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Chapter 1395 Killing the Demon Lords

“Whats happening”

Demon Lord Tonghais pupils contracted.


His heart seemed to have stopped beating.

“This is a powerful man!


“Im no match for him!

“I must run.”

The Demon Lord was no fool.

Hed used a few of his most powerful attacks, which hadnt even managed to reach his opponents clothes.

He knew that if the other wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as squashing a chick to death.

He absolutely could not be careless and had to escape immediately.

“Only Lord Demonic God can match such a terrifying expert.”

Demon Lord Tonghai felt a chill in his heart.

He waved his hand with a calm face.

He said indifferently, “My demon soldiers, go kill him.”


Thousands of demon soldiers charged forward.

Demon Lord Tonghai, on the other hand, was retreating and ready to flee.

Right at this moment-

“Are you trying to escape”

Yue Wuweis eyes were cold as he waved his right hand.

Along with a space seal, his might that was several times stronger came crashing down on Demon Lord Tonghai.


Demon Lord Tonghais expression froze.

His heart sank.

“Damn it, who informed me to come here just now Im going to kill you!”


He wanted to call his lord over.

However, he couldnt say it.

He watched helplessly as Yue Wuwei flashed out of the demon army and arrived in front of him.

Yue Wuwei raised his arm and slapped him.


Demon Lord Tonghai was sent tumbling.

As he spun, he felt one of his feet being caught.

Right after that, his body started touching the ground intimately.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“This old man is really mean.”

Demon Lord Tonghai was flabbergasted.

The surrounding millions of demon soldiers were all stunned.



“Holy crap! Im not dreaming, am I”

“Whats going on with our lord”

“Whats happening”

They were at a loss.

“Thats really the Demon Lord, not any others.

“And hes being carried and bashed just like that

“Thats just crazy.”

“That man, that man is even stronger than Demon Lord Tonghai! Heavens, were doomed! To notify the other Demon Lords now!”

Demon Lord Tonghai seemed to have heard these words.

He cursed in his heart.

“Go notify my ass.

“Even those Demon Lords will have no way to deal with such an expert.

“Theyll simply be no match for him.”

On Zhang Hans side.

His team members, including Zhang Mu, You Huo, and Chen Changqing, knew that Elder Yue was very powerful.

However, the sight of Elder Yue kicking Demon Lord Tonghais ass was still quite shocking.

“This must be an illusion.”

An Yi was already questioning everything he had learned.

He even wondered when he had fallen for an illusion.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the gazes of many demons, one of their lords, Tonghai, was being badly beaten and growing weaker and weaker.


Tonghai knew that begging for mercy was useless, but he didnt want to die, so he still gave it a try.

The result was within his expectations.

He had just found a gap in time and used all his strength to break through the suppression and said a word.

Then, what he had expected happened.


Finally, a muffled noise sounded.

The fluctuations were powerful.

The energy even took the shape of a giant mushroom.

Demon Lord Tonghai was now eliminated from this world.

The Eight Demon Lords of the Devil Palace were now reduced to seven.

Yue Wuwei used the most direct and violent means to kill Demon Lord Tonghai.

After retreating time and time again, the demons finally realized how terrifying these people were.

There was no way they could resist at all.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han led the team and approached Yue Wuwei.

Just like that, they swaggered through the tens of thousands of demons.

It was as if they were taking a huge and wide road.

“Hows that, girl” Yue Wuwei glanced at Yue Xiaonao and asked, “Wasnt I amazing”

“No.” Yue Xiaonao touched her forehead and said with a tired expression, “Dad, I dont even want to judge you.

You insist on keeping a white beard and a sage-like type.

But you hit that guy so violently.

You dont look like a sage at all.”

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

Well, he finally understood that no matter what he did, it would not be right because he was not handsome.

“How about…”

Yue Wuweis eyes flickered.

“Perhaps I should lose the long beard that has been staying with me for hundreds of years

“Forget it.

Ill rethink that idea after we get this done.”

“Even if whats in there is not your target, its still a very powerful place,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Its the destination.

I can feel it,” Zhang Han said.

“Thats even better.” Yue Wuwei hesitated for a moment.

He then designated Voice-transmitting Technique and said to Zhang Han, “Lets end this early and then go back to Earth.

For some reason, I have a bad feeling.

In short, we should be careful this time.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

They continued to move forward.

Finally, on a small mountain peak, they saw the distant coast.

The distant seas on both sides were still howling.

However, the area ahead of them was covered in ice, and they couldnt see the alleged Sky City.

“Even I am unable to fly here.”

Yue Wuwei said, “The level of this place is too high.”

A trace of worry appeared on his face.

He mumbled to himself.

“Why do I feel so flustered Its the reaction of a divination art.

Is something serious about to happen”

Yue Wuweis expression was calm, and his eyes were indifferent.

His heart was slightly heavy as he was secretly guarding everything.

The others didnt feel it.

“Dad,” Chen Chuan pointed to the front and said, “There are many people.

I can see the giant apes and the white dogs.”

“The Giant Ape King and White Dog King are also there.” The others spoke one after another.

“There are dozens of humans, all of whom are rather powerful in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

There are more demons, and the Exotic Beasts are the most in number.

However, the Demon Clan is the strongest.

Those four people should be the Demon Lords theyve called over,” Yue Wuwei said.

“If we go forward, they will see us.”

“Daddy, you have to keep a close eye on Mummy and me,” Mengmeng said.

“Dont worry.

Ill protect you.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “If I get busy with something later, youll be safe with Elder Yue.”

After that, he praised, “If he takes action, those people ahead wont be able to withstand a few moves from him.”

Yue Wuwei touched his beard and was not in the mood to joke.

He looked around and said, “Lets go to the ice surface.”

Nothing could be seen here.

So they moved forward again.


“Who are those people”

Taoist Lord of Dragon, Tianxingzi, and Brass Immortal all had looks of shock on their faces.

“All of the powerful humans from the Domain of Seven Desolations are here, and the others dont have the strength to come over.

There are three defensive lines outside.

How did these people make it here

“They cant possibly have a relationship with all three clans, can they”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The others looked over as well.

“Whats going on with Tonghai”

A Demon Lord said unhappily, “Didnt he go over”

“He let them pass Hes not smart enough to deal with them” mocked another Demon Lord.

“Forget it.

Ill take action myself later.”

The three-meter-tall Stone Demon King was one of the Eight Demon Lords.

He was ranked third with his strength and one of the most important figures of the eight.

He strode forward.

After seeing this, Tianxingzi said, “Stone Demon King, since theyre here, it cant be considered a violation of the rules.

Theres no need to cause trouble, right”


Since theyve passed the three defense lines, it means that theyre powerful and have great strength,” said Brass Immortal.

“Whether theyre powerful or not is up to me.” Stone Demon King sneered.

He didnt show them any respect at all.


The Giant Ape King laughed and said in a rough voice, “Zhang Hanyang, Stone Demon King is coming for you.”


“Is that Zhang Hanyang, the one whos called a Demon Monarch”

Brass Immortals face changed.

“Isnt he the newly risen human

“Hes a demonic cultivator, and hes from another world.

Hes the one who drew the sword in the Sea Eye for the first time, creating an unusual phenomenon.

“Who is Zhang Hanyang”

He glanced at the crowd of dozens of people and finally fixed his eyes on Zhang Han.

The leading two were Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han.

It was easy to distinguish.

“Go get him.”

“Get him!”

Many Strange Beast Kings were happy to watch the fun.

Stone Demon King strode forward with a savage smile on his face.

“You are indeed powerful since you have crossed the lines of defense, but if you want to stand here, youll need to defeat me or die.”


Yue Wuwei smiled faintly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Zhang Han said, “Ill do it.”

He planned to have Yue Wuwei garrison duty and fight less.

Yue Wuwei nodded.

As a result, Zhang Han floated forward quickly.

“Is he crazy”

The Giant Ape King was alarmed.

“Why is he taking action instead of the Supreme Expert

“Although Zhang Hanyang is famous, his strength was definitely inferior to Stone Demon Kings!

“Isnt he courting death”

“Theres no doubt that hell end the enemy with one punch.”

A Demon Lord gave his evaluation.

Taoist Lord of Dragon shook his head slightly and then sighed.

“Zhang Hanyang, you led your team here without knowing this place or the Domain of Seven Desolations.

You are too arrogant.

If you die today, the rest of your team will die as well.”

It was obvious from his words that he wouldnt interfere in this kind of situation.

However, he didnt say anything about human righteousness, which at least prevented Zhang Han from feeling disgusted with him.

“If you leave now, then we can pretend that you never came here.” Tianxingzi said, “You are still young.

Stone Demon King, you see…”

“Cut the crap!”

Stone Demon King snorted coldly.

“If you keep talking, Ill kill a few more.”

Tianxingzis face froze as he looked at Zhang Han.

If Zhang Han left, he would do his best to help keep those people safe.

“Why bother”

Seeing that Zhang Han continued to move forward, Tianxingzi closed his eyes and sighed.

“Die, brat!”

With a savage grin, Stone Demon King charged forward.

He was very fast.

He merely waved his fist and brought forth a strong wind.

He was impervious to all attacks and had an invincible body.

A single punch from him could crush an ordinary Last-Stage Integration cultivator.

His ordinary-looking fist was getting closer and closer to Zhang Han.

Several Demon Lords and Demon Monarchs had contemptuous expressions.

The humans shook their heads.

“That man is courting death on his own, and he asked for it.”

The Exotic Beasts watched the show as onlookers.

Almost everyone thought that Zhang Han would lose, except for the people behind him.

Because they believed that since Zhang Han was going up, he had full confidence.

This was indeed the case.

“Stone Demon King.”

Zhang Hans eyes suddenly became pitch-black, and others only found his smile weird.

He said in a low voice, “Your body is very hard and strong like a boulder, but you cant even stop one of my fingers.”


Stone Demon Kings eyes were filled with rage.

His fist fell at a high speed.

As for Zhang Han, he raised his arm and stretched out a finger.


At the moment of collision, Stone Demon Kings eyes widened instantly.

He was stunned.

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