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Chapter 528 Whose Birthday Is It

At six oclock in the early morning, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were lying in the spacious bed.

Mengmeng was sleeping soundly on the small bed.

All of a sudden, a breeze seemed to blow through the netting around the bed, making them flutter rhythmically.

As the netting fluttered, it began to tremble slightly.

Shards of azure sun rays started to permeate around Zhang Hans body.

The look on his face was slightly white and became pale gradually.

All of this happened due to the cloud clusters above the soul sense sea, which were making trouble.

The cloud clusters were stretched continuously by Zhang Han.

However, he always kept some distance between the cloud clusters so that the cloud clusters did not converge.

As the saying goes, cumulus clouds lead to rain.

That was the time he would make a breakthrough.

However, if his strength did not make a breakthrough to the Innateness level, the breakthrough of his soul sense would backfire, even though the strength of Zhang Hans current soul sense almost reached the Middle-Stage of Innateness.

However, he could not make a breakthrough.

Nor could he allow the clouds to culminate into rain.

All he could do was suppress them continuously.

He stretched the cloud clusters and contained his state to the level of Grand Master Late-stage.

However, it seemed that the clouds were not obedient.

As Zhang Han stretched the clouds, every cloud was amplified from time to time.

Although one second of change time might be petty, every hour and every moment would converge the same way as the trickles converged into the sea…

Zhang Han was also under great pressure.

As Zhang Han cultivated himself under this kind of situation, he found out gradually that the size of the soul sense sea did not function anymore.

Even the size of the cloud clusters was almost 10 times that of the soul sense sea beneath.

Though the size of the soul sense sea was limited, the cloud cluster stretched continuously.

At last, on this morning, as Zhang Han finished his cultivation, he found all of a sudden that the cloud clusters could not be somewhat pressed down anymore even if it was under the same situation as normal days.

Flashes of lightning spread continuously in the middle of the clouds.

There was only one flash of thunderous lightning the first time.

Until now, Zhang Han had estimated that hundreds of thunderous lightning stikes were flashing at the same time, making Zhang Hans soul sense sea look like a scene out of doomsday.

“What the hell is going on”

Zhang Han just could not understand and he thought, “Am I destined to be stricken by the lightning all my life”

He had been stricken to pieces by the divine thunder over the sky in his previous life, his soul sense sea was f**king filled with thunderous lightning.

As for how the thunderous lightning affected Zhang Han, it went on like this: whenever there was thunderous lightning, if Zhang Han was caught off guard, he would feel that a “Boom” rang off in his head.

Now there were hundreds of thunderous lightning strikes, which was no joke at all.

“It could not work at all if the current situation goes on!” Zhang Han pondered in secret and thought of a way at last—using the trick of the seven luminaries and the wind blowing to open up the soul sense.

Seven luminaries represented the names of seven planets in total; namely, the sun, the moon, Tae Baek, Jupiter, the morning star, the dazzling, and Saturn.

However, something was interesting about their positions, which corresponded to the seven most important points of a set of tricks.

Consequently, Zhang Han utilized his spiritual force, soul sense, and the strength of the flesh and blood and converged them into the points in the parts where his seven luminaries lay inside his body.

The points glowed inside Zhang Hans body and looked like the bright sun.

The next moment, the seven points converged continuously and were transformed into a gust of breeze.

More interestingly, besides the breeze, there was an exquisite whistle.

All the energy was dispersed inside Zhang Hans body.

However, the sound of the breeze rushed into his soul sense sea directly.


As the sound rang off, the soul sense sea began to expand.

However, at the same time, Zhang Hans dantian was trembling.

It could be said that this kind of secretive trick was a dangerous trick looming between the edge of life and death.

However, Zhang Han had the bottom Qi, which came from his 10 Inch Dantian.

As his dantian trembled and shook continuously, his soul sense sea kept expanding.

However, the look on Zhang Hans face became much paler.

At last, 60 seconds later… “Boom!” A crisp sound rang from his dantian.

Zhang Han retrieved the energy in a hurry and quit while he was ahead.

At the same time, the size of his soul sense sea… was expanded one time over!

Zhang Han thought, “Clouds… In this case, the extra clouds represent the possibilities—the thousands of clouds are not a destination at all! Split!”

Zhang Hans spiritual sense of energy engulfed the cloud clusters continuously.


The clouds were divided into two one after another.

The quantity rose from 1,000 to 2,000 in an instant!

The traction, which only the clouds could sense, was instantly much weaker than it had been a moment ago.

However, Zhang Han found that as the quantity of the clouds increased, he still needed to pay attention to them and control the distance between them from time to time.

“The cloud clusters are divided into two halves of 1,000 each, which are double that of the perfect Building Base!”

All of a sudden, Zhang Han opened his eyes.

A green light flashed in his eyes.

He was pretty sober, feeling that the starting point of his cultivation this life was much higher.

Though he had not reached the stage of Innateness, he possessed the 10 Inch Dantian and 2,000 clouds in his soul sense sea.

All of these…

Zhang Han slowly turned around and looked at Zi Yan tenderly.

It did not occur to him that all of these were credited to Zi Yan.

Since he had gotten such a starting point, though there was not much difference as to his current strength, his road to the future promotion would be much easier.

It seemed that before he could understand some things, he needed to overcome the nine-stage calamities and tread the path to the fairies.

He stared at Mengmeng, who was sleeping soundly, rose gently, and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

This was because he knew that today was Mengmengs birthday.

Consequently, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu stayed in the castle and lived on the second floor.

Just like Zhang Han, they were celebrating the birthday of the little princess for the first time.

As a result… they were also prepared.

It seemed that except for Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, it was the first time that others had celebrated the little girls birthday.

Soon after at 7 a.m., Mengmeng woke up, rose confusedly, and glimpsed around.

She said, “Hmm, PaPa went to cook breakfast…”

The little girl crawled off the bed, got on her feet, and ran to the big bed and Zi Yans side as she said, “Mama, Grandfather Sun is up.”

Zi Yan responded and said, “Huh..” It was not until five seconds later that she opened her eyes.

After Zi Yan stayed in bed with Mengmeng for another five minutes, both of them were awake.

Zi Yan smiled gently and said, “Lets wash up.

After that, I will make you look beautiful, Mengmeng.”

Mengmengs big eyes brightened up all of a sudden.

She asked, “To look beautiful Are we going out to have fun”

Mengmeng had heard last night that her MaMa had called Teacher Lu to ask for a days leave.

Zi Yan held Mengmengs tender hands and walked to the washing room as she said, “Where do you want to go to have fun, Mengmeng”

Mengmeng lifted her head and said expectantly, “I want to go swimming, to see the small fishes and big ones.

I want to go to Ocean Park.”

Zi Yan stretched out her other hand and rubbed Mengmengs delicate nose as she said, “All right.

Then lets go to Ocean Park!”

“Great! We are going to have fun at Ocean Park.

MaMa, you are great.

MaMa, kiss me.”

Mengmeng was so happy.

Her big crystal eyes were bright and piercing.

She stretched out her tender arms toward Zi Yan.

After Zi Yan held her in her arms, the little princess kissed her on her cheeks several times consecutively before she stopped kissing her.

After Zi Yan put Mengmeng on the ground, Mengmeng ran to the kitchen joyfully.

She ran while exclaiming, “PaPa, PaPa, we are going to Ocean Park to have fun today…”

As Zhang Han heard Mengmengs naive, melodious, and cheerful voice, his face was brimmed with smiles.

He stopped frying the vegetables, turned his head back, and glanced at the entrance of the kitchen.

After he saw Mengmeng, he smiled and said, “Then, well set out after breakfast!”

“Hohoho, MaMa, we are going out for fun after breakfast…”

Mengmeng ran to Zi Yan joyfully and went into the bathroom happily.

After they were done washing up, they went back into the bedroom and starting dressing themselves up.

Zhang Han was somewhat speechless.

After he made breakfast, he stood at the door and reminded them as he said, “Well, your hairstyle and makeup will both be undone after you go in the water…”

“Even so, we will insist on going out beautifully, right, Mengmeng”

Though Mengmeng was little, she was conscious of beauty.

Of course, she replied assertively, “Right.”

On these days, Mengmeng also understood one point, which was that even her Papa had consented to many things.

However, if her MaMa did not say yes, her fathers consent did not work at all.

However, as long as her MaMa said yes, there would not be any issues at all.

Many things referred to things like buying snacks, going out somewhere for fun, and so on.

In a lot of families, one of the parents would govern the children and the other one would spoil the children.

As for governing the children, it referred to educating the children rationally as well as doting on them.

As for spoiling the children, it was somewhat similar to coddling the children.

It also benefited the children a lot to grow up in a family where the parents were on good terms with each other.

Consequently, after Zi Yan and Mengmeng dressed themselves up, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu walked forward, whom Zi Yan had called and communicated with in advance.

The little girl took the initiative to invite them as she said, “Grandfather, Grandmother, we will go to Ocean Park after breakfast.

Ocean Park is so much fun.

Are you coming with us”

“All right,” Zi Qiang touched the little girls head smilingly and said, “As your grandfather and grandmother, we will play with you today.”

As a result, after they finished their breakfast, they headed for Ocean Park directly.

This time, they did not book the whole park.

It was somewhat good to be in a lively Ocean Park, which could make the atmosphere of playing much better.

They arrived at the park.

If it were before, Zi Yan would be concerned that she would be recognized, moreover, as Chinese New Voice was going to be aired, she became more popular because of the overwhelming propaganda, which made it much easier for them to be recognized.

However, since she had a husband by her side, who was cultivating himself to be immortal, everything was fine for her.

They began playing.

Whenever Mengmeng went to the amusement park, she would ride the Ferris wheel.

She liked nestling up to her father and mother.

As she observed that the people or things beneath her became smaller and smaller, she felt somewhat terrified.

However, she was far more excited and found the Ferris wheel interesting.

“PaPa, MaMa, Grandfather, Grandmother, look down below, theyve all become smaller.”

Mengmengs cheers and laughter also filled other places with fun.

“Look at the fish, it is bigger than me.

It swims so fast.”


After they were done playing in Ocean Park, they visited around and went back to the castle after it got dark.

The lights in the living room of the ground floor of the castle were not on.

Only several night-luminescent pearls were brimming with gentle light.

There was a small round table on the side, which was surrounded by several chairs.

There was even a guitar on a chair.

There was a big cake on the table, which took up more than half of the table.

The shape of the cake was the same as that of the castle they lived in.

The cake was as vivid as life.

When Mengmeng saw the cake, her big eyes shone.

It seemed that she had sensed something vaguely.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan held Mengmengs tender hands and sat in the chairs by the table.

Following that, Zi Yan picked up the guitar and began playing it gently under Mengmengs shining stare.

As expected, it was a birthday wish song, which was quite soft and gentle.

As Zi Yan sang melodiously and gently, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”, those four simple sentences conveyed her wish to Mengmeng.

After Zi Yan was done with singing, she went on playing the guitar.

Instead, it was Zhang Han who sang the song now.

At this moment, it seemed that his masculine voice was much softer.

He sang gently and warm-heartedly, “Happy birthday to you…”

As Zhang Han finished the four lines, Zi Yan and Zhang Han sang together, “Happy birthday to you…”

It seemed that they were singing one after another in a progressive way, which sounded quite relaxingly to the listeners.

However, after they finished the song, Mengmeng said somewhat confusedly before Zhang Han spoke, “Happy birthday! Papa, Mama, whose birthday is it today I want to eat cake.

I am hungry.”

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