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Mengmeng was busy cleaning and wiping the tables as she chatted with Li Muen.

Several students often cast glances at her, especially Bei Jinnan.

Normally, he did not bother to show off in front of the teacher, but now he was dragging a mop about busily and constantly mopping the area around Mengmeng.

“Zhang Yumeng”

Eventually, unable to hold it in any longer, Bei Jinnan looked at Mengmeng with an embarrassed smile.

“Youve studied in Saint Kindergarten and Dongli Elementary School.

Why didnt you choose an exclusive school”

“Exclusive school”

Mengmengs expression changed slightly.

She pursed her lips and said, “Im not a member of the elite society.

Why should I go to an exclusive school”

At that time, Zi Yan had also thought about sending her to an exclusive school, but she did not after much consideration.

Instead, she let Mengmeng attend a public school—First Middle School.

“Yes, were all the same.

Its nothing.

Thats also what I thought.

Thats why I came here.”

Bei Jinnans mind was quite active.

He immediately changed his tone, and his expression became much more natural.

“Since you went to these two schools, you guys must live in the south island, right” Bei Jinnan asked again.

“Yes,” Mengmeng responded.

“Why are you asking us these specific questions” Li Muen eyed him from head to toe.

“There is no reason.

Maybe its because I like to be a hero too.

I feel that we will get along well.”

Be Jinnan felt embarrassed and nervous.

His throat went dry, but he still pretended to be calm.

Boys at this age already knew how to impress the girls.

Mengmeng asked, “How are you going to be one”

“Ah Punish evil-doers and encourage people to do good” There was a hint of hesitation in Bei Jinnans tone.

“How would you punish the evil doers and encourage people to do good” Mengmeng tilted her head slightly as if she was pondering about something.

Actually, she was wondering if he was like her.

She thought to herself, “Is he also practicing martial arts He does not seem to be able to do it.”

“I… If my classmates are being bullied, I will stand up for them.” It seemed that Bei Jinnan was at a disadvantage.

He had a hard time trying to convince her.

He was skilled at observing peoples expressions.

But when it came to Mengmeng, he couldnt see any emotion showing in her beautiful and bright eyes.

“Oh, thats too childish.”

What she said was a blow to his heart!

Bei Jinnans lips moved, but in the end, it curved in an awkward smile.

He then left with the mop.

“It seems to be very difficult to deal with her.”

On the way to the bathroom with the mop, Bei Jinnan was lost in thought, but the corners of his mouth lifted unknowingly.

“Nan, Nan.”

The short-haired boy came over and said, “Zhang Yumeng in our class is so beautiful.”

“Is that so” Bei Jinnan replied casually.

“Yeah, Nan, you almost ran into the pillar before because you saw her at that time.

I thought that she seemed good-looking when she was wearing a pink cap.

But I didnt expect her to be so beautiful.”

“Do you like her” Bei Jinnan became alert.

“No, I dont like her.” The short-haired boy waved his hand repeatedly as if he was a little scared.


A look of confusion appeared on Bei Jinnans face.

“My grandpa is very strict with me.

If he finds out that I am pursuing a girl as soon as I start middle school, he will surely break my leg.

I will never do that.

I will start dating when I am in college.”


Bei Jinnan burst into laughter.

He was not worried about that.

They were quite efficient when all 46 students made a joint effort to clean the classroom.

Shortly afterward, the class became spotless.

“A tidy environment can make people feel both physically and mentally fit.

You have to maintain the cleanliness of the class.

There are a total of seven vertical rows.

Starting from the first row on my right, you guys need to clean the class on Monday.

The rest of you will continue in that order.

After school, you will take turns doing the cleaning.

Now, we have all found our own positions.

The first monthly exam will be held on September 30th.

The seats will be reassigned according to the grades.

Now, I need several students to go to the Academic Affairs Office on the third floor to collect textbooks.

Bei Jinnan, the tallest in the class, will lead the team.”

Bai Yilin glanced at Bei Jinnan who was sitting in the second last row against the wall.

People with unique characteristics would always be quickly remembered.

Bai Yilin only memorized the names of about ten students, and the tallest one, Bei Jinnan, was one of them.

“Okay.” Bei Jinnan got up and looked for some classmates.

He was a little hesitant.

As soon as Ning Hui, who was sitting in the middle group, rose to her feet, Bei Jinnan asked, “Teacher Bai, can our group go together”

Bai Yilin replied, “Yes, the Academic Affairs Office is the first room on the left side on the third floor.”

Then all the students who were sitting close to the wall got up and left the classroom, including Mengmeng and Li Muen.

Along the way, plenty of students were chattering excitedly.

Bei Jinnan cast a glance at Mengmeng, eager to go over and chat.

However, he thought that it was better to observe her for a while.

Then he went to the front and led the way, glancing at her from the corners of his eyes.

The other students didnt think much about it.

A chubby female student ran to Mengmeng and said, “Your name is Zhang Yumeng”


“Why are you so beautiful Youre the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen.

Youre even prettier than my former classmate.

Her name is Mina.

Shes not as beautiful as you,” The chubby female student gushed.

“This is a profound question.” Mengmengs smile was similar to Zi Yans expression.

She replied, “I have good genes, my dad is super handsome, and my mom is super beautiful.”

“Oh She admires her parents greatly.” Spotting the look on Mengmengs face, Bei Jinnan came to such a conclusion.

“Whats your name”

Mengmeng looked at the chubby girl, who was even fatter than Wang Yihan.

She was lovely.

“My name is Fang Shengnan.”

“What a unique name.” Li Muen felt puzzled.

“My grandfather gave me this name.

He wants me to be better than boys.” Not only was Fang Shengnan not embarrassed, but she was even a little proud of herself.

“Ah, when you introduced yourself earlier, you stated that your grandpa is a calligrapher.

The calligraphy you wrote is very amazing.” Mengmeng recalled.

When Fang Shengnan introduced herself, she took out a piece of A4 paper, which had calligraphy written by herself on it.

Mengmeng did not know much about calligraphy, but she found it quite good.

“When I was a child, I learned calligraphy from my grandfather, and now I can write a little.

My grandfather always said that my calligraphy was tangible but spiritless.

Anyway, Im just in the first year of middle school.

I just need to practice slowly.

I like playing computer games.

Recently, Ive been playing the Demonic Dragon, but I can only play for an hour a day.

My parents do not allow me to play for long hours.” Fang Shengnan was quite easy-going, so she began to chat with Mengmeng and Li Muen.

“Demonic Dragon We are also playing that game.

We play for several hours together a day.

There are about eight students in our class playing together.

Mengmeng takes us to slash people every day.

She kills one person with one slash.

Shes very powerful.” Li Muen said, “Which level are you at”

“Im at Level 56, Dark Archer,” Fang Shengnan replied.

“I thought you could only play for an hour every day How did you reach this level” Mengmeng was a little confused.

“Its because my dad has been playing for a long time.

I started to play this game after watching my father play.

A few days ago, my father went to a place to wait each time he turned on the computer and logged into the game.

I heard that there was a powerful player in that place.

He could kill one player at a time, and there were many pieces of equipment on the ground.

My dad went to pick them up twice, but he failed and even lost a few of his own.”

Fang Shengnan muttered, “Every time he finishes playing, hell give it to me.

And I can only play for a short while.”

“Ah You mean…” Li Muen looked at Mengmeng and suddenly laughed with her hand covering the mouth.

Li Muen thought, “She seems to be talking about Princess Mengmeng, who is standing right in front of her.”

These words made Bei Jinnans eyes light up.

He thought, “It seems that she also likes playing games with her classmates.

What she said is true.

She likes singing, dancing, playing the piano and guitar, and playing games.

Li Muen said that Mengmeng brought them to play with her.

Maybe Mengmeng is very good at playing games.

Does being a hero mean that she does it in games It seems that I need to play Demonic Dragon too.

“Her father always stays with her at home.

Hes very idle.

He probably doesnt have a job.

Her mother used to go to the company, but she didnt go recently.

Do they have a family enterprise Looking at her clothes, she might be from a well-off family.

“She loves entertainment.

I dont know how her studies are.

Did she get into the key class through her parents connections

“I like to play too.

Maybe we will have a common topic to share.

“I dont know what kind of guys she likes.”


Bei Jinnan was overwhelmed with various thoughts, so his mind was in a mess.

As a result, he took the lead and walked to the fourth floor.

Only when the students reached the corner did they realize that they had gone the wrong way.

“Hey, hey, hey, were going to the third floor.

Were almost on the fourth floor.”

“Oh, Im sorry.

I was distracted.” Bei Jinnan let out an awkward laugh.

No longer thinking about it, he took his classmates to the Academic Affairs Office on the third floor.

More than a dozen people took piles of books.

“Let me carry some for you.”

Bei Jinnan thought that he still needed to impress Mengmeng, so he deliberately slowed down.

When he walked toward Mengmeng and Li Muen, he beamed at them.

“No, its not very heavy.” Mengmeng shook her head slightly.

“I can take it,” Li Muen echoed Mengmengs words.

Actually, she felt it was a little heavy, but fortunately, they were not far away, so she had to endure it.

“You are very strong.” Bei Jinnan looked at Mengmengs hands and smiled.

“Its okay.

I can beat up ten people like you.” Mengmeng glanced at him.

Bei Jinnan choked when he heard that.

What she said was a blow to his heart!

He thought, “‘Im about 1.63 meters tall, and Ive also practiced Taekwondo.

Do you think you can beat up ten people like me”

“Really” Bei Jinnan asked again.

“Yes.” Mengmeng nodded seriously.

“I doubt it.”

Bei Jinnan had a heart-shaped face.

He was fair and clean with a short hairstyle and looked quite dashing.

However, looking at his somewhat confused expression and doubtful questions, Mengmeng giggled.

“What are you doubting Mengmeng knocked over a big fat man with one kick before.

With your thin arms and legs, you may not even be able to defeat me.” Li Muen snorted.

“That makes sense.”

Bei Jinnan grinned.

Seeing that they were about to arrive at the class, he did not say anything more.

After they gave out the books to everyone, two periods of classes had already passed.

“I will be teaching you mathematics.

There are still ten minutes before class ends.

Lets chat for a while and rest after class.

Then well begin our first mathematics class today.

Our second class is English.

Then, we will have a lunch break.

Everyone can go to the canteen to eat and play at the playground.

Dont go to the south campus.

That is the place for high school students.

When those hungry wolves see lovely juniors like you, they will be ravenous.

You need to protect yourself and stay within the middle school campus.”

Bai Yilin said this casually, but after he finished speaking, he felt that it was not suitable to talk too much about this topic.

Therefore, he continued with a smile.

“Did any of you have any tuition classes for the courses of the first year during summer break There should be a lot of students attending.

Raise your hands if you had those classes.”

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