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Chapter 76 – The first ten membership cards were sold out

The manager, who had just reached the door, turned around.

He frowned as he looked at the two and said coldly,

“Doing business has always been about honesty.

This kind of cheating is no longer suitable for this job.

Go to the front desk and check your monthly salary.

Both of you are fired!”

With that, they twos expressions completely changed.

They wanted to say something, but the manager didnt give them the chance and walked out in big strides.

When he arrived at Zhang Hans restaurant, the managers expression was somewhat bitter:

“Boss, Im really sorry.

I didnt know that two newcomers from the kitchen had switched one.”

“I have already fired them! This is truly unreasonable; I cant believe that they have done such a thing! ”

“The employees of the restaurant are really disappointing!”


“Sigh, I dont even want to work there anymore.”

“Cough cough, boss, why dont you reconsider me …”

The manager first indignantly said a few words, but very soon, the atmosphere gradually changed, and the manager once again expressed his desire to work in here.

However, Zhang Han shook his head and rejected him.

After a while, the manager gave up and shook his head helplessly as he turned to leave.

However, the managers heart had prepared to be repeatedly defeated.

He firmly believed that as long as ones martial arts was profound; the iron pestle would be ground into a needle!

He believed that one day he would make Zhang Han accept him.

After the manager left, Zhang Han accompanied Mengmeng to watch the cartoon, and very quickly, it was 5: 30.

This time, the first group of guests was an elderly couple, the man looked to be in his fifties, with a square face and wearing a Chinese tunic.

Although his expression was kind, his body would inadvertently emit the aura of a superior.

Beside him was a woman who looked younger than he did.

Her hair was still very dark and her face was well maintained, but the lines at the corners of her eyes showed the signs of age.

“Liying, youll know when you taste it later.

The food here is really the best Ive ever eaten.” After entering the restaurant, the square-faced man lightly patted the womans back with a smile.

“Alright, the food make you spend so much money, it must be delicious.” Wu Liying laughed indifferently.

Her demeanor was polite, her tone gentle, and she had the bearing of a lady from a noble family.

She must have been a beauty when she was young.

“Although it is a bit expensive, you have seen the notice board at the entrance.

It has already sold seven cards.

If you dont buy it now, you wont be able to afford it later.” The square-faced man shook his head slightly.

“If you want to buy it, then buy it.

Were all old, and our children are good too.

If they know you like it, then dont mention the money, they would buy it for you even it is ten million.” Wu Liying chuckled.

“That wont do.” His square face straightened as he said, “Its not easy for them to earn money.

Moreover, even though they are my children, I do not like to accept so much money from them.”

The square-faced mans name was Li Qiang.

He used to work for the government and was a division chief.

Although he had retired, he still had some authority.

He had a son and a daughter, both of whom were top students and had developed business brains.

His son had started a financial company, his daughter a cosmetics company, his eldest son has a son, and his youngest daughter has a daughter; What a happy family.

He and Wu Liying only needed to enjoy their elder lives for now.

In these few years, their children would give them money every month, and they knew that Wang Qiang did not like receiving money, so they would only give Wu Liying money every time.

On the other hand, last night, Wang Qiang had sat on the sofa and thought about it for a long time, but in the end, he couldnt hold it in.

He said that he wanted to buy a membership card, causing Wu Liying to feel that it was really funny and historic.

Thus, the next scene appeared.

After the two of them entered the door, they spoke a little and stood in front of the service counter.

Wang Qiangs gaze turned to Zhang Han and he waved his hand: “Little Boss, we want to buy a membership card.”


Zhang Han stood up and nodded his head as he walked over.

Zhang Han had some impression of Wang Qiang, it was the first time he had visited him the night before yesterday, and he had come to eat every meal during these two days as well.

“Here, transfer the money.” Zhang Han handed over his bank card.

“Yes, three million.

Three membership cards.” Wang Qiang operate the phone for a while before showing it to Zhang Han.

“Eh Why three There only two of us ” Wu Liying asked hesitantly.

“How can two be enough” Wang Qiang curled his lips and said: “We still have a grandchild and granddaughter; well bring them over to eat later.

The membership cards here can only be used by one person, we cant make them queue up, and if not, they wont be able to eat food.”

“Oh.” Wu Liying smiled and said: “If thats the case, then if we were to eat, wouldnt our sons and daughters also have to come”

“They” Wang Qiang lightly snorted, and said: “They nearly return home, dont care about them, if they want to come eat, then line up for themselves, hmph.”

After Wu Liying heard this, she shook her head with a smile.

Seeing that, Zhang Han chuckled, took out number 8, number 9 and number 10 card and said: “Three membership cards.”

“Liying, take them.” Wang Qiang passed the membership card to Wu Liying and looked at Zhang Han: “Little Boss, can you give us two cups of milk to drink first”

“Alright, the milk will be ready in ten minutes.” Zhang Han nodded, he stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

Wang Qiang and Wu Liying walked towards the members table.

“Liying, lets sit at the table inside.

The seats on the outside are the seats that the four youngsters use every day.”

Wang Qiang led Wu Liying and sat at the innermost table.

After bringing some milk to Wang Qiang and his wife, he poured himself another cup.

While drinking, he chatted with Zhang Han for a while, and decided that he would go to Mount New Moon tomorrow morning to deliver the fish seedlings.

The dinner was still just Egg-Fried Rice.

This time, Zhang Han only brought Mengmeng a little rice.

“Un humph, PaPa, this… Ugh … “Its too little, not enough to eat …” Mengmeng pouted her mouth and said unhappily.

Zhang Han said many things to amuse her, and after telling Mengmeng that she could eat delicious food at night, Mengmeng reluctantly agreed.

There were still many people lining up in front of the restaurant.

However, the thirty small chairs were not filled.

There were about twenty people there, because everyone seemed to know that there was basically no food left in the back row.

Ye Zichen could only leave with a sad face, while mumbling to himself, “If I had a membership card …”

In their hearts, with this restaurants membership card, the status was high.

When every member walked towards the members table, they would always attract peoples attention.

The envy in their eyes could be seen by anyone.

Unknowingly, in the hearts of these customers, the membership card of Zhang Hans restaurant had exceeded everything else.

Brand of clothes Can you eat it

Rolex Can you eat it

Lamborghini, Ferrari Can you eat it

Oh, Michelins Three Star Restaurant I can eat, but Im sorry, Im not going.

I only want Egg Fried Rice! I only recognizeMengmengs Leisure Dining Room.

Gradually, the customers all felt the same way.

Eating was of course important, in their eyes, Zhang Hans restaurant had already become the most important place in their hearts.

However, when Zhang Han saw this scene, he would always ponder for a moment.

The restaurants space was smaller and more crowded, making Zhang Han a little unhappy about it.

The ten members were all filled, if there were more members, then there wouldnt even be a seat.

Could it be that he had to give up some seats for the members Should he give the member prices a tenfold increase Or simply not selling members

Zhang Han thought about the question, but the words are already said, and since he already wrote them all, then thats it.

The other membership cards will be sold ten million each, which will decrease the number of people who want to buy it.

If the customers knew what he was thinking, they would definitely bow down to him.

The boss is way too unrational, isnt it

The membership was so expensive, so why would he despise it

However, they did not know just how high Zhang Hans perspective was.

After dinner, it was already past 7:00 pm.

Zhao Feng was the last to leave.

Before he left, he naturally cleaned up the dining hall once more.

Little did he know that his actions were already saw by some people.

As Zhao Feng was driving away, there was a black Buick on the other side of the street.

A grim-looking driver took out his mobile phone and made a call.

“Lord Tang, Zhao Feng has been staying in the same restaurant every day, called Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

He is very familiar with the owner and has helped him do some work.

The driver informed everyone about the news.

In a mansion on the side of the New Moon Bay Road, a man in his forties stood in front of the window.

He wore a bathrobe, and looked at the three gorgeous women playing in the pool outside.

Tang Zhans appearance was very calm, just like a neighbors uncle.

His thick eyebrows and big eyes, lips were a bit thick, and his facial features were sharp and straight.

After he finished listening to this piece of news, the corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

“Oh “Is that so”

After he lightly murmured to himself, he directly hung up the phone and looked at the direction of the New Moon Bay below the mountain with a profound gaze.


“Brother, Mengmeng princess is here!”

Zhang Li ran into the dining hall while smiling.

She was holding two bags, one containing some snacks, and the other a few toys.

“Hmm, thank you, aunt.

Aunt is so kind.” Mengmeng was very happy when someone gave her a gift.

She blinked her large and clear eyes as she thanked Zhang Li.

“Hee hee, of course Aunt likes Mengmeng.

Didnt you see that I only brought a present for Mengmeng” Zhang Li laughed as he rubbed Mengmengs little head.

“How did you get here” Seeing Zhang Li running over from the other side, Zhang Han asked.

“I took the subway.” Zhang Li replied.

“Subway You dont have a car here ” Zhang Han was startled, and felt that he was a little careless.

“Why do I need a car I dont have any interest in cars right now.

” Zhang Li smiled slightly.


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