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Chapter 1399 Parting

“Who is missing”

Everyone was a little confused.

They looked around but didnt find anyone missing.


“Where is Leng Yue” Zhao Fengs voice trembled slightly.

“She was standing behind us just now, but now shes missing

“Whats going on”

“Who Leng Yue is gone”

“Where is she”

Just as everyone was shocked and confused, a trembling voice mixed with horror rang out.

“She, she, she was here just now, and she just disappeared, gone.”


Everyone gasped.

Yue Wuweis face darkened.

Because he didnt feel Leng Yues disappearance either.

Although she had a low sense of presence, it was not the same thing as she had disappeared.

“Draw close to me now!”

Yue Wuwei shouted.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone moved and quickly stood next to Yue Wuwei.

Including Dahei and Little Hei, they moved quickly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Yue Wuwei raised his hand.

In an instant, thousands of energy shields surrounded the crowd.

His eyes shone with light as his power in the Tribulation Stage was displayed.

“How did Leng Yue disappear” Zi Yan asked in a hurry.

“She just vanished.

I saw it.

She was still standing here one second ago, and the next second, she suddenly disappeared.

I thought I was seeing things, but I didnt see her anywhere else.”


“Why would she disappear”

Faced with everyones doubts, Yue Wuwei sighed deeply and said, “Because the sudden changes are coming.

Things are going to be different.”

“Why” Everyone was even more confused.

“Zhang Han told me about it,” Yue Wuwei said.

“The main nest of the Bug Clan in the center of the Blue Sand Wind Domain is devouring the continent and has advanced three realms.

It is connected to the whole continent by cause and effect.

We have eaten a lot of ancient demonic beasts, and we are also involved with cause and effect.

Obviously, we, as well as the One-horned White Horse and its companions, will be somewhat affected and devoured by the space.

Zhang Han told me that we will be transmitted to other places at random.

It may be the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, the Silver Dragon Galaxy, or even other places far away.


Yue Wuwei said word by word, “No matter what youll be facing, no matter where you go, the knowledge and secret methods Zhang Han taught you would be enough for you to use.

First of all, protect yourselves.

Second, be aware of the environment.

Third, wait for us to find you and bring you back.

“Remember, do not act rashly.”

Yue Wuwei sighed with emotion and said, “In fact, I suggested that you go out to experience the world by yourselves early on.

After all, you have a life of ease while staying with Zhang Han.

But now, I am very uneasy to deal with such an incident because I dont know where we will be.

You have your own life course, so youll take this accident as an experience.

Remember, our home is on Mount New Moon on Earth.”

This was the first time that Yue Wuwei had said so much.

But what he said was poignant.

Everyone fell silent.

They didnt say anything.

The atmosphere was quite depressing and sad.

Even the light breeze that they had felt earlier had stopped.

It was as if the entire hall had gone dim.

Sorrow was spreading quickly.


Chen Changqing suddenly laughed and then burst out laughing.


As he laughed, he clutched his chest, feeling extremely suffocated.

He quickly took out all kinds of treasures and looked at Zhou Fei and Chen Chuan.

“Im not afraid of disappearing or going out to experience.

Im only worried about you.

Feifei, you and Chen Chuan are still not powerful enough.

Take all these treasures.

If any of us gets transmitted, we must protect ourselves.”

Chen Changqings words made everyone come back to their senses.

Just at this moment, Zhang Guangyou exclaimed, “Xiaowu!”

Under everyones gaze, Wang Xiaowu disappeared.

It was so sudden and unstoppable that even thousands of layers of defense set up by Yue Wuwei couldnt help.

“Its just unstoppable.” Yue Wuwei smiled bitterly.

Zi Yan looked at her and Zhang Hans parents.

She said worriedly, “Dad, mom, be careful.”

“Hahaha, its fine.” Zhang Guangyou wanted to comfort her, but she could hear the bitterness in his voice.

“Yes, everyone, take care of yourselves.

When we are out there alone-”

His voice stopped abruptly.

He couldnt continue, but everyone could feel his feelings.

“Grandpa.” Mengmeng was depressed.

She blinked her eyes and looked around.

This kind of drastic change made her feel very uncomfortable and sad.


Yue Wuwei sighed again and said, “In fact, we may most possibly be transmitted to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Dont worry too much.

If you know the place, you can go back to Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

As for the details, it depends on the situation.


Yue Wuwei had said all he needed to say.

He pulled Yue Xiaonao and Lisa along and gave them some instructions.

“Mengqi.” Zhao Fengs eyes were slightly red.

“Dont say anything.” Liang Mengqi stretched out a finger and pressed it on Zhao Fengs lips.

She smiled slightly and said, “No matter where Ill be, I will wait for you.

If there is a chance, I will go back to Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Also, I am pregnant.



As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly disappeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like a bolt from the blue, it hit Zhao Fengs heart.

He closed his eyes and shed tears.

“My wife is pregnant.

She is pregnant.

She is waiting for me.”

“Brother Feng! Stop crying.

Think of a way to bring my sister-in-law back as soon as possible!” Ah Hu said in anger, “Jiaran, Ill go to you as soon as possible.

The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is not big, and I will travel to every planet if I need to.

Even if you hide, even if I have to dig three feet into the ground…”

Before he could finish, Liu Jiaran smiled happily.

However, her figure disappeared all of a sudden.


Ah Hus face froze.

He looked up at the sky and wanted to curse.

But before he got to react, he suddenly vanished.

It seemed that this was getting faster and faster.

At this time, Zhang Han was at the most critical moment.

In the Great Demon Embodiment, the energy in its heart suddenly became violent and chaotic.

Zhang Han could sense that many people outside had vanished.

He couldnt help but become irritated.

“Why did the changes arrive so fast!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Zhang Mu and You Huo disappeared one after another.

Xu Yong and Elder Meng disappeared at the same time.

“Honey, were going to part soon.

Do you have any good news about your pregnancy” Instructor Liu grimaced.

He wanted to lighten the atmosphere, but he couldnt laugh at all.

It would be fine for the couple because they had enough strength.

Jiang Yanlan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“We are finally going to part.

Thats exactly what I want.”

“Hey, thats not nice.” Instructor Liu smiled awkwardly.

“Let me tell you this,” Jiang Yanlan said, “if you dare to fool around out there, Ill castrate you.”

“I wont, definitely.

Im not that kind of person.”

After Instructor Liu finished speaking, he vanished.

Jiang Yanlan pursed her lips and felt a little sad.

They wanted to cheer each other up, but in reality, they both felt upset.

“Maam, Mengmeng.”

Jiang Yanlan said, “You are so beautiful that you should…”

Before she could finish, she disappeared as well.

As they disappeared one by one, the remaining ones were quite dumbfounded.

“Dahei, Little Hei, stay with Mummy.” Mengmeng hugged Zi Yan and said in a choked voice, “Mummy, I cant bear to leave you and Daddy.

I dont want us to be separated.”

“Neither do I.”

At first, Zi Yan could still hold back her tears, but her voice suddenly trembled.

Theyd been family for so many years and theyd enjoyed sweet times.

Mengmeng was clingy, so was Zi Yan to Zhang Han.

This big family also had to temporarily part away.

Many, including Chen Changqing, Wang Ming, and Zi Qiang, couldnt help shedding tears.

“I dont want to leave you as well.” Zi Yan also choked with sobs.

But she soon calmed down, raised her head, and looked at Mengmeng.

She smiled, pinched Mengmengs cheek, and said, “Youve grown up, and itll be good for you to adventure out there.

As for safety problems, Elder Yue told us what to do, so be careful.

Also, when were out, if we dont know the way, wait for your dad to pick us up.

Dont get your dad a son-in-law, or hell be very angry.”


Mengmeng pursed her lips and said, “I wont.

I wont fall in love with anyone that is not as excellent as Daddy.

Mummy, I can rest assured since you have Tiny Tot with you.

I need to tell you, dont let others steal you away.

Youre so beautiful that you would attract a lot of attention wherever you go.”

After she said that, Zi Yans eyes lit up.

She slightly looked up.

It was as if she could see Zhang Han with his legs crossed over there.

She smiled and said, “That depends on how long Ill have to wait.

If its too long, maybe I will get you a second father.”

“Hey How naughty.”

If Zhang Han was around, he would probably spank Zi Yan.

In fact, everyone could see a trace of super coldness in Zi Yans eyes.

They knew that she was fierce for real.

Yue Wuwei suddenly felt that without Zhang Han, Zi Yan might burst out with great power.

She was from the higher world, so how would she be someone to be trifled with

As she spoke, Zi Yan seemed to feel something, and her beautiful face changed slightly.

When the changes happened, she was a little flustered.

She wasnt worried about her safety but about Zhang Han, Mengmeng, and her family.

“Honey, Ill wait for you to pick me up.”


After saying that, Zi Yan disappeared from everyones sight.

There were only a dozen people left.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

This went on.

Dahei vanished, and so did Little Hei.

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, Lisa, Felina, Chen Chuan, and Zhou Fei all disappeared one after another.


Mengmeng pursed her lips as tears flowed down her delicate cheeks.

“Girl, your mother is not an ordinary person.

In fact, she is the least one you need to worry about,” Yue Wuwei said.

“As for you, I believe that as the smart little princess of Mount New Moon, you will also have a good life out there.”


After that, Yue Wuwei also disappeared.


Mengmeng looked at the several people who remained.

She looked up and tried her best to shout, “Daddy, you need to hurry up and pick me up!

“Hurry up and pick me up!

“You must hurry!”

Mengmengs clear and melodious voice echoed in the hall.

But the little princess had disappeared.


Inside the Great Demon Embodiment, Zhang Hans soul roared.

The aura of the whole embodiment became chaotic.

Zhang Han was furious and unwilling.

But he knew that the only thing he had to do now was to get them back as soon as possible.

“Great Demon Duplication, condense!



Within the Great Demon Embodiment, within his heart, an astonishing surge of energy suddenly exploded forth.

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