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Chapter 24 – Zi Yan was moved

“This is called Thunder-Yang Tree.” Zhang Han introduced simply.

“Thunder-Yang Tree Why have I never heard of this name before” Zi Yan asked confusedly.

“Lets go up and take a look.” Zhang Han did not answer anymore and walked forward while carrying Meng Meng.

When they came under Thunder-Yang Tree, the line of sight here became extremely wide.

From here, the scenery of the ocean can be seen from afar.

Even the beach at Crescent Gulf could be seen clearly, and also the city of Crescent Gulf under the night, which was dazzlingly beautiful.

From nearby, the beauty of the area at Thunder-Yang Tree could already be discovered.

A circle-shaped open space, which was practically filled with green lawn, and at the back, there were a few ponds of different sizes which reflected the bright moon.

“This place is so beautiful!”

Zi Yan exclaimed sincerely.

Zhang Han slightly smiled and did not reply.

This was only still Crescent Mountain during the night.

If they were to come during the day, the scenery here would be a lot better.

“Ah, daddy, mommy, you all look there, there are so many small houses.” Meng Meng pointed to the direction of the back of the mountain and said.

“Eh On top of the small houses seems to be tree leaves.” Zi Yan stared at the little houses for a bit.

After all, it was night time currently, and Zi Yan could not see clearly from afar.

“Let us go over there to take a look.” Zhang Han smiled and said somewhat slightly proud, “How is Meng Meng Is the Paradise Land that daddy build for you nice”

“Nice! Nice! It is very nice! Meng Meng like it.

Daddy is so good.” Meng Meng happily clapped her hands and pouted her little mouth and kissed onto Zhang Hans cheek.

“Hahaha……” Zhang Han laughed out happily, and led towards the back of the mountain while saying, “This is still not the finished product, in the future, it will become more beautiful, and when that time comes, it will become a true Paradise Land.

At the mountain peak, daddy will build a few big houses, at the back of the mountain, I will raise some animals to accompany you to play……”

At the back, Zi Yan looked at the scene in front of her, and her gaze became slightly blank.

‘Zhang Han has changed already.”

Zi Yan mumbled in her heart.

In those five years, she had also paid attention to Zhang Han before.

Towards some news of Zhang Han, she knew it all.

She never thought that after bringing Meng Meng back, it would actually make Zhang Han changed so much.

Not only did he left Shangjing, he even really build a Paradise Land for Meng Meng.

Furthermore, only how many days had he been at Xiangjiang up till now

‘Meng Meng has also become much more cheerful than before.

From Meng Mengs smile, it could be seen that she had become much more cheerful.

Also, even if Zi Yan did not want to admit, children indeed really needs a fathers love.

Children who grew up in a single-parent family since they were young were indeed somewhat pitiful.

Be it a fathers love, or a mothers love, it would be a regret to lack either one of it.

Only a complete and happy family would be able to give children the best growth, no matter if they were poor or rich.

“Wow, it is real tree leaves.

Mommy, you quickly come, quickly come and touch it.”

Meng Mengs shout pulled Zi Yan back from her thoughts.

“It is real tree leaves” Zi Yan slightly went into a daze.

Walking forward, she touched the tree leaves on that was on the top of an exquisite small house.

“How did you manage to make those” Zi Yan looked towards Zhang Han confusedly.

“Simply by covering the leaves on the small houses.”

By covering……

Zi Yan went into a daze again.

Those bunch of neatly arranged leaves, how long had he took to make it

“Meng Meng, those small houses in this area are for doggies, cats and other pets.

The small houses at the other side are for ducks, chickens, and gooses.

The bigger houses are for pigs and sheep.

The much bigger houses are for dairy cows.

Those few small ponds are for all the animals to drink and swim at.

The big pond at there is……” Zhang Han began introducing the place to Meng Meng.

After finish hearing, Meng Meng was extremely happy, looking forward to the scenario where there would be a lot of small animals.

And as for Zi Yan, she remained silent beside Zhang Han.

Everything that Zhang Han did had truly been extremely thorough.

At that side, there was actually even a planting area, where he intended to even grow wheat and rice by himself.

He was speaking the truth, he really wanted to make some pure green nutritious food for Meng Meng.

He also truly wanted to take good care of Meng Meng.

Regarding the healthy growth of Meng Mengs body, Zi Yan also cared a lot about it.

Therefore, right now, in her heart, she was already somewhat agreeing to temporarily let Meng Meng be taken care of by Zhang Han.

Thus, after thinking a bit, she asked, “You do not have a place to stay at.

Where will Meng Meng stay at if she comes with you”

“I have a place to stay at!” Zhang Han knew that, if he wanted to let Meng Meng stay with him, he must first convince Zi Yan.

Thus, he said with a very gentle tone, “Let me bring you go take a look at the place.

Meng Meng, it is late now, we have to go back already.

We can only move and stay over here after this place has been build finish.”

“Oh……” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and nodded her head.

Looking at Xiao Hei who was wandering around at her side, she said in her small and cute voice, “Xiao Hei, Xiao Hei, bye bye.”

“Woof, woof……”

Xiao Hei barked a few times gloomily.

After sending the family of three to the edge of the forest while swaying his big tail, he then turned around and went back.

Zi Yan and Meng Meng sat in the back seat.

Meng Meng was somewhat tired already, lying down on the back seat and sleeping soundly.

Zhang Han drove the car towards the restaurant at Crescent Gulf.

“Eh Not right!” Suddenly, Zi Yan glared and said, “Zhang Han, you are lying to people again!”

“When did I lie to people again” Zhang Hans expression froze.

When this woman doesnt open her mouth, everything was calm, but when she opened her mouth, she immediately startled people!

“Wasnt that Crescent Mountain just now How could you make so many things at the mountain Humph! Furthermore, with just the time of a few days I say, it must be just a random place you found to deceive me, so that you could swindle Meng Meng away from my side!” Zi Yan said in a bad tone.

“I am truly impressed by your brain.” Zhang Han took a look at Zi Yan from the rear view mirror, then took out a bunch of documents from the glove compartment box at the front passenger seat and passed it over to Zi Yan, “Take a look yourself, this Crescent Mountain is rented by me!”

Zi Yan took over the documents and casually took a few looks, then discovered that it was really rented by him.

Thus, she……petulantly took a glare at Zhang Han.

If it was rented, so be it then! Why do you have to speak so stiffly! Rigid brain!

Zi Yans heart was somewhat dissatisfied towards Zhang Han.

Why was he so gentle towards Meng Meng, but when speaking to her, he would always be somewhat stiff

It was true that if there was no comparison, there would be no harm.

Upon reaching outside the restaurant, Zhang Han pouted his mouth towards the restaurant and said, “This place has been rented by me.

Within a week, the renovation will be finished.

The materials used for the renovation are all environmentally friendly, so it can immediately be lived at after the renovation finish.

It is very dusty inside so there is no need to go inside to take a look now.”

“Retail house” Zi Yan asked, “You are intending to open a restaurant”

“More or less.”

“You are renting both the mountain and the retail house.

Where did you get so much money from” Zi Yans brows slightly frowned.

She had seen the contract for renting Crescent Mountain.

The rent was 10million rmb, and she reckoned that the rent of this retail house was more or less around 3million rmb.

The total of renting both of the mountain and retail house was more than 10million rmb.

“I sold the house at Bamboo District.” Zhang Han said lightly.

“Sell house” Zi Yan slightly went into a daze, she felt somewhat unexpected.

“En.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Where do you stay at”

“East District, Mingguang Streets Yunyin Garden.” Zi Yan answered.

Zhang Han immediately turned and drove towards the direction of East District.

There were no words during the whole journey.

When they reached East District, Zhang Han opened the navigation system and drove to Yunyin Garden.

Upon reaching downstairs, Zi Yan lightly carried Meng Meng.

Being moved, Meng Meng muddle-headedly opened her eyes.

“Where is daddy” Meng Meng looked around somewhat muddle-headedly and nervously.

Meng Meng saw Zhang Han who came out of the car to open the door for Zi Yan and stretched out her little arms as she said feebly, “Daddy, hug hug.”

Zhang Han stretched out his hands and carried Meng Meng in his embrace, then followed Zi Yan to the elevator door.

“Alright, daddy will send you up to here.

After the restaurants renovation finished, daddy will come and pick you up.” Zhang Han lightly kissed onto Meng mengs adorable cheek and passed Meng Meng over to Zi Yan.

“Eh” Meng Meng went into a daze.

Only now then did she knew that her daddy was only sending them off, and not going up with them.

“Boohoo…dont…daddy dont go……” Meng Meng pursed up her small mouth and started crying.

“Alright Meng Meng, didnt you hear what your daddy say We will go and find your daddy to play in a few days alright Be obedient.” Zi Yan lightly consoled.

But no matter how Zi Yan coaxed, Meng Meng did not stop crying, and was even struggling desperately within Zi Yans embrace.

When the little princess struggle around, after carrying Meng Meng for two minutes, Zi Yan felt that her arms became very tired, thus she placed Meng Meng into Zhang Hans embraces and said petulantly,

“Alright, alright, alright! Will it do if your daddy comes up with us Meng Meng, dont cry already, wont it do after mommy promise you already”

Meng Meng hugged onto Zhang Hans neck, with her head leaning on his shoulder.

After hearing Zi Yans words, she gradually stopped her crying and said pitifully, “Daddy, you cannot go, you have to accompany Meng Meng.”

Zhang Han sighed in his heart.

If it was during normal times, he who was somewhat male chauvinist would not randomly stay at Zi Yans house.

But seeing Meng Mengs pitiful look, Zhang Han simply did not have the heart to reject her.

“Daddy will accompany you, daddy wont leave.” Zhang Han said with a smile and lightly patted Meng Mengs back.

Following Zi Yan into the escalator, after Zi Yans swipe her escalator card, the button for the 12th floor lighted up.

This building only had 17 floors, but because it was a duplex apartment building, and the height of each story was not low, the building was even higher than a normal 35 stories high building.

In each story, there were two elevators, two stairs, and two households, thus coming up and down was very convenient and there was really no need to wait very long for elevator most of the time.

Arriving at the 12th floor, they came to apartment 21 and Zi Yan opened the door, then gave Zhang Han a pair of disposable slippers.

Normally when there was a guest, they would be given this kind of slippers, which could be thrown away after use, and guests would also felt that it was hygienic.

Zhang Han could only be counted as half a guest, and the other half was, of course, the identity of Meng Mengs father.

Right now, Zi Yans heart was feeling somewhat complicated.

She felt somewhat awkward bringing Zhang Han into her house.

“Welcome back Miss.” Wang Juan walked over and said with a smile.

“En.” Zi Yan nodded her head.

“This mister is……” Wang Juan asked hesitatingly.

“He……” In a moment, Zi Yan was somewhat bashful, feeling somewhat embarrassed to introduce Zhang Hans identity.

Although Zi Yan was embarrassed, there was a little princess who was not embarrassed.

It could be seen, Meng Meng said with great joy, “He is my daddy!”

“He is called Zhang Han.” Zi Yan introduced in a low voice.

“Hahaha.” Wang Juan went into a daze, then laughed afterward and greeted hurriedly, “Hello Mr Zhang.”


Zhang Han nodded his head, then walked into the living room while carrying Meng Meng and looked around.

The decoration style was quite unique, similar to the villa that Zhang Han was satisfied with at the intermediary company.

The decoration style belonged to modern style and slightly leaned to comfort, with most of the colors being white and crossover of blue and green.


Suddenly, an astonished screech appeared.

Zhou Fei could be seen slowly walking down from the second floor.

After seeing Zhang Han, she was truly stunned as she screamed out loudly, “Oh my god, a rare guest! The wretched big young master who has a smelly bad temper came to honor us with your presence at this humble home”

Zhou Fei had observed Zi Yan being angered by Zhang Han back then, thus she also remembered Zhang Han.

Upon meeting him, she couldnt help but ridicule him a bit.


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