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Yan Bos words made many peoples faces tremble.

But their eyes were faintly shining.

“He is an expert!”

Someone said on the spot, “I did make an error in judgment.

With his strength, he is at least among the top 20, a favorite to enter the top 10.

Amazing, amazing.

He performed ordinarily in the virtual city battle, but he is so sharp in the real battle.

He is indeed amazing.”

“It seems that we now have one more talent to fight over.”

In addition to being a little embarrassed at the beginning, they started chatting and laughing in less than two seconds.

It was not a bad thing that they would misjudge a person but also could tell an expert.


Yan Bo smiled without saying a word.

“Theyre all trying to get Zhang Hanyang

“That wont be easy.”

“Well, Zhang Hanyang, who is in ring No.

96, has excellent means.

As soon as I said it began, the battle ended.

Well, hes amazing.”

The commentators were a little confused and didnt know what to say.

After thinking for a while, one of the commentators asked, “Zhang Hanyang, you won the challenge against the No.

95 contestant.

Do you need a rest”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, looked at the series of rings in front of him, and said lightly, “I dont need to take a rest for them.”


It was as if a thunderbolt had struck the hearts of the many contestants.

In particular, some contestants, especially those who were ranked about 90th place, felt scared.

Some of them shouted in horror, “Youre too arrogant!”

“Zhang Hanyang, you will pay for your arrogance!”

“Haha, you might not even be able to challenge me here.

You really can talk big!”

Even the contestants were a bit stunned, let alone the many spectators.

The crowd was in an uproar.


96, Zhang Hanyang.

He is so confident.”

“And hes very handsome.

I like him.”

“Before today, only a small number of people know how terrifying Zhang Hanyang is.” An insider said in a very heavy and emotional tone, “But after today, the whole world will know Zhang Hanyang.

He wont just be in the top 20 or the top 10.

He deserves to be the first.”

“Thats right.

Zhang Hanyang is too terrifying.

Its easy for him to fight on the Earth Dragon List in the Void-refining Realm.”

“The publicly acknowledged number one Ye Qingchen Haha.

Ill be waiting for the moment when Ye Qingchen is stunned.”


There were many discussions, which confirmed the meaning of a master.

“Well, Zhang Hanyang, the contestant in the 96th ring, is very confident.

Then, lets start the duel directly.

Let me introduce the next contestant.

He is from…”

Before the commentator could finish speaking, Zhang Han waved his sleeve and stood still on his 96th ring without even looking at his opponent.

A strong wind blew his opponent directly down the ring before he fell to the ground and couldnt get up.

After everyone scanned the battlefield with their soul sense, they suddenly realized that this contestants meridians were already severely injured.

It would take at least two months for him to recover to his peak stage.


The audience burst into an uproar.

“Did Zhang Han defeat his opponent with one move again”

“How is this possible”

“Where does this expert come from”

“Even Alex might not be able to make such a powerful move.”

“Alex would never win so easily.

At present, only Ye Qingchen can defeat Zhang Hanyang.”

“If he keeps fighting his way up to the high-ranking contestants like this, he will steal Boss Yes thunder.”

Many contestants were shocked.

Among them, there were many people who supported Ye Qingchen and spoke one after another.

But there were also some rational people who shook their heads after hearing those comments.


He won continuously.

If he reaches the top three, he will be in the limelight.

He will indeed be able to become the most eye-catching person in this years competition, but the glory will finally belong to the final victor.

All of his glory will disappear the moment he loses.”

“Thats right.

However, judging from his state and abilities, he will be at least in the top ten.”

“Its hard for the competitors who are about to fight to defeat him, and the most important thing is that he didnt use any moves.

Thats weird.

How can there be such a strange person”

Even the top 30 contestants eyes were full of seriousness at this time.

Ye Qingchen narrowed his eyes slightly, stared at Zhang Han for a moment, and then withdrew his gaze.

It seemed that he was thinking about the move that Zhang Han had just made.

“If I were to fight him, what moves should I take to withstand his This is a problem.”

At the same time, everyone was observing the expressions of the top ten contestants.

There were even close-ups on the big screen, so they found that almost all of the top ten people were silent for a while and then became calm.

It seemed that they all had many ways to crack Zhang Hanyangs fierce move.

In the close-up camera, Chu Qingyi was the most eye-catching.

When her face was shown in the close-up camera, many people exclaimed.

“What a beautiful face.

Chu Qingyi is so beautiful.”

“The way she looks at Zhang Hanyang is intriguing.”

“In the arena of the virtual city battle, I saw Chu Qingyi staring at Zhang Hanyang and saying something ambiguous.

Maybe they have something to do with each other,” a very observant person said with a smile.

There were all kinds of people in the venue.

Some were good at socializing while some were not good at words but had wild imaginations.

There were all kinds of people.

Some people observed carefully and saw Chu Qingyi saying something to Zhang Han in the virtual arena back then.

However, it was misunderstood that some people regarded how Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi treated each other as an interaction between friends.

Some even found it a bit ambiguous.

Only Zhang Han knew that womans temper was bad.

He didnt know what was wrong with her.

She was full of malice.

However, only Chu Qingyi knew the facts.

All of her resentment came from the title Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

At this moment, under everyones gaze, Zhang Han glanced at several people in the rings in front of him and said, “Its a waste of time to fight like this.

How about having them come at me together”


Even the commentators were shocked by what he said.


“Is he asking them to attack together”

“Is he crazy”


“Come at him together Could it be that he wants to die”

“Hey, hey, hey.

Give me a pinch now.

Am I mishearing things”

The audience fell into deafening discussions.

The three commentators seemed as if theyd been petrified, and they stood on the platform in silence for a long time while completely at a loss for what to say.

Theyd never met such a contestant in their lives.

“My God.

Merciless Zhang, what are you doing” Ye Longyuan screamed in the aircraft.

Yan Chen took a deep breath and said, “Its terrifying.

He is definitely the most terrifying person Ive ever seen.

Its not just his strength but also his mentality.

He provoked all the people present and said that so easily.

He also made me feel that its a matter of course.

Any man should be like Zhang Hanyang!”

“My adrenalin is flowing.” Su Beimu felt numb in his scalp while his voice was trembling.

“Only Zhang Hanyang could do that.

If another says this, I will definitely think that he is crazy.

Zhang Hanyang is the strongest talent in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, not a nobody.

I feel that he may succeed because he has always been the strongest.”

“Why would you say that” Yan Chen smiled bitterly and said, “At that time, our group of people could also compare with him, and some of them were even as famous as him.”

“Because,” Ye Longyuan said slowly, “if you start from the beginning, you will find that no matter on what occasion, he is the strongest.

In the martial arts world, in the worldlet, in the ancient mine, in the Kunlun Immortal World, and the Sea Star Area, he is the strongest and has slayed the most powerful mysterious place.

Now he is still the most formidable in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Im surprised.

Why would one be so mighty”

After he said that, the three of them fell into a state of silence.

It was sad to think about it.

Of course, the ones on Yue Wuweis side were more excited than them.

“This kid.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and suddenly laughed.

“Interesting, interesting.

I like him.”

He liked Zhang Hans character and felt that he deserved the reputation of Zhang Hanyang.

He didnt like to waste time on others.

It would be boring for him to fight the contestants one by one, so he might as well sit here quietly for a while.

“Wow! My dad is so arrogant!” Mengmeng widened her beautiful eyes, which were filled with admiration.

“Will Daddy be beaten later”

“How will that be possible Master is invincible!” Mu Xue shouted excitedly, “Its amazing.

Im going to see Master turn into a devil and defeat everyone!”

“Your praise is too weird.” You Huo shook his head.

Zi Yans eyes lit up, which were vivid.

In addition to love, there was a sense of admiration for her husband in her eyes.

Not only people on their side, but Headmaster Shan, Loshanwu, and other people who knew Zhang Han were also shocked, let alone others.

However, they discovered that many people were shouting and jeering in the midst of the discussions.

Their adrenalin was completely stimulated.

But there was also a lot of hissing from the remaining contestants.

There was also a lot of dissatisfaction and contempt.

“Stop putting on airs.

Alex will kill you with one punch!”


They shouted and roared.

The scene was chaotic.

But these didnt seem to affect Zhang Hans mood at all.

He quietly looked at the floating stands in the air.

Those people were the ones who made the rules.

It would depend on them whether he could do as he said.

At this moment, the three commentators were sweating profusely as they communicated with the people above them.

About a minute later…

“Were very sorry that we have wasted everyones precious time.

Zhang Hanyang in ring 96 truly surprised me.”

One of the commentators said seriously, “But the rules cant be broken.

What Zhang Hanyang said about challenging all the contestants by himself is impossible in my opinion.

Zhang Hanyang, I hope that you would treat this matter seriously.

The higher ranking you have, the better it will be for your development.

The next contestant is Adolf from Dragnet Academy.

Zhang Hanyang, please enter the No.

93 ring to challenge.

If you continue to fight the battle in the No.

96 ring, your combat gains wont be taken into account.”


Zhang Han frowned.

“It seems that those people who made the rules in the stands are dissatisfied with me

“Are they laughing at me for being too arrogant”


Zhang Han sneered.


In the blink of an eye, his figure flickered, appearing in the No.

93 ring.


Zhang, please show mercy.”

This contestant knew that he was no match for Zhang Han, so he quickly said that and began to use all kinds of defensive moves.

He wanted to feel Zhang Hans strength, but he didnt want to be seriously injured.

He felt ashamed to admit defeat.


Zhang Han kicked him through the air.

A figure flew hundreds of meters backward and fainted.

He was not seriously injured, but he was badly beaten.


Many people gasped in astonishment.

The contestants in the front row were very dissatisfied.

“What are you doing”

“Hes just bluffing first.

I think what he said is just to put pressure on those ranked lower than him.

Its just a little trick.

Those who hurt others will be hurt.”

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