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Chapter 670 Going to Plunder the Treasures Here


Chen Changqing looked to his right.

There laid hills that were adorned with more verdant trees where over one-hundred-meter-tall trees were much in evidence.

“Lets go to have a look.”

Chen Changqing unconditionally followed Zhang Hans suggestion.

Although he came here for the sake of hunting treasures, he was clear that Brother Han would assist him to get the treasures that were useful to him.

Moreover, he primarily intended to help Brother Han this time and hoped to enjoy fighting side by side with him.

Considering that Zhang Han only came to the northern ice field with him, he had already perceived that Zhang Han had been likely to conflict with local martial artists.

Now that they were about to fight, Chen Changqing made adequate preparations before coming there.

Compared with Zhang Han, he was still ill-prepared.

Zhang Han suited his methods to the situation.

Having learned that the place was full of apparitions, Zhang Han prepared something quite useful.

For instance, but for the Mountain and River Flag Deployment, the newly refined Soul-gathering Flag would not have been of great use.

Swish! Swish!

The two of them moved quickly to the right.

Chen Changqing did not find any hint of treasures just by looking at the mountain range.

As he walked with Brother Han, he found a stone platform with a radius of a thousand meters at the bottom of a mountain.

On the platform stood huge stone statues reaching up to more than 100 meters high.

Some of them had human bodies and snake heads, while some had horse bodies and tiger heads.

They were in all shapes and sizes.

Even Chen Changqing did not know what they were called because he had never seen such a scene before.

When it came to the understanding of time, compared with Zhang Han, Chen Changqing was still too inexperienced.

Chen Changqing, however, also had fun at this moment.

He did not need to worry about anything but followed behind lightheartedly.

He asked with curiosity, “Whats this place”

Zhang Han looked at the smallest white stone statue and blurted out a few words, “The place dedicated to Double-winged Tiger King.”

The stone statue in front of them, though the smallest, was at the peak of the square.

It was more than 20 meters high with a white tiger body, blue eyes, and sharp teeth, decorated with two 10-meter-long wings.

Moreover, it possessed unique talent as well as a supernatural power.

Zhang Han knew that Double-winged Tiger had reached the Foundation Stage from birth.

Although it was not one of the powerful spirit beasts in the vast Cultivation World, it was really helpful for him at this point.

Furthermore, the remnant soul of Double-winged Tiger King was in the stone statue in front of him!

His card, a fourth-stage spirit treasure, was somewhat inefficient now.

Although the Four Symbols Formation was indeed powerful, it only had two souls; one was a flood dragon that represented the Azure Dragon, while another was a Golden Black Tortoise that represented the Black Tortoise.

Now, this Double-winged Tiger could represent the White Tiger.

Since three of the four symbols were gathered together, the cards power would increase exponentially.

It would bring qualitative changes in his card.

Yet, the card could only be upgraded to a higher level and would not become a divine weapon like the Mountain and River Flag Deployment.

Moreover, Zhang Han would not have been so amazed if there were only one soul.

In addition to the white tiger statue, there were 18 even larger statues on the spot.

Not only were there remnant souls hiding in them, but the statues could also be refined in line with its quality.

With the help of these statues, Zhang Han was confident that he could upgrade his card to a divine weapon.

Although the card upgraded at the expense of losing the opportunity to be promoted to higher ranks later, Zhang Han did not care.

He just wanted a convenient weapon while in transition, so there was nothing to care about.

Just like in online games, full-level players would not usually choose the best but more suitable equipment in the lower stage when they upgraded their affiliated accounts.

Zhang Han also thought so.

As the two of them entered the space of the stone statue, Chen Changqing and Zhang Han looked just like ants in front of these statues.

Nevertheless, the physique was not the fundamental element of strength.

“Theyre about to wake up,” Zhang Han glanced at the Double-winged Tiger stone statue 500 meters ahead and said slowly.

“Then lets fight against them,” Chen Changqing replied casually.

He neither cared about anything nor bothered to check these things with his soul sense because he was clear that Brother Han felt absolutely confident of winning since he brought him there.

Just like they had strolled idly and passed through the space filled with apparitions and ghosts, while others had to take painstaking efforts and risk their lives.

Who would believe that they even refined a divine weapon

But Chen Changqing did not expect that the second divine weapon was about to be born.

Moreover, he never thought that he was a coolie.

Zhang Han turned his head and glanced at him, then said with a smile, “Stop them for ten minutes.”

“Ah Alright, leave them to me.” Chen Changqing nodded.

As he found that a fierce gale began to blow up, a black light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

With an unpredictable shadow sword in his right hand, he was ready to fight.

As for Zhang Han, his aura changed after he closed his eyes for three seconds.

He swung his hands forward.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Pieces of gemstones started separating in all directions.

If one were to take a closer look, he could discover that there were five fourth-grade spirit treasures amongst these gems.

Since they were extremely suited for setting up formations, they were known as Formation Stones.

Great things might be done by mass effort.

As long as Zhang Han asserted a claim, Gai Xingkong, Warlord of Chan Clan, and many other families in Hong Kong would send the treasures over.

Most of them were provided by the Warlord of Chan Clan.

As an experienced God State Strong, he absolutely accumulated abundant property.

As for Chen Changqing, he just took these treasures at his will regardless of Elder Chens thought!

Since they had made sufficient preparations, it was much easier for them to face challenges.

Although the remnant souls in these stone statues were relatively powerful, they were still inferior to the Divine Realm.

Chen Changqing, therefore, was capable of handling them alone.

After learning the specific circumstance, Zhang Han figured out what would happen next.

With great confidence, he could do anything in an orderly way.

While Zhang Han was setting up a formation, the wind blew more and more heavily.

Gradually, clouds and mist began to rise, surrounding the vast platform.






As several deafening roars sounded in succession, all the stone statues around all opened their eyes all of a sudden, ready to kill them.

Moreover, the Double-winged Tiger at the innermost side still kept quiet.

Perhaps it was considered that there was no need to wake up in the face of the two nonentities.

Or perhaps it would not wake up until the two people defeated their subordinates.

Zhang Han might have trouble with it if it woke up at this time, however, it did not.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Chen Changqing suddenly rose to a height of 100 meters, with his unpredictable shadow sword keeping flashing.

No one knew that he was doing from a macroscopic view, because he was completely surrounded by air.

Yet, it looked different from another angle.

In the world of soul sense, Chen Changqing was encircled by the remnant souls in these stone statues.

They were so powerful that their true bodies were able to defeat Chen Changqing easily at their peak moment, but they were nothing more than remnant souls.

Zhang Han could tell that these souls had been existing for a long time.

Just like the azure bull at the Elixir Realm in the Mount He Snow Relic, it might have fallen asleep for thousands of years before it woke up.

Nevertheless, even if it woke up, it still was unable to leave that relic, unless its flesh and techniques could break through the void.

As for this small Double-winged Tiger, Zhang Han had various ways to deal with it.

It only took Zhang Han seven minutes though he asked Chen Changqing to hold on for ten minutes.

“It actually still hasnt woken up yet.” Zhang Han stared at the Double-winged Tiger and said in amusement, “It seems that it gives up resistance.”

While speaking, Zhang Han made a double-handed incantation gesture.

With two clusters of light being burst out of his eyes, he rose thousands of meters in the air.


Threads of silk, like fireworks, rushed to the ground from all directions, forming a spider web and shrinking slowly.


“Come out!”


Zhang Han took out the cards and handed them forward.

The 18 cards flew to the Double-winged Tiger stone statue.

The flood dragon soul was on its left, while the black tortoise soul was on the right, echoing the other cards from afar.

Streams of powerful suction force covered the entire stone statue, and the dark card on its top cherished the strongest strength.

Zhang Han felt somewhat surprised.

The remnant soul of Double-winged Tiger King, which hid in the stone statue, was actually sucked out at once.


Double-winged Tiger King was more than ten meters tall.

Without complete consciousness, it did not know where it was and was absorbed into the card above in a daze.

At the moment when it entered the card…


A buzzing sound was heard from the platform.

A crack appeared in the center of the massive stone ground.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Suddenly, as gusts of strong wind converged toward Zhang Han, all the remnant souls which were fighting against Chen Changqing, flew to the card over the Double-winged Tiger stone statue.

They seemed to follow their king wherever it went.

Even if they were to die with it, they would proceed without hesitation!

As a result, something dramatic happened.

All the stone statues were turned into powder, and streams of overwhelming energy started assisting Zhang Han to refine the cards.

Chen Changqing was speechless, “Brother Han, Ive just warmed up and still want to fight with them!”

“You can fight against other opponents later,” Zhang Han did not turn around but responded.

Chen Changqings mouth trembled after he heard what Zhang Han had said.

Were there other treasures later


Under Chen Changqings gaze, a large group of flames burned the cards.

About an hour later…


Suddenly, a roar of the tiger king rang out from the card.

In the meantime, an illusory image of the Double-winged Tiger appeared over the card.

Accompanied by its roar, the cards aura rose rapidly and succeeded in breaking through the fifth-level.

“Another divine weapon appears.

Alas,” Chen Changqing sighed.

He was filled with admiration.

How did Brother Han make such rare divine weapons so ordinary

“Come back!” Zhang Han waved his right hand.

He had not experienced too much before upgrading the cards of the divine weapon.

The Four Symbols Formation, unless all the symbols were gathered together, would lose a lot of power.

Moreover, fundamentally speaking, without the Vermillion Bird Soul, the divine weapon was not a patch on the thunder yang tree.

“Lets go!” Zhang Han turned around and came to Chen Changqing, then he looked to the right front and said softly, “Lets go to plunder the treasures here!”

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