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Chapter 738 The Third Generation of the Martial Arts Family

Zhang Guangyou felt extremely confused.

“What does he mean

“How come Ive already lost half of my fathers reputation

“Does Uncle Dong usually think of me in that way”

Zhang Guangyou felt a little dizzy.

Even he was scolded.

Did he do anything wrong

However, Zhang Guangyou was used to it.

The Grand Elder had always been strict.

Then he looked at his son out of the corner of his eye.

Zhang Guangyou did not say anything about Zhang Hans incredible martial arts heritage of predecessors for the time being.

He wanted to see if Zhang Han was proud.

However, Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He remembered that the last time someone reprimanded him was during the three hundredth year of the Cultivation World.

Zhang Guangyou asked, “Han, youve got an incredible martial arts heritage of predecessors.

The First Elders words may not be very accurate about you.

Dont you mind”

Every talent was proud.

So was he.

Zhang Guangyou sighed silently.

Hearing his fathers words, Zhang Han paused for two seconds before he said slowly, “All those who spoke to me in that manner in the past, are all dead.”

“But hes different, because of his relationship with you.”

Zhang Han smiled and looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng, who were playing in the pet area of the back mountain.

“I dont care about much in this world.

What do other peoples thoughts of me have to do with me I only care about you.”

His words warmed Zhang Guangyous heart.

He patted Zhang Han on the shoulder and said gently, “Good boy.”

“If your grandfather saw you, he would definitely be proud of you.

I dont know how wonderful the inheritance you got is, but I know that people who can live for 500 years are beyond my imagination.

I also know that the tribulation stage you mentioned is at the 9th stage, which is much more than I know.

If it is true, it is too high-end.

But we can slowly understand these in the future.

We still have time.

If your grandfather knows about this, he will be proud of you.”

“My grandfather” Zhang Han pursed his lips and said, “To be honest, I feel that even though we are related by blood, I have no feelings for him because Ive never met him.

Of course, Mengmeng is an exception.”

He still remembered that when he met Mengmeng, his love for her rose linearly.

Maybe he would feel the same way when he saw his grandfather, but Zhang Han absolutely did not think it would be the same as when he saw his daughter.

However, he did not expect that Zhang Guangyou would answer him with a question that surprised him after a moments hesitation.

“You said you have not met your grandpa”

“Hmm” Zhang Han was stunned.

“When did I see him”

“Ah, I forgot about it.

Im so stupid.” Zhang Guangyou patted his forehead and looked at Zhang Li, who was sitting next to Liang Hao and drinking juice.

“Zhang Li, come here!”


The two of them turned their heads and looked at each other, then both of them got up and came over.

“Liang Hao, just stay there for a while.

We have something private to talk about.”

“Okay, Uncle Zhang.” Liang Hao nodded quickly and sat back down.

In his heart, he could not help but laugh bitterly.

“It seems that I have much to do before getting the approval of my father-in-law!”

Zhang Li came over with a cup of juice and sat beside Zhang Guangyou casually.

“Whats the matter”

“I just thought of something I forgot to mention to both of you.”

Zhang Guangyou coughed and said, “I talked with your brother about your grandfather just now.

He said that he didnt have any impression of your grandfather.

I replied that you have met him before.”

“Grandpa We saw him How is it possible” Zhang Lis eyes widened.

“Dad, are you getting old and muddled Would we not remember if we have seen him before”

“Old and muddled Do you want a spanking!”

Zhang Guangyou glared at her.

Of course, he was just joking and was surely unwilling to beat her.

After saying that, Zhang Guangyou smiled a mysterious smile.

He took a look at Zhang Han and then at Zhang Li.

After repeating the action for five seconds, he slowly said,

“In fact, you have met your grandpa long time ago.

When you were young, in the Hidden Dragon Village, Elder Mu, who lived next door, is your grandpa.”

“Hmm” Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“What!” Zhang Li even let out an awful cry and could not believe it.

“Is Elder Mu our grandpa How, how could he be our grandpa Why didnt you say that before”

“I didnt mention it before because your grandfather is famous as Zhang Shenwang.

His real name is Zhang Mu.

You also know that our deadly enemy is Wind Snow School.

Theyre very strong.

In this world, people in the Divine Realm have ways to pry into the memories of ordinary people and even of some strong ones.

You were very young at that time.

If someone wanted to probe your memories and found out your identity, then you, as well as your mother and many others would be implicated.

But he still wanted to spend a limited amount of time with you.

So he had to disguise himself as an ordinary Elder Mu and settle in the Hidden Dragon Village.

Once he had time, he would go there.

Thats why I often took you to the countryside at an early age.” Zhang Guangyou answered.

All of a sudden, Zhang Han fell silent.

It was no wonder that Elder Mu always looked at him and Lili with eyes filled with kindness.

It was no wonder that every time his family went to the countryside, he would personally cook many delicious dishes.

Its no wonder…

Scenes flashed across Zhang Hans mind.

It turned out that he was their grandfather, Zhang Mu, Zhang Shenwang.

They had already met each other a long time ago.

Zhang Han sighed in his heart.

This seemed to be the farthest distance that people often talked about.

The one was standing in front of them, but they did not acknowledge him.

“In the past, I did not expect that these things would be so complicated.” Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“Its because he had no choice.” Zhang Guangyou looked gloomy.

“He always wanted to hear you call him grandpa, but he never had the chance.

I dont know if he will be able to hear it in the future.”

“Grandpa, grandpa…”

Women were emotional, although Zhang Li was still a girl now.

As soon as she heard that, her eyes turned red.

“Well, lets stop talking about this.

It will happen if it is fated to happen.

Your grandfather also obtained a lot in the martial arts by chance, so he wont die so easily.

Call him grandpa when you meet him.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and looked at Zhang Han again.

“I may be busy in a few days.

I just learned that the First Elder of the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School led his men to the Kun Xu World.

This time, there will be several great battles involved with a large number of people.

Ill ask Uncle Dong to protect you here.

Youve also been to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

They cant break into the Double-Dragon Formation.”

“Nothing is absolute in the world.

Our Heaven-earth Formation is very powerful, but I have nearly a hundred ways to crack it,” Zhang Han said lightly.

“Huh” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“What are you talking about The Heaven-earth Formation is perfect.

It cant be broken unless by remarkable power.”

“Ha.” Zhang Han shook his head in amusement and said, “Dad, you are too confident, arent you I mean, with my current strength, I have a hundred ways to crack it.

If I break through to the Innateness Stage, the ways will be multiplied by ten times.”

Seeing Zhang Guangyous expression of disbelief, Zhang Han added,

“Since you dont believe me, Ill tell you in detail.

The so-called Double-dragon Formation just learned something from the top-class Heaven-earth Formation.

Its real name is Yin-Yang Double-dragon Heaven Formation! The dragon represents the sun while the water represents the moon.

The dragon lives in the water, which means there is harmony between Yin and Yang so everything will be safe and steady.

If the dragon rushes out of the water, the power of Yin will be overwhelming and unmatchable.”

“The formation of Heavenly Knights Sect exactly adopts that of the double dragons rushing out of water.

However, the energy under the dragons claws must be integrated, which corresponds to the water of Yin.

Yin and Yang help each other, so it can be more powerful.

This is the main formation.

There are also 108 formations attached to it in total.

I just tried to feel their existence in a short time.

Approximately, maze formation takes up thirty percent, the same as killing formation and guarding formation, while other formations occupy ten percent of the information.”

At this point, Zhang Guangyou looked dazed.

But Zhang Han was not done yet.

He added, “The fastest way to break the formation is to break it from the inside out.

If the dragon claws are cut off, the formation can easily be broken.”

As soon as he heard Zhang Hans words, Zhang Guangyous expression changed.

“Hush, lower your voice!”

He raised his hand to create a soundproof shield and exhaled a lengthy breath.

“Im scared to death.

Youre right, but… How did you know that”

Zhang Guangyou was a little confused and very frustrated.

How could the secret of the peripheral formation of the Heavenly Knights Sect be seen through so easily

“I just saw it.”

Zhang Han was a little speechless and said, “Dad, your opinion of me should be different from that of other strong ones in the martial arts world.

Dont treat your son as a martial artist because your son is a person who tries to cultivate himself to be an immortal.”


Zhang Guangyous eyes twitched as he murmured the word.

Then he closed his eyes and was silent for five seconds.

When he opened them, there was a trace of pride inside.

“I see.

My son is unusual, right”

“You can put it that way.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Of course, my brother is very powerful.

Dad, you may have to… Ask my brother to teach you how to cultivate in the future.”

“Yes, youre right.”

Zhang Han agreed with them.

“If I dont give good things to my family, who else should I give them to”

He nodded and said, “It is not the right time.

When Im free after my breakthrough, Ill give Dad the best.”


Zhang Guangyou suddenly laughed and said, “Okay, okay, Ill be waiting for you.”

He was in a good mood, and this was the happiest laughter that had come from him in recent years.

“But there is one thing I have to solve first.

Dad, as the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect, you have a lot of treasures, dont you”

“There are some treasures in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Do you want to cultivate” Zhang Guangyou asked.


Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Its time for… Cultivation.”

“Well, since my son is going to cultivate, I must support you.

Indeed, Ive also felt that youre enjoying yourself too much recently.

It seems that Uncle Dongs words did have some effect.”

“It has nothing to do with him.

The Heavenly Knights Sect does not have what I desire for cultivation.”

“Brat, are you belittling the Heavenly Knights Sect”

“No, the Heavenly Knights Sect doesnt really have it.”

“Where are they”

“Wind Snow School!”


Zhang Guangyou felt dizzy again after hearing Zhang Hans words.

“Why the Wind Snow School”

Zhang Han did not explain much and asked directly, “Do you have top-grade crystals”

“No, but I have some medium-grade crystals.”

“I want a hundred medium-grade crystals.

Do you have any treasure that can be used as the Formation Eye”

“There are some formation flags of no attributes, two divine weapons, dozens of divine objects.

The First Elder occasionally studies formation skills, so he keeps all these things.”

“I want all of them.

In addition to these, are there any treasures that can break the formations”

“There is a divine weapon called the Heaven-Piercing Hammer.”


Zhang Han asked about two more treasures and they were all available in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Then Zhang Han smiled and said,

“It seems that I am the third generation of the martial arts family which is rich in martial arts treasures, which saves me a lot of trouble.”

“No, son, didnt you say that the Wind Snow School has something that you want Where How did you find it”

Zhang Guangyou was quite curious.

But Zhang Hans answer shocked him in an instant.

“When I went to the Kun Xu World, I happened to wander around the Wind Snow School and found something I needed.”

Zhang Guangyou thought.


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