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Zhang Hans family of three spent the whole afternoon happily together.

After returning to Mount New Moon, the family had dinner at the restaurant.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu rarely came back early.

Zi Qiang took a sip of red wine and said with a smile, “Dear, you can accompany my granddaughter every day.

Your life is too comfortable.

Ive been busy these days, and Im almost done.

I want to play with my granddaughter for a while.”

Zhang Guangyou looked at Mengmeng with a bright smile and said, “Dont mess things up.

Im just doing something serious to teach my granddaughter martial arts.

Isnt that right, granddaughter What weve learned so far is amazing, isnt it”

The results after practicing for more than a month were pretty good.

“Mmm.” After taking a bite of the Arhat prawns that Zhang Han had gotten for her, Mengmeng looked at Zi Qiang seriously and said, “Grandpa, Im very powerful now.”

“How powerful” Zi Qiang asked with another smile.


Mengmengs big clear eyes became glazed.

After thinking for a long time, she snorted and said, “I can squat for an hour.

Grandpa said that no one can squat for such a long time, except me.”

“Wow, an hour.

Its so awesome.” Zi Qiang gave her a thumbs-up.

“Yeah.” Mengmeng shook her head slightly and had dinner happily.

“Then Ill go with you tomorrow morning to join in the fun.”

After saying that, Zi Qiang looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Theres a large open space on the left side of the orchard.

Han, thats spacious enough to build a golf course and a horse farm.”

In fact, many people wondered a bit about the vacant land.

Considering Zhang Hans nature, there shouldnt be such a big open space in his territory.

“Im going to build a magic playground for Mengmeng in a few years,” Zhang Han answered casually.

Once the crystal vein was formed, Zhang Han would create a place for Mengmeng to have fun.

That was his plan from the start, but it needed time for the crystal mine.

If this were an ordinary place, and it was indeed a Cultivation Ending Period, Zhang Han might not have thought of such an idea.

But there were enough treasures on the Saint Warrior Planet for the crystal mine in the mountain to take shape quickly.

“A magic playground…”

Zi Qiangs expression froze, and he sighed in his heart.

“Zhang Han treats Mengmeng so… Im ashamed.”

“A magic playground Like the parks we go to”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Yes, its a place to play games.”

“Great, PaPa is so great.

PaPa is the best.”


With Zhang Han and Zi Yan accompanying her, Mengmeng was in a good mood every day.

The next morning—

Zi Qiang had set the alarm clock, so he got up early in the morning.

He changed into new practice clothes, and went to where the thunder yang tree was.

“Youve already started”

Mengmeng was wearing a white exercise suit and watching cartoons while squatting.

Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were also standing beside her, watching TV with their little host.

Zhang Guangyou was squatting on Mengmengs right side.

Seeing this, Zi Qiang walked over with a smile.

“Grandpa is also here to accompany you.”

“Mmh,” Mengmeng responded and continued to watch cartoons with great interest.

Zi Qiang squatted down beside Zhang Guangyou.

In less than a minute, Zi Qiang felt a little sore in the legs.

Zi Qiang frowned when he saw that there was no expression on either the grandfather or the granddaughters faces.

It wasnt a big deal that Zhang Guangyou was that powerful, but his granddaughter was too powerful.

“I thought they were very relaxed a few days back when I saw them.

I didnt expect that I would get tired so soon.

“How much time has passed

“One minute… Okay, lets continue.”

Zi Qiang squatted for three minutes, and his face turned red.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou lightly reminded him, “Dear, dont force yourself.

Your body isnt suitable for horse stance of this intensity.”

“Ho ho, I can still hold on.”

Two minutes later, Zi Qiangs legs were trembling.

He looked at Mengmeng and Zhang Guangyou; they still remained calm, so he gritted his teeth and persisted.

Sometimes people were like this.

When they wanted to give up something, they would keep on if they saw that the person next to them was still holding on.

It might be the truth that people took on the color of the ones who kept them company.

Zi Qiang was also influenced by close association.

He held on and remained in position.

Ten minutes later—


Zi Qiang sat down on the lawn.

“Ouch, my legs.

I cant get up.”

Zi Qiang kept slapping his legs.

It also attracted Mengmengs attention.

“Grandpa, why did you fall down”

“Ah! Im a little tired.

Sit down and rest for a while.”

“Are you tired”

Mengmeng was slightly stunned and muttered in confusion, “The horse stance is so simple.

How can you be tired”

“Im so ashamed.”

Zi Qiang blushed, which made Zhang Guangyou laugh.

“Old man, Im a martial artist at the Heaven Realm.

Mengmeng ate the special water I made.

How can you compare with us”

After a while, Zi Yan and Zhang Han came out.

“Dad, why are you here as well”

“Ahem, I came here to accompany my granddaughter.

Help me up.” Zi Qiang extended his arm.

Zhang Han walked over to help Zi Qiang up and ran a trace of Taiyi Wood Thunder.

The endless energy dissipated the numbness on Zi Qiangs legs.


Zi Qiang was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes lit up.

“Hahaha, its very simple.

Go on.

Han, sit next to us for a while.

Lets have breakfast together after we finish the horse stance.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who didnt know whether to laugh or cry, sat down on the chair next to them.

Zi Qiang was also confident.

He squatted for a minute and gave his son-in-law a look.

A burst of energy attacked, and the numbness in his legs was dissipated.

Thanks to this method, Zi Qiang was able to keep the squatting position for an hour with ease.

“Mengmeng, is Grandpa powerful”

“Well, its amazing.”


In Zi Qiangs opinion, it was quite interesting to accompany Mengmeng to do a martial-arts squat.

Although there were some twists and turns in the beginning, it wouldnt be a problem as long as his good son-in-law was there.

Zi Qiang had planned to call Zhang Han before he went there the next day.

He would ask him to sit there, so that he wouldnt get tired.

Zi Qiang directly dialed Zhang Hans number at six oclock the next morning.

When he arrived at the place where the thunder yang tree was, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting on some chairs.

Zhang Guangyou was a little dissatisfied.

“We are practicing martial arts here, but you just sit there and watch.

What the hell is going on”

Fortunately, Mengmeng didnt care.

She watched TV while squatting down.

Time flew by quickly.

It was the 14th.

It was the day of the Academy Awards in Xiangjiang.

At one oclock in the afternoon, the venue was crowded with all kinds of stars and celebrities.

They enthusiastically greeted Zi Yans group when they saw them enter the venue.

Even their director received a stellar treatment.

After all, he had won an Oscar award.

That was amazing.

In addition to their connections and strength in Xiangjiang, everyone felt that the Purple Moon Entertainment Company would definitely win the award.

They only focused on the rest of the awards.

Except for best actor or actress, they still had the best supporting actor or actress.

The award ceremony was quite grand, and many important and lofty figures were present.

It wasnt surprising to see that Purple Moon Entertainment Company would garner all kinds of nominations.

After all, compared to the Oscars, there was one more interesting part there.

“Everyone should be quite interested in this award.

Its the best kiss of the year.

Please take a look at the big screen!”

“This should be her first kissing scene on the screen.

Its a very beautiful scene, and this can be considered as a classic kiss.”

“Yes, the winner is Zi Yan…”

In the midst of the laughter, Zi Yans face was a little red, and she went to the stage to receive the award.

The host asked her about what crossed her mind during that moment.

How could she have the nerve to say that

“Er…” Zi Yan smiled, and her face was still a little red, but what she said made many people present feel excited.

“Im very happy to win this award.

Of course, the success of our kissing also comes from life.”

“Does this mean that Miss Zi often kisses her lover in private”

“Of course.”

“Im really envious, since Miss Zi had such a happy ending…”

As he looked at Zi Yans sexy red lips, he couldnt help but feel envious.

However, it seemed that only Zhang Hanyang had the luck to enjoy them.

Some local people in Xiangjiang knew clearly about how strong the man whom Zi Yan married was.

It was normal for beautiful women to be with heroes since ancient times.

In addition, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company had won all kinds of awards, for best director and effects for instance.

That years harvest was good.

There was an interview after the award ceremony.

Zi Yan, who was paid a lot of attention, was arranged to accept an interview.

Zi Yan was quite forthcoming even while facing so many media reporters.

“Miss Zi, your wedding is remembered as the most beautiful one.

I wonder, will there be any videos released for us to see”

“Maybe in the future.”

“There are a lot of rumors about Miss Zi.

Its said that you have been with your lover for a long time, and that you also have a daughter.

I dont know if its true or not.”

“Its true.

I gave birth to a baby when I retired.

Now shes five years old.”

“Miss Zi, your lover is Hanyang, the great songwriter.

He also played the role of Captain Jack and Will.

He is very popular and has won a lot of awards.

Why didnt your lover receive the awards in person”

“Because he… likes to see me receive awards.”


Zhou Fei stood on the side with a smile on her face.

In the past, when Zi Yan was at her peak, even if she truly was in a relationship, the company would forbid her to make it public because it would have a great impact on her popularity.

But it was no longer a big deal at the moment.

It was also Zi Yans idea to make it public.

She had a husband and a daughter that she loved dearly.

Why did she hide it What would happen if she told others

In the end, she just lost some of her fans…

It was neither painful nor itchy.

More people wished her well.

Then life fell into silence again.

After Mengmeng squatted for two months, Zhang Guangyou added a movement.

When Mengmeng was squatting, he would always touch her legs to see whether she could keep a steady balance.

She would fall at first, but was gradually able to remain steady in that position.

As a result, her learning had reached the next level.

“Today, we will squat for half an hour, and then we will learn something else.

You can only watch one episode of your cartoons this time.”

“Eh I can only watch one episode”

Mengmeng pouted her small mouth and said, “I still want to watch two episodes.”

“You can watch the other one tomorrow.

Were almost done with the horse stance.

Grandpa will give you a little red flower.” Zhang Guangyou took advantage of the little red flower again.

This offer worked wonders.

Mengmeng nodded right away.


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