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“First-stage Spirit-Sobering Pellet This is quite interesting.

Mengmeng, would you like to try it” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes, looked at Yue Xiaonao and the others, and asked, “Shall we all try it”

“Of course.

Ill try my best to succeed in one attempt!” Yue Xiaonao said.

The tutor in front who was delivering the class looked grim and quickly came to Zhang Han.

It attracted the attention of many students.

“Oh, Mr.


“Youre here.”

“Welcome, Mr.



Many students greeted him one after another.


Treasure.” The tutor was a little nervous and looked at Zhang Han, unblinking.

Everyone in the entire Pellet-refining Branch knew the power of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

He had killed so many people, but nothing happened to him.

The tutors knew much more than the students, especially those in the Pellet-refining Branch.

They knew that Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord had made the first move followed by the cleaning operation made by Headmaster Shan.

“Well, you can deliver the class as usual.

Well follow you to refine pellets in the back,” Zhang Han said.


The tutor immediately returned to the stage, but he didnt know what to say.

If he wanted to give a lecture to teach these students, it was very simple with his own knowledge.

But when he thought of Mr.

Treasure, who must have incredible cultivation in pellet refining considering that he ranked first on eight lists and had cleared the 100th floor, he didnt dare to say anything.

Therefore, he just said, “Continue to refine pellets.

Keep working hard and try to increase the success rate.

Dont feel pressured.

Its normal for the furnace to explode.”

After encouraging them with their eyes, he stood upright on the stage.

“The first-stage Spirit-Sobering Pellet is very simple, and the ordinary success rate is 5%,” Zhang Han said.

“What does ordinary success rate mean” Zi Yan asked with some curiosity, “An ordinary person can also refine pellets and have a not-bad success rate”

“Uh, no.

No ordinary people but people who know the basics of refining pellets.

When they see the formula of the Spirit-Sobering Pellet for the first time, their success rate is about 5%, which is relatively high.” Zhang Han laughed.

Ordinary people couldnt even master the flame, let alone do pellet-refining.

“Oh, I thought we could also refine pellets.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled.

“As long as you want to, why cant you” Zhang Han immediately said, “You can have a try.”

“We can do it too” Zhou Feis eyes widened.

“Then lets try it.”


Zhang Han personally dealt with the furnace for them.

He told them to warm the furnace and put the Fire Stone in and explained the basic essentials to them.

Then he didnt say anything but just watched by the side quietly.

During this period of time, Mengmeng and the others saw furnace explosions three times on average.

It was quite frequent.

Because the branch president was here, some students in front of him looked over from time to time.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Dad, I made it!”

Mengmengs big bright eyes were shining with happiness.

She felt that the pleasure of refining pellets was the moment when the pellets appeared.

A Spirit-Sobering Pellet was in Mengmengs palm.

“It looks quite beautiful,” Mengmeng said, “and it also smells good.”

At this time, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Honey, you can have a taste of it.

The Spirit-Sobering Pellet tastes good.”

“Is that so”

Mengmeng looked at it for a while, put it directly into her mouth, and chewed it a few times.

The pellet seemed to turn into a clear stream.

However, something happened the next second.


Mengmengs face suddenly froze.

Her eyes slowly widened.


She spat out everything in her mouth and said, “Ah, its so smelly! Dad, you screwed me over!”

“Hahahaha.” Zhang Han suddenly burst into laughter.

The tutor in front was speechless when he saw it.

The former branch president, who had a notorious record, would keep quiet in class.

However, it seemed that the man in front of him didnt care about it at all.

Fortunately, his laughter wasnt loud.

“Oh, its so bitter!”

Mengmeng grimaced as if she wanted to bite Zhang Han.

“Haha, youll feel sweet in a while.

First smelly, then bitter.

First bitter, then sweet.

Its the taste of the Spirit-Sobering Pellet.”

“Why is it smelly”

After a while, Mengmeng felt a little sweet.

She rolled her eyes, ran to Zhang Han, and asked, “Whats the reason for it being smelly Can I make it not smelly”

“Of course.

The Bone-piercing Grass makes it smelly.

If it is replaced by the Fragrant leaf, the Spirit-Sobering Pellet will smell good, but the effect will reduce by 20%,” Zhang Han said.



Zhang is talking about the pellet refining!”

“Good heavens!”

“I… I hit a jackpot!”

The tutor in front was shocked and listened carefully.

“Tell me in detail,” Mengmeng said in a cheeky tone.


Zhang Han said with a smile, “Whats the effect of the Spirit-Sobering Pellet In some special circumstances or when someone casts illusions to make people dizzy, this pellet is used to eliminate the negative effects and keep the heart and mind clear.

The first-stage Spirit-Sobering Pellet is relatively common and simple to make.

For example, Ive told you about the replacement for the Bone-piercing Grass.

Put five times as many of the Bone-piercing Grass in and remove the other two kinds of spiritual herbs.

Then you can get the second-stage Spirit-Sobering Pellet.”

“Got it.”

Mengmeng couldnt wait to run over to refine pellets.

She refined it five more times and succeeded once.

She quickly took the pellet and secretly pulled out a few more blades of Bone-piercing Grass.

Mengmeng finally understood that this grass was smelly.

She shattered it and condensed it into a ball.

Then, she shattered the pellet and covered it with the Bone-piercing Grass.

“Dad, I made it.”

Mengmeng ran over.

Her eyes were shining with an innocent look, but there was a touch of brightness in the depths of her pupils.

“This time, the Spirit-Sobering Pellet tastes good.

Try it.”


Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

He had been talking about the pellet with Zi Yan just now, so he didnt pay attention to it.

When he took the pellet, the juice of the Bone-piercing Grass flew out, with a stinky smell filling his entire mouth.

Zhang Hans face froze, and he looked over with a “fierce” look.


Mengmeng laughed directly.

“Hum, I didnt fool you while you screwed me over.”

“Alright, alright, you …”

Zhang Han spat out what was in his mouth into the intelligent trash can beside him and grinned.

“Its too smelly.”

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Yue Xiaonao also laughed.

“I quit.

I wont succeed.” After a while, Zhou Fei gave up.

Liang Mengqi, who had also tried like them, gave up after trying twice.

Zhang Li played for a while and wasnt interested in it.

They experienced it for a while here.

More than an hour later, they went to the Crystalsand Restaurant and ate a roasted black pig.

“It tastes really good.

Lets get some black-skinned pigs to the Mount later.”

“Oh, we havent been back to Mount New Moon for a long time.

I really miss it.” Zhang Li said, “Im going to get together with my old friends after coming back.”


They strolled around the Dragnet Academy.

After experiencing the Spirit Branch, they went to the Pellet-refining Branch and the Battle Technique Branch.

After coming to just three branches, a day almost passed by.

On this day.

“Dismiss,” Zhang Han said.

In the training room of Class Nine of the Illusions Department, Zhang Han said, “Youve been practicing not bad recently.”

“Just not bad Mr.

Treasure, weve been very hard in our training,” Ling Duoduo said with a smile.

“Are you telling the truth or not” Zhang Han asked.

“Of course, its the truth,” Chu Changan said.

“The intensity of your training is enough for you to deal with the things at the Dragnet Academy.

Its very easy for you to get credits.

Judging from your attainments in illusions, your talent may be a little higher than ordinary peoples.

But the intensity of your training isnt enough.

If you take the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven as your goal and stage, its far from enough.”

His words made them feel heavy and stressed.

“There are many talented people,” Zhang Han said, “and its not difficult for people in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to clear the 100th floor in the Mysterious Tower.

I dont know about other aspects of your cultivation.

Ill give you a set of specific training methods for your use of illusions.

Im now promoting the combination of labor and rest.

Three hours of training once a day is enough.

The more you practice, the better, but it doesnt matter if you practice less.

Youre young, and there are infinite possibilities in the future.

Im going to leave for one or two months this time, and it may be longer.”

“Got it.

Thank you, Mr.


Chu Changan, He Lun, and others thanked him repeatedly.

Zhang Han uploaded videos in the communication group, in which Zhang Han expounded on the practice methods himself.

The students all felt as if they were supreme treasures.

Only them knew very well that after these few days, the strength of their illusions had increased by at least three times!

What an incredible speed it was!

It wasnt because they were highly talented, but because the training method was very suitable for them.

Just like that sentence, the most expensive one wasnt necessarily the best, the most suitable one was the most comfortable.

“Goodbye, Mr.


“Come back quickly, Mr.

Treasure,” Fan Xiaoshuang said.


After saying goodbye, Zhang Han left and returned to the manor.

Dozens of people had gathered, including Headmaster Shan, several assistants of his, and some deans.

“Headmaster Shan.” Zhang Han greeted him.

“Youre leaving.

Im unwilling to let it happen!” Headmaster Shan said reluctantly.


Treasure, you have to come back.

The Dragnet Academy cant leave you.”

Headmaster Shans men almost cried.

Their acting skills were amazing.

“Although you havent been here for a long time, you dont know how excited the students of Pellet-refining Branch are to see that their branch president is Mengs Dad who had cleared the 100th floor on eight lists.

People in other branches envy us because our branch has you.


Treasure, were waiting for you.”


His words made Zhang Hans face darken.

These guys must have been arranged by Headmaster Shan to say so.

Otherwise, Zhang Han couldnt imagine that they would be that affectionate at the thought of their nervousness when they had seen him before.

When they saw Zhang Hans trembling cheeks, a few people who didnt speak immediately forgo their plan and looked at Headmaster Shan with embarrassed eyes.

“Ahem, lets see how popular youre at the academy,” said Headmaster Shan with a smile.

“Yes, Im very popular.” Zhang Han snorted and laughed.

After the last time when he had gone to refine pellets with Mengmeng and the others, the tutor had contacted him and said that he had heard of the formula and made several batches.

It had worked pretty well.

Therefore, he had asked Zhang Han how he should deal with the formula.

Zhang Han had told him to record it into the pellet refining system.

He didnt care about these things.

The tutor had directly informed Headmaster Shan, making him in a good mood.

In the end, he had recorded it into the system with the name of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

Many tutors in the Pellet-refining Branch had tried the formula one after another and sighed in admiration.

They had found that Zhang Hans cultivation in pellet refining had already reached perfection.

In addition to admiration, they were also happy that Zhang Han could be the president of the Pellet-refining Branch.

“Well come back.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Our study has just begun.

The Dragnet Academy may not be of any use to my son, but its good for us.”

“Thats true.” Gai Xingkong also nodded and said, “There is a lot of knowledge here.”

Zhao Feng, Zhang Guangyou, and Zhang Mu all thought the Dragnet Academy was great.

“Lets go.” Zhang Mu said, “Go back and rest for a while.

When we come back, we have to study hard.”

Under the gazes of Headmaster Shan and the others, Zhang Han and the others got on the aircraft and went to the space station.

Two king vessels slowly set off.

People taking the lead were from the Lo family.

At the same time, Lorry also followed Mengmeng and the others to the vessel where Zhang Han and the others were in.

“Our Lo family is on Rain-falling Star.

You must be very interested in a spectacle there.”

Lorry introduced it to everyone.

“Its named after the Rain-falling Lake.

The lake is usually calm without any ripples, but when a stone is thrown into it and ripples out, black clouds would appear in the clear, boundless sky, with lightning and thunder.

There will be palm-sized raindrops falling quickly.

Although there is no energy fluctuation, the atmosphere gives people a very strong feeling.

Its that kind of awe of nature.

This is the origin of the name of Rain-falling Star.”

“Winds roar and thunder rumble, lightning flashing.” Zhang Han muttered to himself.


His expression changed slightly.

Now that he was in the God Transformation Realm and his cultivation speed wasnt that fast.

His soul sense was transforming into divine sense, but it seemed to be slowed down due to the resistance of the Great Demon Yuan Ying.

Thunderbolt Mark occasionally showed dissatisfaction and wanted to fight with the Great Demon Yuan Ying.

However, the Thunder Tower seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber without any movement at all.

Thunderbolt Mark thus didnt dare to act rashly.

The Great Demon Yuan Ying didnt want the Thunderbolt Mark to grow too fast and even hoped to kill it.

The Thunderbolt Mark also wanted to destroy the Great Demon Yuan Ying, but it seemed that it wasnt strong enough and could only rely on the Thunder Tower.

The Thunder Tower was a big shot.

Acting as a dividing line, it tried to keep a balance between the two of them like reaching a combination of Yin and Yang.

In fact, Zhang Han had an idea that he was unwilling to accept.

If he continued to restrain them like this, perhaps one day his cultivation would come to an abrupt end and it would be difficult for him to make any progress.

Zhang Han didnt know how to solve this problem.

But now, it was relatively stable.

“Hope it wont turn out like that.” Zhang Han thought.

He planned to go to Rain-falling Star to see the place where lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Recently, the Thunderbolt Mark seemed to be hungry.

Whether it wanted to swallow thunder or not, it needed to be verified.

After more than a day, the aircraft finally arrived at the Rain-falling Star.

“What a big star.”

It was shocking to see the size of the Rain-falling Star.

Zhang Guangyou looked at it for a while and said, “Its a hundred times bigger than the earth, isnt it”

“Only a hundred times.

Its not too far-fetched a concept.” Mengmeng muttered, “The sun is one million and three hundred thousand times that of the earth.”

“The sun.

By the way, if there is a chance, we can go and have a look around the sun.” Zhang Li suddenly became interested.

“Now were able to stroll around Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, moon, sun.”

“After leaving here.” Zhang Han smiled.

Just as Zhang Li had said, theyre able to stroll around the Milky Way now.

“Uncle Zhang, Im sorry.

My father is rushing back.

He suddenly had something urgent to deal with yesterday.

Hell probably be back in a few hours,” said Lorry.

“Theres no need to apologize.

Its Okay.

Were guests.

We should suit the convenience of the host.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Ill get someone to prepare a dinner party first, and then we can go to the Rain-falling Lake to take a look,” said Lorry with a smile.

After the vessel stopped in the space station, the aircraft passed through it when some elders of the Lo family appeared.

The leading elder of the Lo family was extraordinarily vigorous.

He was also a famous strong man in the Void-refining Realm.

It was said that Lo Tianxu had broken through to the Early-Stage of the Voiding-refining Realm fifty years ago but hadnt reached the Middle-Stage.

No one knew much about him.

He rarely appeared in peoples eyes.

The last time when the chaos had occurred in the Blue Sand Wind Domain, he hadnt shown up but had taken the Lo family to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

This time when Lo Tianxu saw Zhang Han, he cupped his hands and said, “Zhang Hanyang, Ive heard a lot about you.

Welcome to the Lo family.”

“Senior Lo, youre being too kind.” Zhang Han also cupped his hands.

His casual behavior and polite words made Lo Tianxu laugh and say repeatedly, “Im unqualified to be your senior.

The accomplished are superior.

Now in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, everyone knows that Zhang Hanyang is very powerful and has the potential to be the strongest man.”

“Grandpa,” a beautiful woman said with a smile, “pleasantries are ill-timed here.

Lets go back and talk.

The banquet is almost ready.”

“Thats right.

Lets go down first.” Lo Tianxu nodded.

Everyone got on a large aircraft of the Lo family.

“Elder grandfather, Uncle Zhang and the others want to go to the Rain-falling Lake to have a look.

Lets go to the lake first and then go back.

My father is almost there at that time,” Lorry said.

“Go to the Rain-falling Lake Okay.”

Lo Tianxu smiled.

The aircraft went straight to the Rain-falling Lake.

They chatted on the aircraft and arrived at the Rain-falling Lake half an hour later.

“Is this a lake”

They looked at the boundless water like the sea.

No, it was more like a mirror.

It looked calm and serene, reflecting the azure sky and two or three wisps of thin clouds in the air.

“Heres the Rain-falling Lake.”

At this time, everyone was standing on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by stones of varying sizes, from the size of a palm to the size of dozens of meters.

“The stronger the ripples are, the more violent the rain will be.” Lo Tianxu said, “Look at these stones and the one that is dozens of meters high.

Theyre called the Rain-falling Stones.

When theyre thrown into the lake, the ripples spread and the changes begin.

If you want to see how fierce it will be, the big stones may have a huge visual impact.”

“Lets have a look at the biggest one,” Zhang Han said.


Lo Tianxu nodded and casually controlled the huge stone that was dozens of meters high beside him.


At a glance, it was like a small mountain, whistling and falling into the lake.


It had been a mirror, but immerse waves raised from it when the huge stone fell into it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It sounded like a muffled sound coming from the depths of the lake.

The immense waves spread in all directions.

They were so fast that the surface of the lake seemed to become an angry sea, venting its anger.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fierce wind swept across the whole area in an instant.

The two or three wisps of thin clouds in the sky grew bigger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

One layer of cloud after another formed in the sky.

Soon after, dark clouds gathered in the sky, turning the whole place gloomy.

This scene was almost enough to make people feel suffocated.

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