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Chapter 577 General Zhang, You Go First

“Quick march!”

Seeing that it wasnt a joke, Director Nan raised his arms seriously and ran away with his soldiers, depressed.

Fortunately, there were not many people in the lobby of the hotel, and only the front desk and a few people around saw this scene.

But this scene still refreshed these peoples worldviews.

“The Director of Lin Hai Public Security Bureau came here in flesh, and then the Secretary, who ordered the Director to run away.

How could they play in this way”

Among them, the most shocked was definitely Zhang Hans second uncle Rong Yong, who was working in the government office.

As a small official, he could feel the most pressure brought by this position and identity gap.

For example, even Director Nan was forced to leave because of the gap.

At this time, Rong Yong dared not breathe.

He lowered his head slightly, his eyes kept turning, and his expression was very careful.

If someone noticed him, they would be amused by him.

When Official Rong just came here, he acted really calmly.


Not only Rong Yong, but also Rong Sheng and Jia Wei were very nervous and stood in silence.

“Look, did they run away Are you relieved this time” Secretary Liu looked at Mengmeng and asked gently.

“Yes, Im relieved.

Thank you, young uncle.” Mengmeng was very happy and she waved her small hand to Secretary Liu.

Mengmeng was happy, and Zhang Hans mood naturally rose in a straight line.

Now he was willing to chat with Secretary Liu.

In fact, this simple point was also the reason why he could be the Secretary of the Lin Hai Municipal Party Committee.

It was not easy to make a special person like Zhang Han feel comfortable.

At this time, Rong Shengs mouth quivered as he looked at Secretary Liu, who was only fifty years old, and then at Mengmeng.

He could not help but whisper a warning, “Well, Mengmeng, you should call him Elder Uncle Liu.”

“Why” Mengmeng was confused because she was not familiar with all the types of relatives.

“Ah, its OK.

Children can call me whatever they like.

I like children very much, let alone such a lovely little girl.” Secretary Liu replied with a smile.

Then he looked at his watch and said, “General Zhang, you are going to have dinner, right Then I wont disturb you as I have something to do.

Later, a commissioner will come here to talk with you, but I can assure you that there will be no government personnel to disturb you again.

And Miss Zi, its also our honor to have you in Lin Hai to attend the party.

Ive already told the TV station director that if Miss Zi has any problems in your work, please feel free to call him.”

“OK, thank you, Secretary Liu.” Zi Yan smiled.

Zhang Han also smiled at him, but then he looked at a red BMW I8 on the street outside the hotel.

The window of the drivers seat was open, and there was a long-haired womans head on the edge.

She was wearing sunglasses, chewing gum and looking at Zhang Han.

It was very unusual for a young female martial artist at Grand Master Peak to appear here.

“She should be the reason why Secretary Liu came here.”

“Maybe shes from the official department Is she from the National Security Agency headquarters”

Zhang Han had some guesses in his mind, but he was not interested in going out to talk with that woman.

Obviously, she didnt want to disturb him, either.


Secretary Liu looked at Rong Yong, “Director Rong, you are here too.

I wonder what your relationship with General Zhang is…”

Rong Yongs body quivered, then he looked at Secretary Liu in a daze and said, “Secretary, Im Section Chief Rong of Yilin Office in Southern District.

Director Ma is in charge of our bureau.”

“Director Ma” Secretary Liu gave him a puzzled expression, “I remember that the most outstanding achievement of Yilin Office was made by you, and you were supposed to be promoted to the bureau director more than a year ago.

Is there anything strange in this”

Speaking of this, Secretary Liu smiled and shook his head: “Ill go back and ask about it.

Maybe… you will be even more tired from now on.

Your ability is obvious to all, and the burden on your shoulders will be heavy.

You need to have a psychological preparation for it.”


Rong Yong gasped in astonishment half a meter in front of Secretary Liu.

His face changed a little.

Then, he straightened himself up and his hands were trembling in excitement.

He saluted and replied, “Thank you for your trust.

I will work harder and contribute to the people.”

At this time, Rong Yong didnt realize how his post of director came into being.

His usual composure and calmness were crushed by previous scenes, and he could not keep calm in front of Secretary Liu.

Secretary Liu smiled and looked at Rong Yong deeply.

Then he looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “General Zhang, then Ill leave.

Mengmeng, if I have a chance, Id like to invite you to my home.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Goodbye, uncle.” Mengmeng waved her little hand at Secretary Liu.

If this scene was seen by the local government officials, they would be shocked.

“Wow, whats the background of this family”

Rong Yong finally sensed something unusual.

Then he looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

“General Zhang… Then his director post.

How powerful and influential is he My goodness, what kind of nephew do I have”

Then he watched Secretary Liu and the other two officials turn around and leave the hotel.

On the street, that beautiful woman driving a BMW I8 blew a big bubble with bubble gum.

After the bubble burst open, she put on a strange smile at the corner of her mouth, rose up the window and started the car to leave.

Their departure also quieted the lobby on the first floor of Peninsula Hotel.

The people who stayed on the first floor looked at it in shock and disbelief.

There were also one or two sentences of “damn it”, which were vaguely explaining their restless minds.

Its especially so for Rong Yong.

He followed the crowd out of the hotel in a trance, got on the car and looked out of the window in astonishment.

Even when he got off at the hotel, he didnt get back to normal.

He went to the hotel subconsciously.

When he got to the front door, he found that he was taking the lead.

Zhang Han was following him.


Rong Yong was startled.

He quickly turned to his side, lowered his head slightly, looked at Zhang Hans pants, and said politely, “General Zhang, you go first.”

“What” Rong Sheng and Jia Wei became stunned.

Zhang Lis facial expression froze.

Even Zhang Hans and Zi Yans lips trembled slightly.

“Second Brother, you…” Rong Sheng clapped his forehead and said in a very helpless tone.

“Didnt you have a good rest last night” Said Jia Wei.

There was an atmosphere of embarrassment.


Rong Yongs face turned red in an instant.

“I, I…” He murmured.

Fortunately, Zi Yan was active.

She covered her mouth and said with a smile, “Zhang Han told me that his second uncle is quite old-fashioned.

But it is proved false now.

It turns out that his second uncle is also a joker.”


Rong Yong followed the topic of Zi Yan and said with a smile, “Yes, in front of my family, Im not an old-fashioned person.

Come on, lets go in first.”

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