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After they settled the business, the atmosphere was lightened.

Xu Xinyu, Dong Ling, Rong Jiaxin, Ziyan, Wang Ya, Liang Mengqi, Zi Shiya, and others were chatting aside.

Zi Qiang was the only one who focused on playing with Mengmeng.

Zi Jiangshan didnt go back either, he stayed to talk with some old friends.

He Chen and others moved their chairs and sat closer to Zhang Han.

Fan Congfeng stared at Zhang Han and asked curiously, “Grand Master Zhang, I heard that you went to Xihang before and had a fight with Xiang Qitian”

“Old Fan, that was hardly a fight.”

Wang Ming had mentioned Zhang Han to others before.

Even if Grand Masters were different in stages, no one would underestimate a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Wang Ming was Zhang Hans senior, so everyone had gotten acquainted with one another before long.

Hearing what Zhang Han said, people all turned to look at Wang Ming, who slightly raised his chin and spoke with pride.

“A fight needs two sides to be evenly matched in strength.

But it barely happened as Han only needed one move to beat Xiang Qitian.

His array was incredible, and it was like an unprecedented monster.”


He Chen and others couldnt help but take a deep breath at what he said.

Zhang Han was strong enough, even his array was supreme.

They could only think of two words.

How incredible.

Some people were born extraordinary.

In the case of martial artists, talents could break through all the way to the top, but others werent even eligible to be martial artists throughout their lives.

People were allowed to study martial arts in this ending era, it was just that the essential prerequisite for them was high.

Seeing their expressions, Zhang Han smiled and said nothing.


Zhang Han didnt take himself as a talent.

Everything, what he had earned, had its cost.

He was the only one who knew the hardships.

If one wished to stand out among others, they must work hard to make their way.

Zhang Han thought the proverb had its sense.

He Chen stared at Wang Ming and asked, “Then, is Master Zhang also an alchemist”

His array was powerful enough.

What if he also excelled in alchemy There was no way he could be that good!

Wang Ming didnt respond immediately.

He glanced at Zhang Han, and then said, “About alchemy, I have seen Han do it once.

So far, its still in the research phase, and its just another hobby for him.”

There was an old saying that one shouldnt show off their wealth.

Wang Ming thought one person shouldnt show off their strength either.

Thus, he answered in that way.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

A martial artist usually didnt show his hand unless it was final.

As for Zhang Han, no one knew how many cards he held in his hand.

Every time there was a critical moment, he would always find a way to save the situation.

“Ah… ”

He Chen and others were relieved when they heard the words.

If Zhang Han was indeed that perfect, it would make them feel stressed.

Nevertheless, they all looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

Su long, in particular, as a leader of Spirit Group, wished that he could have two or three talents as subordinates.

There were some good young men under him, but they were nowhere near Zhang Han.

While everyone was chatting for a while, Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng and coughed softly.

She said, “Mengmeng, you have eaten more than one packet.”

“Eh” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes, looking innocent, and she put a few chicken-flavored crisps in her mouth fast.

Then she clapped her little hands and said, “I will stop eating now.”

“Well, lets put these snacks away first.

You can eat them later in the afternoon.” Zi Yan placed the snacks in front of Mengmeng to the other side of the chair.

“Fine, Papa, Im coming.” Mengmeng slid from Zi Qiangs legs and slipped into Zhang Hans arms.

Once the girl finished eating, she ran away!

Zi Qiang could do nothing to keep the girl around.

His first priority was to get close to Mengmeng.

However, in the following conversations with Mengmeng, Zi Qiang found that the girl was not very fond of him.

He looked at Zhang Han and saw the little girl was clinging to her father.

Thus, he said, “Han is such a gentleman, so handsome.”

“PaPa is super handsome and super powerful.”


Zi Qiang realized now that for Mengmeng, any other words he said were no better than a compliment to Zhang Han.

Well, he could really do nothing to change that.

Time went by fast, and it was twelve oclock.

Zi Qingtian approached Zi Qiang slowly and leaned forward, saying something.

Zi Qiang nodded, stood up, and spoke loudly.

“The restaurant has prepared lunch for us.

Lets go.”

The people on the square went to the restaurant first.

The people on the platform also stood up one after another.

Zi Qiang turned around and looked at Secretary Yuan and other major patriarchs.

He folded his hands in front and tried to say something.

Before he could say anything, Secretary Yuan smiled and came forward.

“I wont have lunch here.

There are still some things I need to take care of when I return.

I will be here to congratulate General Zhangs engagement on the 19th,” he said.

“Ah, yes.” Zi Qiang nodded.

“Take care.” Secretary Yuan nodded to Zi Qiang, Zi Jiangshan, and Zhang Han before leaving.

“We wont take your time and lunch with you, your family must need some privacy.

We will meet again on the 19th.”

Su Long, He Chen, and others all folded their hands and excused themselves.

Zhang Han smiled and nodded, seeing them off.

Before long, all major figures on the platform left, others, including those from different factions, looked at Zi Qingtian and also left one after another.

In the end, Liu Qingfeng stood up.

He came approached Zi Qiang and folded his hands.

Before he said anything, Zi Qiang said with a smile, “its okay.

Chairman Liu, if you have something to deal with, you can leave now.

Well get together on the 19th.”

“” Liu Qingfeng was stunned.

He thought, I didnt say I was leaving!

Liu Qingfeng saw Zi Qiang was going to send him away, so he said in a hurry, “Brother Zi Qiang, Im not leaving.

I need to talk with Zhao Feng later.”

“Eh…” Zi Qiang was a little embarrassed.

“Okay, lets go to the restaurant!” he said.

A group of people went to the restaurant.

Besides Liu Qingfeng, Liang Mengqi, and Liang Hao didnt leave either.

Liang Hao walked beside Zhang Li and acted like a gentleman.

He introduced Singapores tourist attractions to Zhang Li, trying to invite her to visit those places.

Zhang Li ended the conversation shortly.

“I have been here.”

Zhao Feng also acted like a relaxed and casual tourist, walking beside Liang Mengqi.

He said, “Mengqi, its my first time here.

Do you want to be a host and take the tour with me”

Liang Mengqi blinked and asked, “Dont you have to follow the boss all the time”

“He doesnt need me around these days,” said Zhao Feng with a forced smile.


Oh What did that mean Nothing more

Zhao Feng thought and sighed to himself, his mouth quivered a little.

It seemed that she didnt care for boss.

Then why did she treat me coldly

It was hard to make a woman fall for you.

Master excelled at it.

He had a baby first, and then he made it.

Do I stand a chance to have a romantic encounter with Mengqi

Zhao Feng stared at Liang Mengqi.

Liang Mengqi gave him a glare.

Liang Mengqi didnt know what she wanted, nor knew her feelings for Zhao Feng, either.

What she did know was that she had fun when Zhao Feng was frustrated.

Walking behind them, Zhou Feis eyes swept the four people.

She curled her lips and thought, What a mess!

The Zi Clans restaurant was huge, and its decoration was quite exquisite.

Like Wangs house, it was a one-story building, with an area three times that of Wangs restaurant.

No one would go there other than twice a month when the Zi Clan had family dinner.

The Zi Clan had invited 10 famous chefs to cook there for the occasion.

When people walked to the restaurant, the food was being served one after another.

After everyone arrived at the restaurant, many dishes were already on the table.

90% of the people in the dining room were from the Zi Clan.

At first glance, nearly 200 people formed the notable family.

However, people from the direct line of descent were a small part.

Zi Jiangshan, several senior members in the Zi Clan, Wang Zhanzong, Zi Qiangs family, and Zhang Hans family were sitting at the same table.

According to the tradition, the leader of the family would propose a toast before the meal started.

This time Zi Jiangshan was present, so he would be the person who gave the speech.

“Im really happy today, and Im also satisfied.”

Zi Jiangshan stood up and looked around.

After he said those words, everyone went quiet.

He held a small cup of white wine, smiled and spoke again.

“I am the head of the family, I thought I would make our family more prosperous.

It turned out that I only gained more fortune for the family.

Wealth cant support a family to go a long way.

In fact, as the head of our family, I was concerned.

Our family experienced a steady development, Zi Qingtian seemed to advance it further.

However, Zi Clan wasnt in its prime as it did 100 years ago.

Now the chance for our family, which I didnt expect, has come.

Id like to propose a toast to Zi Yan and Zhang Han.”

“You forgot me,” Mengmeng mumbled.

He mentioned Papa and Mama, how could he forget me

“Yeah, and to Mengmeng.” Zi Jiangshan smiled.

After that, everyone around raised their glasses and took a sip.

Of course, some drank wine, while others beverages.

After the toast, everyone started to eat and chat with each other, the scene was very warm.

“Mengmeng, have some lotus root slices.

Its very nutritious.

Try this shrimp sauce…”

While eating, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu put their focus on Mengmeng and kept refilling her bowl.

Zi Qiang was considerate.

Every time Mengmeng looked at him, he would put more food in Zhang Hans plate.

He said, “Han, try this.

You are too graceful, you need to have more food to get enough nutrition.”

However, the movement of his chopsticks and his conversation with Zhang Han made people want to laugh, because during which he kept checking Mengmengs face.

In order to please Mengmeng, the grandpa was making great effort.

Zi Yan didnt say much today, but the smile on her face never stopped.

Seeing this, Zhang Han felt delighted too.

Whatever it took to make Zi Yan happy, Zhang Han felt worthy.

After lunch, the noisy crowd all left.

All the guests were arranged in the guest rooms near Zi Qiangs villa, while Zhang Han and Ziyan were directly arranged in Zi Qiangs villa.

The first floor of the villa had two bedrooms, its second floor also had two bedrooms with enough space.

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