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“Dont, Patriarch Jiang, you dont need to thank me.

As a member of the Jiang Clan, I just did what I should do,” Fu Hongshan said hurriedly.

Seeing his humble attitude, Patriarch Jiang and the other members of the Jiang Clan were more satisfied, and they all looked at him with a smile.

It was conceivable that Fu Hongshans status in the Jiang Clan would soar.

On the other side, Jiang Yanlan had secretly followed behind Xia Ran.

Her strength was stronger than him, not to mention all the clever means she knew.

Therefore, Xia Ran had not noticed that a person had been following him from a distance all the way along.

“Im really out of luck.”

Xia Ran balled his hands into fists and bellowed, “Why was that guy in the Jiang Clan”

He was very upset.

He believed that he had gotten the numbers of the Jiang Clan.

But who would have thought that they staged Zhang Hanyang to back them up

“I gotta go back to the worldlet and break to the Earth Realm.”

Xia Ran was quite young and strong.

He reckoned that if he entered the Earth Realm and became the backbone of the sect, he would be able to do anything he wanted without worrying about upsetting others, wouldnt he

While he was pondering…


All of a sudden, a figure showed up about 100 meters ahead.


“Who is it… Emperor Qing Gasp!”

When he recognized the figure, Xia Ran drew in his breath with a chill.

“D*mn, Zhang Hanyang is indeed the kind of man that seeks revenge for the smallest grievance!”

“I merely talked back to him a little, and now he has sent Emperor Qing to kill me”

“I, Xia Ran, pay my respects to Immortal King Chen!”

He was quite frightened, but he also felt that maybe the other party was just… passing by

So he decided to go through the standard greetings first.

“Dont call me that.

Im so flattered.” Chen Changqings face was stern.

“Xia Ran, if I remember correctly, you ranked among the last ten on the Divine List Youre just 25, but youve already made such an achievement.

Thats impressive.

Yet, you should have known better than to offend Brother Han.”

Chen Changqing said these words indifferently.

Then, he leaned forward, his long sword appeared in his right hand, and his aura suddenly became murderous.

He was ready to kill!

Xia Ran was terrified.

How could he be Emperor Qings match

“Immoral King Chen! Please listen to me!”

Xia Ran hurriedly said, “I didnt mean to offend Zhang Hanyang.

Its a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding Hahaha, why didnt you say it was a misunderstanding when you made those rude remarks” Chen Changqing sneered.

“I am a talented disciple of Shuiyun Sect.

You cant kill me.

You dont want to turn the two sects against each other, do you” Xia Ran was both astounded and furious.

He didnt expect Zhang Hanyang to be so petty.

He merely made a veiled attack, and there was no direct conflict at all.

So why would Zhang Hanyang send someone to kill him

“What if I kill a disciple that ranks among the last ten on the Divine List Big deal!” Chen Changqing said, “You dont need to even consider running away, because you cant outrun me.”

“Ah! I, I…”

Xia Ran hurriedly took out his weapon.

He had to put up a fight anyway.

But even Yan Chen, who had occupied the first place on the Divine List for more than two months, was taken down by Emperor Qing with two moves.

How could Xia Ran win this battle

Cold sweat streamed down from his forehead.

What he did not know was, it was Jiang Yanlans wicked idea to call Chen Changqing over.

“Drop dead!”

Chen Changqing launched a strike.

Instantly, Xia Ran was drowned in the darkness that blotted out the sky.


Xia Ran suddenly let out a cry of fright.

Then, he fainted because of the terror and quickly started to fall from the sky.

Chen Changqing was stunned when he saw that.

“How can that happen”

It really updated Chen Changqings knowledge of courage.

They were both at the God Realm Peak-stage and on the Divine List.

But how could Xia Ran be such a cowardice

Reaching forward, Chen Changqing grabbed Xia Ran.

Jiang Yanlan also flew to them rapidly.

“What a wuss!”

Jiang Yanlan said angrily, “Its the first time Ive seen someone be scared into a coma.”

“Uh, maybe it has something to do with the secret technique I just performed.” Chen Changqing explained.

It did make sense to say that his secret technique had impacted Xia Ran.

But it certainly couldnt be the direct cause because Xia Ran had fainted even before that strike hit him.

That made Jiang Yanlan feel rather mortified.

“Although you are not his match, you could have made a few moves and then run away!”

At this time, she seemed to have forgotten that she was the one who came up with the idea.

“Im off to beat up Liu.

Please take him there.”

With that, Jiang Yanlan quickly left and headed for the Gai Clan.

Today, the Gai Clan was very lively.

When Zhang Han came back, dinner was just served.

Zhang Han sat on the side and chatted with Mengmeng and Zi Yan for a while.

Then, everyone turned in.

At ten oclock, Dong Chen made a hurried journey to Ice City.

After learning the news from Chen Changqing, he was also a little excited.

At three oclock in the morning, Sect Leader Jiang and his men came back to meet Dong Chen.

Jiang Yanlan didnt tell Sect Leader Jiang about that in advance.

But after thinking about it, he thought that a Blazing Eagle Kings soul was of little use to them.

It might be better to give it to Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He didnt even ask for any equivalent treasures in exchange.

For powerful figures like him, good connections were much more valuable than treasures.

However, Dong Chen had made up his mind that if this treasure really helped him break through, he would repay Sect Leader Jiang with something of double value.

At five oclock in the morning, a group of people came to Mystical Martial World with Xia Ran, whose head was drooping on his shoulder, and entered the Ancient Mine.

Dong Chen didnt expect that the mine would be so far away.

After traveling for three days, they finally arrived at the entrance, which was behind a huge waterfall.

Then, they crossed what felt like a hundred corners before finally entering the so-called secret place.

Although the group of people walked very cautiously, they still encountered a lot of trouble.

Fortunately, they were all excellent martial artists, and they managed to safely explore this secret place.

The secret place was not very large.

Sect Leader Jiang also knew a few weird places that might have the soul of the Blazing Eagle King.

So, they quickly narrowed down the searching range.

It was very likely that Dong Chen wouldnt go out empty-handed.

But they had no idea that in a long mountain range tens of thousands of miles away, Grand Elder of Wind Snow School and his men were launching attacks on end against a large crowd of beasts.

The Dark Fire Mountain Range!

If one looked at them from the air, one would definitely find that they had completed about 20% of their task.

While slaughtering the beasts, Caprice Mo Sect Leader shouted,

“This is already so hard before the Beast King comes out to fight.

Can we really take over this place”

“I think we might not.”

The other two leaders were also a little disheartened.

They had already obtained more than a dozen divine objects, so the harvest was good.

But the endless powerful beasts made them want to retreat.

“This is just the beginning.”

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School launched a hack, cutting a brown five-meter-long lizard into halves, then he said coldly, “Weve gone so far now.

If anyone retreats, he will be the enemy of the Wind Snow School!”

As soon as this statement was made, the Heaven Realm martial artists in Wind Snow School all threw fierce looks at other people.

The faces of Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the others hardened a bit.

“Grand elder, dont bite more than you can chew.

Its not that we want chicken out.

Its just that we dont believe the thing what you described really exists.”

The head of Ten Tiger Sect said in a cool voice, which could be regarded as an explanation.

In fact, they were not worried that they couldnt find the treasure that could help them break through to the Heaven Peak Stage.

Since the Ancient Mine was strewn with both great opportunities and dangers, They believe there would be such treasures.

However… would the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School be willing to share those with them

After killing all the beasts to get there whiling plotting against one another, they felt that it might not be worth it.

They were worried that once they successfully wiped out the beasts, the Wind Snow School would start to attack them instead.

That was why they wanted to retreat.

Moreover, the bigger reason was that they were afraid of the Beast King they were about to face.

A few kilometers ahead, it was a Beast Kings territory.

The Beast King was said to be even stronger than those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Although they planned to defeat the Beast King by siege, some of these people might get killed in the battle.

No one wanted to die!

“Im sure the treasures are there.”

Grand Elder of Wind Snow School held back the killing intent and said calmly, “But the Wind Snow School will take half of the treasures.

You will distribute the rest among yourselves.

The Wind Snow School will also give some divine objects to those who fail to seize any treasures.

Since youve agreed to come, dont stir up trouble halfway.


The threat in his words was blatant.

As soon as he said that, Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his men fell silent, for they were weighing the benefits and the losses.

Even if they could not get the treasures that could assist them with their breakthrough, it was still good to have some divine objects.

So, if one wanted to reach the Heaven Peak Stage, one must fight for the treasures.

No one could tell who would be the final winner anyway.

These people exchanged looks.

Although they were in the same camp, they were also on guard against one another.

After this episode, they continued to fight in the Dark Fire Mountain Range.

While the fierce war was in full swing, Zhang Han and the people who wanted to play in the snow have arrived at a snow mountain.

“PaPa! Hold me.”

Everyone had put on ski suits.

Mengmeng happily ran to Zhang Han and stretched out her small arms.

“Come here.”

Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms, jumped forward, and stepped directly on a snowboard.

Then he turned around to look at Zi Yan, who had put on the skis.

“I dont know how to brake.”

Zi Yan curled her sexy red lips.

“Haha, its okay.

Youre with me.

Just ski behind me,” Zhang Han said tenderly.

“Youre displaying your affection in public again!”

Zhang Li snorted and set off first.


Suddenly, a coquettish voice sounded from behind.

“I dont know how to brake either.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Wang Ya, Xu Yong, Zhao Feng, and others all looked over.

The corner of Chen Changqings mouth was twitching.

He could not stand people calling him “Qingqing”.

But Zhou Fei wanted to call him that.

What could he do about it

“Ill help you.”

Chen Changqing promised and grabbed Zhou Feis hand.

“PaPa, they are all setting off.

Lets hurry up!”

Seeing that everyone had slid down the mountain, she waved her arms to urge Zhang Han.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Stepping on the snowboard, he moved a little and began to slowly slide forward.

Zi Yan moved in a little awkward way, but it didnt affect the charm of her long legs in the slightest.

It could be said that she had become an eye-catch on the ski field.

Following Zhang Han, she felt very safe.

As the speed picked up, the game seems to be more and more exciting.

After the enjoyable first round, they all climbed back to the top of the mountain.

Mengmeng chuckled and said, ” PaPa, I want to ski by myself.”

As soon as she said that, Zhao Feng fetched her small-sized skis.

Zhang Han helped Mengmeng wear the ski shoes and everything, and then watched the little girl ski.

Just like her mother, she was also not a sports talent.

Every time she was about to fall, an imperceptible gentle force lifted Mengmeng up before she hit the ground.

This also gave Mengmeng an illusion that skiing turned out to be so easy.

The happy time always passes quickly.

Soon, the ski day was over.

The next day, Mengmeng wanted to have a snowball fight.

Of course, Zhang Han agreed.

If without his approval, how could this group of people dare to hang out and have so much fun on the first day of the Chinese New Year

However, good news arrived the next day.

Dong Chen had obtained the Blazing Eagle Kings soul, which was very powerful.

It would still take him some time to refine it.

Thus, Dong Chen dropped by the Gai Clan just to say hello and then hurried back to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Lately, the Heavenly Knights Sect seemed more and more promising.

The number of newly recruited disciples this year had reached 5,000.

Of course, the admission standard had been lowered a little.

Most of those new disciples were Qi Strength masters.

The small number of Wu Dao Grand Masters among them were already considered the very talented ones.

Since the worldlet sects had taken in so many disciples, the secular martial arts world appeared to be somewhat deserted.

After the Divine List Competition and the disciples recruitment, the secular world was finally peaceful again.

If it werent for the many martial arts family, martial artists would rarely be seen in the secular world.

After all, the population base of more than one billion in the secular world was too large.

In the ten days they stayed in the Gai Clan, they visited all kinds of fun places.

Zi Yan also had a good time doing shopping.

After that, the group returned to Xiangjiang.

On the evening that they were back, Zhang Guangyou came to the castle and said with a smile, “Mengmeng, you will start to learn martial arts with Grandpa from tomorrow.

Youve promised Grandpa.

So, tomorrow, you will get up at six oclock.

If there is nothing else, youd better go to bed now.”

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