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Chapter 1394 Impetuous

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

All demons roared, their voices shaking the world.

The might of the Demon Clan was evident.

There were hundreds of thousands of them gathered ahead, and this long line was filled with demon troops.

There seemed to be tens of millions of them.

No one knew how many demons there were exactly.

In front of Zhang Han and his companions, a small group of demons, about 300,000 in number, roared in unison.

Their voices aroused responses from other places.

As a result, the noise became more and more intense.

“Its so scary!” Mengmeng grew nervous.

This type of situation really made ones heart tremble.

“Even if Dao Seeking Cultivators in the Integration Realm are besieged by armies of this level, they will only die,” Yue Wuwei said softly.

There were too many demons, and many of them were powerful.

Some of them were in the Void-refining Realm, and some were even at the Peak Stage of that realm.

“Can… can we still go there” Chen Changqing grinned.

“The demons ahead are coming,” said An Yi, his face pale.

“Why dont we go back first and reconsider it If we keep waiting while theyre charging over, itll be hard for us to escape later.”

It was too terrifying.

Hundreds of thousands of demons rushed forward together like black clouds.

It gave the crowd a lot of pressure.

They gradually calmed down.

As the demons were getting closer and closer, their pressure grew more and more intense.

“Are you waiting for me to make a move” Yue Wuwei glared at Zhang Han.

“No.” Zhang Han was stunned.

“Then what are you waiting for Hurry up and lead the way,” Yue Wuwei said angrily.

“Why dont you go do it Let my daddy go.

Xiaonao, discipline your dad,” Mengmeng said discontentedly.

The little girl was very protective of her father.

“Forget it.

Its Uncle Zhangs turn to make a scene.

My dad cant make an amazing performance as he does,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“What did you say” Yue Wuweis face darkened.

“Why does it feel like Im stuck between a rock and a hard place Should I or should I not go up now”

“Can you deal with them” Zhang Guangyou asked.


Zhang Han nodded slightly and smiled faintly.

“Ive already told you that I have the final say in this world.”

Right after he finished speaking, Zhang Hans figure slowly disappeared and reappeared in front of the Demon Clan.


“Thats simply terrifying.”

An Yi couldnt help but gasp.

Zhang Hans speed was as bizarre as the legends said.

But what happened next made An Yi feel even more terrified.

At this moment, everyone was quite worried.

There were too many demons.

If they failed to defend themselves, theyd be gravely injured.

Seeing this, Yue Wuwei said, “You dont have to worry about him.

Here, he can control a lot of Heaven and Earth energy.

Almost none of those people could be a match for him.”

His words worked well, and everyone was watching carefully.

“Zhang Han can control the energy of heaven and earth Is the energy those black energy bodies”

Under their gazes, Zhang Han rushed into the group of demons.


Zhang Han smiled gently and waved his right hand.

All the demons within 100 meters turned into light black smoke and drifted away.

Smoke kept rising.

It was as if water was boiling and the vapor was rising.

However, the vapor was faint black, and it dissipated very quickly.

Starting from several hundred, soon, two hundred thousand demons were killed.

The demons seemed to be terrified by the massacre, but they could only buck up and go to the battlefield.

“He is too strong!”

“Keep the attacks.

Ill notify Lord Demon Monarch!”

“Attack! Kill him!”

Countless demons charged as usual.

But it was just too easy for Zhang Han to deal with them.

His existence was like a bug in this world.

Perhaps, while undergoing normal cultivation, he would not be able to obtain anything without reaching the Mastery Realm.

But now Zhang Han was invincible in the world.

With a wave of his sleeves, he killed swathes of demons.

300,000 of them were killed.



One million of them were killed.

“My heavens.” An Yis face was incomparably pale.

“Is he even a human”

“Are you cursing”

Suddenly, Chen Chuan, who was not far away from him, turned to look at him and shouted, “Sister Mengmeng, he just swore.

He said Uncle Zhang is not a human.”

“What!” Mengmengs voice was much higher than usual.


Cold sweat broke out on An Yis forehead.

“I didnt.”


Usually, Mengmeng would be difficult to deal with, but now, she was only focused on her dad.

Chen Chuan, who was making trouble, was merely scolded by Zhou Fei.

They all calmed down and continued to look ahead.

That figure moved forward slowly.

Countless demons fell at his feet.

The drifting clouds seemed to be telling them that a Great Demon King had appeared.

“The Demon Monarchs have arrived!”

“Three Demon Monarchs!”

An Yi suddenly shouted in horror, “Run now!”

“What are you screaming for” Yue Wuwei glanced at him and said calmly, “Its just three Demon Monarchs.”

“Its not just that,” An Yi said hurriedly, “There are too many demons here.

Among the three Demon Monarchs, the leader is Demon Monarch Monson, the Sixth Demon Monarch.

He is formidable.

The other two are Dai Hongna and Yeer, who are also powerful characters.”

“It doesnt matter.

When their Demon Lord comes out, Ill do some stretching.” Yue Wuwei put his hands behind his back.

His attitude was indifferent as if the Demon Lord didnt mean anything to him.


Right at this moment, Demon Monarch Monson, who was leading, suddenly roared with laughter.

“I didnt expect it to be you!”

His laughter was mixed with anger.

“Youre the one who stole my stuff! I remember your aura, brat! You must die today!”

“You must die!”

“Must die!”


The echoes echoed throughout the field.


All demons roared.

The atmosphere of the arrival of the Demon Monarchs had risen to the peak.

These voices made Zhang Han frown.

“So noisy.”


His figure suddenly flashed.

It was as though a devil had awakened.


His eyes were instantly filled with darkness.

His entire being once again became erratic, sometimes flickering and sometimes solid.

“Milord, more than a million of our clansmen have died in his hands!”

Someone reminded Monson in a bitter voice.

“What did you say” Demon Monarch Monsons expression changed.

“A million demons How did he get to kill so many”

He was not shocked by the death of a million demons, but a little surprised that they died in such a short time.

Another Demon Monarch next to him said coldly, “Ill go kill him!”

Just when they thought that they could easily kill the opponent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Monson suddenly felt as if his shoulder had been heavily patted three times.


The low, husky, demonic voice sounded in Monsons ears.

“Why are you so noisy”


A chill ran down Monsons back.

He felt so cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave at this moment.


Just as Demon Monarch Monson was about to cast his supernatural power to escape.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It was as if a cluster of flames was burning beneath his feet.

He looked down and found that his body began to transform into mists.

“Im doomed.”

Under the gazes of millions of people, Monson died before he could even make a move.

“Oh no!”

“Run now!”

The other two Demon Monarchs were scared silly.

“What kind of power is this”

“Run now!”

“Go to the Demon Lord.”

They were scared out of their wits.

The two Demon Monarchs fled in two different directions.


A deep laughter sounded from behind a Demon Monarch.

“Im doomed.”


The other Demon Monarch who got to survive couldnt help but be overjoyed.

“If he dies, I will live.”

“What were you thinking”

When Zhang Hans voice sounded from behind him, he swore that he had never seen such a bizarre scene.

“How come theres such a strange person in the Domain of Seven Desolations”


He wanted to say something, but he lost the chance to do so.

The one-sided slaughter began.

The demons were no fools.

When they saw the three Demon Monarchs had been slaughtered in mere seconds, things went chaotic.

They were all fleeing.

There was simply no way to stop them.

In just one minute, there was no demon in a radius of 10,000 meters.

“His control has improved again.”

Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said after thinking for a while, “Lets go and see what that place is.”

The team set off again.

An Yi followed them in a daze.

He was stunned.

Zhang Hans eyes returned to normal, and he stood still, waiting for the team behind him.

He looked at Zi Yan for a few seconds.

They looked at each other affectionately.

Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up and ran over.

She said in admiration, “Daddy! Youre amazing!”

“Uncle Zhang is so powerful!” Yue Xiaonao also said with admiration.

These words made Yue Wuwei suddenly unhappy.

“Dammit, my daughter has started to fan another guy”

“Master is invincible and has crushed the Demon Clan.” Mu Xue said sincerely, “Master is the Great Demon King.”

“Hes amazing,” Chu Qingyi muttered after remaining silent for a few seconds.

“Brother Han, the gap between us has grown greater and greater.” Chen Changqing smiled bitterly.


Thats so incredible.”


There were so many demons in the vicinity, yet they could only watch from afar, trembling in fear.

An Yi, the azure-robed man, who was experiencing Zhang Hans power for the first time, felt extremely amazing.

He even looked to the side and shouted, “What are you looking at”

It was rare for him to talk arrogantly to the Demon Clan.

The team walked forward for a few more minutes.

All of a sudden, the demons afar burst into an uproar.

A cluster of black clouds quickly approached from the ground in the distance.

“Demon Lord!”

“Demon Lord Tonghai!”

“Boohoo, the Demon Lord has finally come.

Finally, we have someone to settle the problem for us!”

The high-position officials of the demon troop were all in tears.

The pressure they had just now was simply too great.

“My lord.”

“Demon Monarch Monson and the others were all beaten to death by that human.”

“We couldnt resist at all.”

The Demon Lords expression darkened considerably when his subordinate made the report.

His might of the Early-Stage Mastery Realm spread.

For a moment, the sky and the earth changed their colors.

It was as if they had turned dark red.

A tremendous aura began to spread from Demon Lord Tonghai.

Waves of energy visible to the naked eye slowly gathered around Zhang Hans team.

The waves were coming at them.

Demon Lord Tonghai coldly looked in their direction, his voice spreading to every corner.

“He must be a figure of high status to kill Monson and the rest.

He is qualified for me to kill him personally.”

“Cut the crap.

Its my turn.”

Yue Wuwei walked forward and stretched his fingers at the same time, his bones making crackling sounds.

He smiled evilly.

“Hey, youre the only Demon Lord here”


Frowning, Demon Lord Tonghai said arrogantly, “Who do you think you are to talk to me”

He was the exalted Demon Lord.

He was the top master of the entire Demon Clan.

What level was that

He had long since broken away from the so-called intrigue and scheming.

With his status, if he was in a bad mood, anyone would be killed with a single thought.

It was true that to be in the kings company would be tantamount to living with a tiger.

Every Demon Lords hands were stained with blood, even demons blood.

Demon Lord Tonghais target was to kill Zhang Han neatly.

But an old man popped out from aside.


A cold light flashed through Demon Lord Tonghais eyes as he displayed his stunning occult arts

A wisp of a black spear immediately took shape.

It turned into a stream of light and flashed toward Yue Wuwei.


Yue Wuwei laughed out loud.

Under everyones gaze, he directly rushed over.

“Dont go!”

An Yi was so frightened that he almost puked.

“What are you waiting for Run!”

“Thats the Demon Lord of the Devil Palace!

“Not even the masters like the Taoist Lord of Dragon would be a match for him.

“Yue Wuwei actually dares to challenge him”

But the way things developed was beyond his expectation.

Even those thousands of demons wouldve never dreamed of such an outcome,


Yue Wuyi directly crushed the black spear with a palm strike.

Without any hesitation, he quickly grew closer to the Demon Lord.

With a wave of his hand, Demon Lord Tonghai performed various occult arts, filling the air with lightning and wind.

But in the face of Yue Wuwei, they all lost their power.

They couldnt block Yue Wuweis attacks at all.

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