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“Oh, it turns out that they merely fainted It scared me.

I thought they were really dead.”

“This joke has gone too far.”

“Thats right.

Its not the right occasion.”

Many people were talking about the incident.

The expression on Edmonds uncles face was as if he had eaten something bad.

The others may not know it, but as a Qi Strength Master, how could he not know that they were dead

“Holy Son, why” Edmonds uncle asked bitterly.

He wasnt willing to accept this.

He had the highest status in the family, which was why when something happened to his familys disciples, they would naturally question him.

But Mr.

John was the one who did it.

What could he do

He didnt dare to say anything harsh and just asked in a confused tone.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that if Lord John had these thoughts, no one would say anything about it even if they killed him.

A member of the Edmond family, in his presence, meant nothing at all.

“Oh, about Edmond, you know that Im very kind to my friends,” John said with a gentle expression and a smile on his face, “Mr.

Zhang is my friend.

I think you should understand what I mean.

You should be glad that you are still able to have a small celebration at this dinner party.”


As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions on the faces of Edmonds uncle and the two people beside him changed.

What did he mean by that He meant that he could kill more people, as well as the entire Edmond family.

They should be grateful that only one of them had died!

“Thank you, Mr.

John, for informing me.”

They cupped their hands and left.

They didnt dare to stay there and walked to the other side.

“Nice to meet you.”

John sat on the edge of the sofa, picked up a glass of red wine, gave a sign, and said, “Let me introduce myself.

My name is John Dawson.

You can call me John.”

After that, he took a sip of red wine and looked at the people who had varied expressions on their faces.

He did not say anything more.

Instead, he looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Dear Mr.

Zhang, may I have a private chat with you”

When he heard this, Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “Yes.”

Zhang Han had noticed Johns arrival earlier.

He was still trying to decide to whether he was an enemy or a friend, so he ignored Scorpion and the others.

If something really happened, there would definitely be a battle between the two of them.

But at the moment, it seemed that this John was constantly expressing his good intentions.

They won the award.

He also killed Edmond Parkers people.

What was he up to

Zhang Han smiled at Zi Yan, got up and went to the first room with John.

He walked straight to the window, looked at the night scene outside and said with a smile, “I want to introduce myself in detail.

I am called John Dawson, one of the nine Holy Sons of the Radiant Sect.

My father is the Holy King of the Radiant Sect.

I am now forty-three years old and I have been at Heaven Peak Stage Realm for ten years.

Yes, I reached the Heaven Peak Stage at the age of thirty-three.

Among the Holy Sons, I was the first.

But when I learned that Mr.

Zhang reached the Heaven Peak Stage at the age of twenty-seven, I was very surprised and wanted to get to you better.

This is one of the reasons.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han responded calmly and did not say anything more.

He had seen many Holy Sons of super sects in the Cultivation World.

He did not find anything special about John Dawson.

“Dont you wish to know how I learned the news You know, even in Hua nation, few people know that you are at Heaven Peak Stage,” John asked curiously.

“It should be from an official force, right” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Your Radiant Sect cant interfere with Hua nation.”

“Uh, thats true.” John was a little surprised.

In fact, he felt that Zhang Hans words were not courteous.

If someone else talked to him in this tone, he might die in the next second.

However, he thought that Zhang Han was qualified to do that.

“My father is very powerful and has infiltrated more forces.

That is to say, he has many connections.

We have friends in the government and the Vatican.

So, its not strange for us to know about you, but I admire you very much.

You were already at Heaven Peak Stage at 27 years old.

Its awesome.

The enemy of the enemy is a friend, and our common enemy are vampires.

Thats why I came uninvited.


Zhang, I hope you do not mind,” John said with a smile.

“Vampires” Zhang Han smiled lightly and said, “you let us win the award and also killed Edmonds people.

How could I mind Its just that vampires have nothing to do with me.”

“No, no, no, Mr.

Zhang, you know too little about vampires.

Please let me explain to you.” John did not keep him guessing and said directly, “Its not a secret that the Halan Clan of England was destroyed by Mr.


Halan Clan is not a threat.

However, I have additional information.

Halan Prince is the adopted son of Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

The life of the Patriarch is long and its not surprising.

However, there is a drop of blood essence of Patriarch of the Ross Clan in the body of Halan Prince.

Patriarch of the Ross Clan has always wanted to break through to a higher level.

He used a method to release his blood essence.

There are a total of ten people.

Those people have the bloodlines and soon became powerful, but they are still nourished by the blood of Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

They may be able to make a breakthrough with the help of the supreme treasure Origin Bead of Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

This plan has been made a long time ago.

We have thought about killing those ten people…”

Speaking of this, John showed a trace of helplessness on his face.

“But due to the blood essence of Patriarch of the Ross Clan and his incantation, those ten people could not be killed at all.

Their blood is hidden in different places.

If you kill them once, they can come back to life.

However, Halan Princes death meant a great deal to vampires, so the method you used must have been very subtle.

This is also the main reason why I came to make friends with you.”

The strong does not need to waste time on nonsense.

John Dawson told Zhang Han his whole purpose, which could be said to be open and honest.

This move suited Zhang Han as he was not one who liked to talk about non-essential stuff.

When he heard what he said, Zhang Han fell silent.

“So thats how it is.”

Zhang Han refined Halan Prince into a drop of real blood.

Zhang Han was a little confused at the beginning.

“How can a prince have the blood power”

Only now did he understand that there was a drop of blood essence of Patriarch of the Ross Clan in his body.

“Patriarch of the Ross Clan is insidious and cunning.

You killed Halan Prince, and he will never let you go.

I said that we are friends because our common enemy is very powerful.

Among vampires, the Ross family can be regarded as the most powerful in the world, so you have to be careful.

We have a lot of information about you from the officials.

The beauty Zi Yan from the East is your wife, and you have a daughter Zhang Yumeng.

You love your daughter very much.

You are at Heaven Peak Stage.

You are very young, so there is a lot of room for you to grow.

Patriarch of the Ross Clan can do anything, so you have to be on guard.

You need us.

Coincidentally, we also need you, because you can topple his ten, oh no, the remaining nine sacrificial princes.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly after hearing Johns words.

“Patriarch of the Ross Clan is not a strong enemy.

For thousands of years, he still has such a cultivation.

He is not qualified to make me fear him.”

These words moved John.

It seemed that Mr.

Zhang from the East was still a little arrogant.

“No, no, no, Mr.

Zhang, you are very powerful, but you dont understand Patriarch of the Ross Clan.

You really need to be very cautious.

For example, I heard this piece of news.”

John smiled and said, “Someone is going to deal with you.

The enemy this time is Prince Vere.

They received news from the Man in the Bamboo Hat that the blood of Zhang Hanyangs wife and daughter in Xiangjiang is pure.

For vampires, this sentence is very profound.

Its very unusual for anyone to be called pure blood by them.

In addition, due to Prince Halans death, Prince Vere intends to teach you a lesson.

Im afraid that they are going to take action in Xiangjiang.”

His words made Zhang Hans face change slightly and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Was Prince Vere really going to make a move Or was he just trying to draw him over to his side and make him hate vampires Was that Johns style

“What a coincidence!”

Zhang Han looked at John with a slightly cold gaze.


Zhang is suspicious of me.” John smiled and shook his head.

“In fact, at our level, dirty tricks are of no use.

The men at the Heaven Peak Stage almost will never die.

No one can break the shackles of this world, so I am not lying.

I learned the news a week ago, but I have not seen you yet.

There is no need to inform you.

If Prince Vere succeeds, your hatred will be greater.

You will seek revenge on them without me having to say more.”

He was telling the truth.

In the beginning, he also hoped that Prince Veres subordinates could succeed.

In that case, he didnt need to bother at all.

The cold-blooded Zhang Hanyang would massacre vampires.

In the West, wasnt the Radiant Sect the ally he needed

“After I heard something about Mr.

Zhang, I think its necessary to make friends with you, so I sent 12 guards to Xiangjiang.

Before I came, I received a call from them.

I think your call will come soon.” John said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, he fell silent.

Zhang Han did not say anything until a minute later.


Zhang Guangyou was on the phone.

After hanging up, Zhang Han suddenly laughed.

“You hypocrite, I find it interesting.”

“Hypocrite” John was stunned, thinking about the meaning of these words.

Then, he laughed and said, “Maybe, for some people, Im a Holy Son and a good person.

For some people, Im also a wicked person.

I dont care.

But for you, I hope to be an ally.”

“An ally If the spoils belong to me, you can.” Zhang Han replied.

The powerful vampires were like a tonic to Zhang Han.

He didnt mind killing the enemy with John.

“As you wish.”

A smile appeared on Johns face.

He had a feeling that it had been a rewarding trip.

The dinner was still in progress.

After their talk ended, they went out, sat for five minutes and then left together.

About two hours later, they came back.

At this time, Chen Changqing could sense some blood essence in John.

He must have drawn blood.

After sitting for a while, John looked at Zhang Han with a trace of shock and astonishment in his eyes, and his words became even more courteous.

At about nine oclock, the dinner party ended.

At 12 oclock, Mr.

John enthusiastically saw them off.

Zhang Han and the others got on the plane.

“Brother Han, arent you afraid that he will take advantage of you” Chen Changqing sat next Zhang Han and asked in a low voice.

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