong Chen ran over.

He and Zhang Mu looked at each other with a smile and then hugged each other.

“Brother Mu, welcome back!”

“Big Brother, welcome back!”

The eyes of the Third Elder and the others had brightened up, and their essence, qi, and spirit seemed to have increased tenfold.

Even though Zhang Han was very strong, he couldnt give them such a lift in spirits.

Only Zhang Mu could do that.

After all, they and Zhang Han were not in the same generation.

But this also showed Zhang Mus personal charm.

He had his own group of fans, while Zhang Han had the security group who worshipped him.

“Thank you for your hard work, brothers.”

Zhang Mu cupped his hands to the crowd and said, “In the years Id been in the Kunlun Immortal World, other than Guangyou and others, I was most worried about you guys.

I was really afraid that you would be too stubborn to guard the sect.

It doesnt matter if the Heavenly Knights Sect still exists.

Its fine as long as you are all safe and sound.”

“Lets not talk about this.

Now, lets go back first and have a look at your grandsons precious place.”

Dong Chen laughed and took the lead in rising into the air.

Just as they were about to leave, Lord Nan Shan, who had been silent for a long time, came to Zhang Hans side and asked,

“Zhang Hanyang, can you tell me if you just displayed four supernatural powers or five”

This seems to matter to Lord Nan Shan very much.

He waited for Zhang Hans answer.

In this regard, Zhang Han replied in a light voice, “Four.”

After that, he led the team and departed.

Lord Nan Shan just stood there and remained silent for a long time.

“Your Majesty, why do you ask him about his supernatural powers Its true that he had performed multiple supernatural powers.

Whats the difference between casting four and five kinds of supernatural powers” a Real King next to Si Nan asked in confusion.

“Of course there is a difference.

If he cast five supernatural powers, it means that his last strike contained two different supernatural powers.

But if there were supernatural powers, it indicates that in his last strike, he had combined two kinds of energy into one… Interesting.

Zhang Hanyang is more horrific than I had imagined.

Give out my order.

From today on, my people shall be in awe of Zhang Hanyang.

There is one thing that he is right about.

In this world, he is invincible!”

As soon as Lord Nan Shan finished his words, the rest of the people shivered from inside out.

They all knew that Zhang Hanyang was very awesome, but they didnt expect that their lord also thought so highly of him.

They knew Lord Nan Shans temperament very well.

He seldom praises others.

And when they thought about what he said just now, they all got chills.

Because his words showed that if Zhang Hanyang entered the Kunlun Immortal World or the Kings Domain, he would also become a top Giant!

After exchanging a few words, Lord Nan Shan and his men left one after another.

Thousands of martial artists were left in an uproar.

“Invincible! Merciless Zhang is invincible! Any force can be invincible as long as they have him! Ive really had an eye-opener today.

It turns out that the top-notch battles in the martial arts world were this fascinating.”

“Holy cow, he is really a kick*ss.

Merciless Zhangs last attack killed hundreds of cultivators in an instant.

In that illusion he created, I felt as if I was taking a walk in the cosmos.

That Thunder Sea was as incredible as a myth.”


Many people started to exit.

They took out their mobile phones and called their friends.

“Pity that you didnt come today.

Youve missed a great battle.

Zhang Hanyang killed all the cultivators of Kunlun by himself in just a second.

The blood flowed like a river and bodies were scattered all over the place!”

“Hello Tony, let me tell you a piece of unfortunate news.

Zhang Hanyang is really the most powerful person in the world.”

This was destined to be a restless night.

On the evening of December 30th, the cultivators of the Kunlun Immortal World descended and startled the world.

However, they were immediately suppressed by Zhang Hanyang single-handed.

The latter was now regarded as the most powerful person in the world.

What an unforgettable New Years Eve!

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