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It was Emperor Qing!

Those words sparked a commotion as if a stone had been tossed into calm water.

All the people around widened their eyes, finding it hard to believe.

Emperor Qing, the Immortal King Chen, was a legend who surpassed his peers.

Obviously, the little girls father must be Zhang Hanyang, who was able to drive Emperor Qing to take care of her and even let her beat him.

This girl was silver-spooned!

“Im Jiang Kuai from Light Cliff.

Its a pleasure to meet you, Immortal King Chen!” Senior Jiang hurriedly bowed and saluted.

“I, Wang Guanzhi from Light Cliff, pay my respects to Immortal King Chen!”

“I, Tang Qingshan from the Tang family of Shang Jing, pay my respects to Immortal King Chen.”

“I, An He, pays my respects to Immortal King Chen and Princess of Mount New Moon.”

Everyone greeted them with respect.


Dahei widened its eyes and shouted discontentedly, “Oow! Oow! Oow! Oow!”

It seemed as if it were saying, “Are you messing with me How could you guys completely ignore me”

“Ah! Jiang Kuai from Light Cliff pays his respects to King Kong, the Black Dog King, and the Princess of Mount New Moon.”

“Wang Guanzhi is here to pay his respects to the incomparably heroic King Kong, to the mighty Black Dog King, and to the peerlessly beautiful Princess.”

After another round of greetings, Dahei curled its lips in satisfaction.

Chen Changqing swept around the people, nodded slightly, and looked at Mengmeng.

“Do you want to continue”

“Of course.

I havent gone to the Black Sand Land there yet,” Mengmeng replied.

“Then Uncle Chen will quietly follow you at a distance.

Can you just pretend that Im not here” Chen Changqing said, seeming to ask for Mengmengs permission, “If I go out now, your father will definitely engage me in a duel.

I dont want to be beaten.

You know, when your father is upset, he beats me to vent out his anger, and you do the same to Chen Chuan.

My and my son have suffered for so long.

Could you let me fulfill my task this time so that I wouldnt get beaten or be humiliated, please”

People around couldnt help but think, “Is the dignified Emperor Qing reduced to such a state now”

“His family has always been beaten in Mount New Moon”

Emperor Qings words made them astounded.

They thought to themselves, “But this man is Immortal King Chen! How could he be so humble”

“Well… all right.” Mengmeng pondered for two seconds and nodded reluctantly.

“Uncle Chen, promise me you wont help me to kill enemies later.”

“Dont worry, I wont.” Chen Changqing laughed out loud.

He then rose into the air and became invisible.

Mengmeng muttered a few words vaguely, and then glanced at the Saber-toothed Tiger.

“The baby tigers are fine.

Im leaving now.

Do you need us to find a home for you”

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

The Saber-toothed Tiger kept shaking its head, which meant that it didnt need that.

“Then well leave now, bye-bye.

Hopefully, well meet again,” Mengmeng said in a dignified manner.

Then, she stretched out her thin arms toward Dahei.

Just as Dahei squatted down, the Saber-toothed Tiger stepped forward, slowly approached Mengmeng, and gently leaned its head toward her.

It was fully aware of what was going on.

Mengmeng was also a little surprised, but when she saw this scene, she smiled merrily.

She stretched out her hand and stroke the tigers head.

“You need to become stronger in the future.

By the way, Ill give you a few treasures.

Youve let me play with your baby tigers for so long, so I should give you a gift for our first meeting.”

Mengmeng pondered for a while and took out more than a dozen treasures from her space bracelet.

The best treasure among these was a divine object while the cheapest one was still a Heaven-grade treasure.

The divine object was what Zhang Han had placed in her Space Ring, and the rest were all treasures that she obtained here.

“Here you are.”

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!” The Saber-toothed Tiger shook its head and was too bashful to accept it.

“Oh, just take these.”

“Grrr, Grrr…” It couldnt take it.

They had already saved its life.

How could it have the face to take treasures from them

Mengmeng insisted on giving the tiger gifts while it kept refusing to take them.

Witnessing this, the people around wanted to shout, “Why not give it to me if it doesnt want it”

But they didnt dare to say anything.

In the end, the tiger accepted Mengmengs gifts.

“Lets go.

We can check out what it is in the front and then go to the Black Sand Land.”

Mengmeng and Little Hei jumped onto Daheis palm and sat on its shoulder.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Every time Dahei took a step, it would create a deep footprint.

It charged forward in the forest without even bothering to avoid the trees in front of them.

He merely walked normally and leveled a straight path himself.

“Do you want to explore with me”

After a few steps, Mengmeng suddenly turned back and looked at Older Martial Brother Jiang and the others.

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Highness.

We wont follow.” Older Martial Brother Jiang answered hurriedly.

“Eh Senior Jiang, why did you refuse I still want to hang out with her,” Wang Guanzhi said.

“Then you can go.” Jiangs face twitched.

“Forget it.”

Wang Guanzhi chuckled and looked at Mengmeng.

He cupped one hand in the other in front of his chest and said, “Little Princess, hope we can meet again.”

“Even the mountain moves and water in the rivers flows back, I wont see you again,” Mengmeng replied with a snort.

Wang Guanzhis lips twitched and said nothing in the end.

These people watched Dahei leave.

” Older, Older Martial Brother Jiang, who is she Is that man Immortal King Chen”

The new disciples in the sect began to ask one after another.

“That King Kong was so mighty.

It killed Lyu Zhengxian and others with one kick and even crushed whatever space treasures they had.

It was terrifying.”

“I just felt like an ant.

When its body swayed a little, I felt that it would crush me to death.”

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

They didnt know that An He and the others standing in the distance had also pricked up their ears, especially An He.

He had heard of the name of Immortal King Chen.

He was such a prominent figure, but he was so kind and friendly to the little girl.

There must be something wrong.

“Who on earth was the man that appeared earlier” he wondered.

“The man who just appeared is also referred to as Emperor Qing.

He won first place in the competition of Divine List over five years ago, so he is also known as the Immortal King Chen!”

Older Martial Brother Jiang sighed with emotion.

He looked up at the sky and said slowly, “Immortal King Chen is the real chosen one who has almost surpassed all his peers in an era.

But in that era, there was a more remarkable man named Zhang Hanyang.

Anyone who was his enemy was dead.

He only made his debut for more than two years and intimidated the whole martial arts world with his killing record.

He can chat with the Real Kings of Ancient Mine and is equal to the Giants of the Kings Domain.

No one in this world can beat him! He is invincible in the world, and the girl is his daughter.

I once heard from Elder Wang that one would rather provoke Zhang Hanyang than his family.

The former has a slim chance of survival, while the latter has no chance of survival at all.

Do you understand”

“Older Martial Brother Jiang, the people you are talking about… Well, Ive met that girl and her father.”

“Pfft, what did you say” Older Martial Brother Jiang was dumbfounded.

“She and her father went to the ruins of the Rowdy Sand Bay last time.

They were in a wooden yacht in the ruins, looking very relaxed.

I saw that his face was calm, and there was a trace of tenderness in his eyes, as if he was a very easy-going person,” Tang Qingshan said after thinking for a while.

“Easy-going Did you say that Zhang Hanyang was easy-going” Wang Guanzhi rubbed his forehead and said, “Tang, you really dont know how powerful he is.

He also has another nickname, Merciless Zhang! His way of becoming famous is paved by the bodies of countless experts.”

“I didnt expect that you would meet Zhang Hanyang in person.

Youre so lucky.

Even I havent met him yet.” Older Martial Brother Jiang sighed.

“But neither you nor I can connect with people like them.

Forget it.

Lets just take a walk.

Perhaps the adventure in this relic will be over in a while.”

“What realm are they in” Tang Qingshan asked.

“They are more powerful than Heaven Peak Stage,” Wang Guanzhi replied.

“Zhang Hanyangs father is the young master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Both Heavenly Knights Sect and Mount New Moon belong to his family.

Zhang Hanyang is not only invincible in strength but also in power.”

“So awesome…”

Tang Qingshan was in a daze, thinking about Zhang Hans appearance he saw last time.

He had never expected that he would meet such a powerful figure in a relic.

“I dont know if I, Tang Qingshan, will have the chance to become that kind of person in the future…”

“Lets go.

Stop dreaming.”

The crowd dispersed.

There were only six or seven people in Older Martial Brother Jiangs group, and the others were temporary teams.

They did not gather again.

Instead, they took different paths, hoping to explore the treasures at the last minute of the relic.

With Emperor Qing, King Kong, the Black Dog King here, they knew they had no chance to seize the most powerful treasures in the center of the relic.

However, they didnt know that Mengmeng didnt have an accurate understanding of treasures.

She had sixth-tier treasures in her space bracelet.

It was also quite common for her to see fifth-tier or fourth-tier treasures.

Daheis true form was revealed, which was even taller than the trees here.

It was a colossus.

It took each step very slowly, but it could cross a long distance at a time.

Thus, its speed was still exceptionally fast.

It continuously advanced forward.

“Uncle Chen, come out quickly.

Its boring when you are hiding.”

Mengmeng sat for a while and felt bored, so she called Chen Changqing.


Chen Changqing showed up, landed beside Mengmeng, and stood on Daheis shoulder.

Unexpectedly, Dahei looked at him with disdain.

Everyone knew that the Powerful Hei Trio on Mount New Moon was famous for being critical.

It was impossible to ride Little Hei because it only allowed Mengmeng to ride on it.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan never wanted to try that anyway.

However, Dahei was reasonable, for it would follow Mengmengs instruction.

“Do you feel bored”

Chen Changqing said with a smile, “Its normal to feel bored.

In this world, except for the beautiful night sky, there is nothing spectacular.

I remember that when your father and I explored the secret place, the deep pit, the underwater cave, the endless souls, the area of the ice cone, the vast land, the stone statue that was taller than Dahei, and the nine layers of the celestial sphere.

A layer of clouds would be one level.

Its a mountain.

Some of the mountains are full of water, and some of them are full of magma.

There is still a suppression of strength there.

There were thunder spirits in the nine layers of the celestial sphere.

Its fascinating.

Although the land here is vast, its almost the same as the outside world.

The Black Sand Land will be somewhat interesting…”

He explained the dangerous world to Mengmeng, having no intention of stopping.

After talking for two minutes, Mengmeng awkwardly interrupted him.

“Uncle Chen, thats not what I am talking about.

I want to say, Uncle Chen, can you go out and ask my father to come here I want my father to be here with me.”

“What” Chen Changqings face was a little mortified.

“Why do I feel like you dont like having me around”

“Uncle Chen, hurry up,” Mengmeng urged him.

“You little girl.”

Chen Changqing shook his head helplessly and flew into the air.

As soon as he left, he came back again.

He stretched out his right hand to Mengmeng and said, “Give one to me.”

“Huh What” Mengmeng was confused.

“A treasure.” Chen Changqing gave a wry smile.

“Do you have the holy object of this relic Give me one so that I can go out.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Mengmeng patted her forehead and quickly took out a treasure.

It was not until then that Chen Changqing left the relic.

Mengmeng sat on Daheis shoulder and continued to move forward.

In less than 10 minutes, a stream of light flashed across the distant sky.

“What the f*ck! Whats that”

Older Martial Brother Jiang and the others were shocked while they saw this.


“Is it a treasure”

“Why do I feel like its a person”

“This relic starts to confuse me.”

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